I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 459

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15. Ending – Seo Eana (2)

“Will you marry me?”

pounding. pounding.

Seo Ina calmly looked at the reenactment in front of her eyes, feeling her heart beating repeatedly like crazy.

His eyes were more serious than any he had ever seen, glowing red in the clear moonlight.

Beautiful eyes as if red rubies were embedded in the pupils.

That moment, this moment for Seo Eana. She couldn’t help but think that the moment was too bright.

The person he loves the most, Jaehyun, and the person he is now.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about and dreaming of for so long.

Sometimes, when something she suspected was really possible actually happened, Seo Eana wanted to pinch her cheek to see if it was true.

Of course, Jaehyun’s big shoulders and back wouldn’t let go of him, so he couldn’t do that.

Anyway, Seo Eana’s brain was filled with happiness, so it was difficult to think about anything more deeply.


“… Can I be happy?”

“of course.”

Even though Seo Eana knew it was a stupid question even she thought to herself, she ended up asking it like that.

Even though Jaehyun laughed and spit out the answer, she was still in a dream. Maybe a dream I don’t want to wake from is unfolding endlessly?

Recently, whenever she was dating Jaehyun, she always thought that way, but after hearing about marriage, it became several times worse. What is marriage really?

Isn’t it a matter of loving people promising each other the future and entrusting themselves to each other?

Jaehyun made that suggestion to himself first.

The fact was that she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.

Therefore, it is natural that the brain, which has become impossible to make normal judgments, malfunctions at will.

Seo Eana thought without even realizing it.

‘This must be a dream… … .’

“It’s not. dream.”

Jaehyun spoke as if he had read Seo Eana’s mind before he knew it. Then he sat down a little further and held her by the shoulder.

Jaehyun’s serious expression made Seo Ina’s eyes shake mercilessly. She stared blankly at him for a moment, but she immediately grasped her situation and spoke in a small whisper to her Jaehyun with her eyes wet.

“… … huh. however… No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe it… … .”

Seo Ina said so. She couldn’t stand it, even though she was ashamed to show her eyes, as her eyes were red.

Even though he felt that Jaehyun’s face he was looking at was smeared with tears and his vision was shaking.

Even though everyone knew that he was stretching his arms toward him.

Seo Ina could not hold back the tears.

“Sorry for making you wait so long. But I don’t want to drag it any further.”

“… … huh.”

Seeing Seo Ina cry, Jaehyun got off the bench and smiled mischievously.

“Inaya, I haven’t heard the answer yet. Are you going to cry like that? Or do you really not like me?”

“… … .”

Seo Ina was unable to answer and shook her head.

Jaehyun continues with a playful face.

“Umm, then why don’t you answer soon? I’m a bit afraid that I might get black.”

Jaehyun took out the ring he had hidden under his coat and held it out to Seo Ina. Seo Ina held Jaehyun’s neck for a moment with her clumsy expression on her face, and then she fell.

After that, Jaehyun, who was still crouching down there as if taking an oath to become a knight, placed his fingers in his outstretched hand.


Then, a ring is put on Seo Eana’s ring finger. It was a ring with a small diamond embedded in it. It was a simple but pretty ring.

Jaehyun, who doesn’t know much about women’s feelings, finally came up with a product after consulting with the staff at the department store several times.

Of course, I had a hard time checking the finger size as well.

This was thanks to Yoo Seong-eun, who naturally approached Seo In-na and found out the size of the ring while talking about it.

It can be said that the efforts of many people have been added in many ways.

Seo In-na looked at the ring on her finger and lowered her head. She was already completely wet with her vision.

Tears run down your cheeks and run down your cheeks.

“… … thank you.”

“I am more.”

Jaehyun said that and once again shared a short kiss with Seo Ina.

It was the happiest moment of my life so far.

It was also Jaehyun’s first time sharing such deep feelings with someone.

In fact, until now, Jaehyun thought that the feeling of love was just a lie.

After all, it can’t last forever. Wasn’t her own mother like that too? She was even more like that because she was him in the past, when she thought that she was just affection.

The feeling of love is a lie.

As someone said, it’s just crazy.

But now I know it’s not.

Also, I now know that the crazy thing someone said was not meant in that sense.

The vitality that fills oneself and this emotion that fills oneself was the reason.

Jaehyun thought about that while kissing Seo Ina for a long time.

… … and the next day.

The kiss between Jaehyun and Eana Seo was publicized all over the world by the paparazzi.

It was a kiss in a place where people were rare, but it was caught.

Too bad it was a pity.

Of course, Jaehyun knew the culprit.



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“Loki. Be honest. Is it you?”

While Jaehyun was being ridiculed by his colleagues for thinking about the article, he went to Loki and started arguing.

Caught young man. Loki replied with a playful smile disguised as calmness.

“huh? What are you talking about?”

“A guy who kills his nerves so much that I don’t notice and even takes pictures… Who else but you?”

“Oops! It just caught on.”

As Loki giggled, Jaehyun lunged at him clenching his fists.

However, Loki also had no intention of accepting him without hesitation.

Jae-hyun chased after him for a long time as he quickly ran away, and Seo E-na was surrounded by others and repeatedly asked embarrassing questions about what happened that day.

Now both of them are thinking the same thing at the same time.

‘please… Because it’s embarrassing. do something… … .’

* * *

The case was settled, and preparations for the marriage of the two proceeded smoothly.

Because it was after confirming each other’s feelings, the process was shortened. In the first place, what kind of existence is Jaehyun?

Aren’t they the pinnacle of the nine worlds?

He is a human being who has no reason to wait while preparing for a wedding.

Isn’t it a representation of a god to the extent that if anyone asks to come up with something, he has to submit it obediently.

In many ways, it was like a disaster to others… … .

In any case, since he was the one who saved the world, he couldn’t say anything.

like that.

The day of Jaehyun and Seo Ina’s wedding has arrived.

“Hey… It’s finally your wedding. congratulations.”

Kim Yoo-jung was still on the other side of her heart, but now her expression had been sorted out to some extent. So did the other two.

I still have Jaehyun in my heart, but I didn’t want his misfortune. On the contrary, they were the ones who desperately longed for Jaehyun’s happiness.

Because of this, in the end, they had no choice but to congratulate Jaehyun.

Regardless of how sick you are… .

He wanted Jaehyun, who had suffered so far, to put down his burden a little now.

“congratulation. Jaehyun.”

“Iknow, right. You really are going now.”

Hella and Ruina also said the same. Jaehyun laughed.

“thank you. And you, Louisa, do you have any reason to talk so far when I’m not going anywhere?”

“Does it make sense for me to go far away?”

“That is correct. Jaehyun still doesn’t know a woman’s heart too much.”

When even Hella agreed, Jaehyun couldn’t help but sigh.

Then I heard a voice coming from outside.

“Hey… our disciple. Is it different because you wear it like this?”

“Ah, Yuseong is the guild master.”

“No, I’m going to stop using such harsh titles… … .”

“It can’t be helped. Because it stuck to her mouth.”


Yoo Seong-eun stood next to Jae-hyun and immediately put on a tie.

“Anyway, it will soon be out of stock… How do you feel? Excited? Or are you sorry?”

“just… It seems like everything is back to normal now. I feel that way.”

“… … I see.”


While Jaehyun was talking like that, a voice came from the other side this time. Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Kwon So-yul came together.


“We are here too.”

“Anyway, in the end, it’s just wasting time.”

Kwon So-yul grumbled, but the other two were sincerely congratulating Jae-hyun on his marriage. No, actually, Kwon So-yul was also happy.

It’s just that I’m not doing it because I don’t show off.

“That’s it. I am also sorry to all of you. Because of my personality.”

“Don’t say sorry on this happy day, prepare for a beautiful bride. Because that’s the best you can do.”

“… yes.”

Jaehyun nods at Yoo Seongeun’s words.

Soon after the wedding begins, you become someone’s new family. Seo Ina. He will become the husband of the person he loves and later become the father.

Become someone to rely on.

Jaehyun deeply cared about this fact, and when the time was up, he got up from his seat and said. His body in a suit suddenly stands up and exhales a very deep breath.


… … In fact, Jaehyun couldn’t calm down, so he used an expedient.

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

It was to use the skill to regain his composure.

Jaehyun, who calmed down after receiving the skill, smiled.

“Come on, let’s go.”

ding-. ding-.

As soon as the bell rang, Jaehyun stepped into the wedding hall full of guests and began to walk confidently.

There were also many familiar faces among the guests.

for example.

“Brother! Don’t bully Ina sister! You have to be moderately(?) harassed!!”

Seo Ah-hyun will be there.


“reappearance! Congratulations!”

“Puch, I don’t think Jaehyun’s marriage will be faster than your remarriage… … . Ahaha!”

“Camilla. Why don’t you shut up please?”

Moriya Lenki and Balak. Camilla also got together.

Each of them took their precious time to attend Jae-hyeon’s wedding. It could have been natural if it was natural, but it was something that Jaehyun was thankful for.

After a long time, the first procedure finally began. Starting with the opening ceremony declaration, it was completed in a snap, starting with the firework and the entry of the groom.

This is what Chairman Kim Ji-yeon, who was officiating at, said after glancing at Jae-hyun.

“Then the groom seems to be ready, so let’s take the bride to her seat.”

Next, it was finally the bride’s entrance time that everyone else had been waiting for.

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva involuntarily. Because the other kids had been hiding Seo Ina that day, he had no idea what kind of dress or makeup Seo Ina was wearing.

Because of that, it was also true that my heart was pounding with more anticipation.

Dreuk… … .

The door finally opened, and a woman appeared in front of Jaehyun.

A pale porcelain-like face with pale reddish skin.

What was then revealed was a woman with long eyelashes, a slightly expressionless face, and a smile that covered her awkward face.

Seo Ina.

Seeing her even more beautiful than usual, Jaehyun muttered in awe.

“pretty… … .”


It was then that Loki’s laughter erupted from the guest seats.

Only then did Jaehyun come to his senses and lifted his head to look around.

The words I unknowingly spat out spread around me like fireworks, raising my embarrassment. Jaehyun lowered his head.

It was then that Seo Ina said while holding Jaehyun’s hand.

“… … Shall we go then?”

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