I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 460

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15. Ending – Seo Eana (3)

“… … Shall we go then?”

Jaehyun moved his frozen body and smiled.

It was a moment when he deeply felt the fact that the person in front of him would become his mate. What began with an indescribable overwhelming heart was the thrill of the possibility of another beginning.

Jaehyun knew that his life would become a little more normal now.

I work on weekdays and take a little break on weekends like that. Also, being able to spend time with her wife going out and going on dates.

No one will know how long he has been wanting it.

Jaehyun had always dreamed of being normal, and he thought that the first moment that finally came true was marriage.

In fact, these things would have been unthinkable if they were a reenactment of the past.

The self who was only obsessed with the revenge of the past.

The day I continued to fight in the dungeon as a shield to survive again.

Jaehyun suddenly remembered the first day he entered the gate and obtained Odin’s lost eye. It was a gate that might not be anything really.

Because he was abandoned and weeded out, he was just a discarded tile used as a meat shield there.

But when he got the item there, his life changed completely.

He returned to the past and created his own story with numerous colleagues. It became another myth to someone else.

The cause of suffering for all races, including humans. By removing the evil spirits, he gradually expanded his influence.

Sometimes he persuades those who do not trust humans, and interferes with the memories of the past.

That is until the end of death.

and… … When you finally kill Odin.

Jaehyun is finally able to live his own life.

This moment could be said to be the result of all past moments and choices.

Because of that, even more overwhelming emotions wrapped around him.

‘You tried. me too.’

Because you put so much effort into it.

Both as Henir and Jaehyun.

So, the words of others that he could take a break now touched him even more.

Loki had obviously come to him before his wedding and said this.

Jaehyun, how about living a more normal life now?


-So, you’ve rolled too far. Get some rest now. eat and play okay? I mean do it like me

-Do you know the subject well? Knowing that, you abandoned your work and went around just fine.

-haha! thank you for the compliment anyway… Seriously. Now leave it to others and get some rest. I’ll take care of the rest.

– Puck or that would be nice.

Jaehyun never thought that the conversation of the day that ended with Loki’s cheeky laugh would be so touching.

You can rest now.

– I tried hard enough.

It was Loki’s respect for reappearance.

Jaehyun guessed his intentions for a moment, then smiled and raised his head.

“… okay. let’s go.”

He said calmly and held out his hand to Seo Ina.

The color of Seo In-na’s face, which is slightly red, is getting darker.

Along with him, the softly swaying hair gave off a subtle scent. Her past was the same scent she smelled when she first fought alongside her in her mock dungeon.

“Your tastes don’t seem to have changed?”

“… huh?”


“… Ah yes. Because I tend to use one for a long time… … .”

“I want you to do the same for me as much as possible.”

“… … .”

Seo Ina did not answer and looked at Jaehyun for a while as she walked towards Instructor Kim Jiyeon, who was officiating.

Jaehyun said with a generous smile like Loki’s.

“Don’t get tired of me either. do you know I’ll get tired of it after about 10 years.”

Seo Ina sighed and let out a small laugh.

Two people standing in front of Kim Ji-yeon, chairman of the board.

I started reciting the officiating speech prepared by Kim Ji-yeon.

“Then from now on… … .”

The ensuing wedding ended so quickly that I can’t even remember how it went.

after everything is done.

Loki, like a glutton, swept away all the food in the restaurant, and even though Fenrir and Jormungand reduced their size, they inhaled food like crazy.

They said they gathered to bless Jaehyun, but a little… It was a waste.

Almost everyone else gathered.

Anyone who had a connection with Jaehyun at least a little bit gathered and stayed with them until the end. It was an incredibly blessed place for him.

“thank you. Everyone.”

After Jaehyun said goodbye, he went on a honeymoon with Seo Ina.

Loki smiled as he watched the car pull away.

“Anyway. I mean, the indecisive guy met a good person.”

“Don’t be silly, and when Jaehyun is away, take care of the overdue work.”

Loki was frightened by Hela’s words and tried to run away, but was eventually caught by Fenrir’s teeth. He strokes his chin for a moment, then finally utters a word.

“Damn it. What did this guy eat to get so big? When I was first born, I was small… … .”



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“It is your child. Be patient.”

Unfortunately, the only thing that led to Loki was Hela’s persecution and nagging.

* * *

The honeymoon destination where Jaehyun and Seo Ina arrived was none other than a luxury hotel in the middle of the reconstructed Alfheim.

It is because recently, as the nine worlds have been able to intervene and come and go, all sorts of royalties have settled down here as well.

In particular, Alfheim, with its beautiful natural scenery, has become a special area that can be visited only at a very high price.

Is it possible to enjoy a hot spring here with hot water drawn from the depths of Niflheim?

It is a place that intrigues people in many ways.

“We will help you check in.”

Guarding the counter were two elves.

There was one female and one male. The male received Jaehyun and Seo Ina’s luggage and guided them to the room, and the female elf went through the reservation check procedure and gave the best room card.

Seo In-na is looking around as if she is curious.

No wonder.

In fact, although Jaehyun and his party saved the world, it was because they hadn’t traveled properly in the past few years because they had to deal with rampant monsters.

Moreover, isn’t this a new type of hotel where the nine worlds interlock? It was normal for them not to know.

‘I heard that Ruina is managing this place… It will be quite a bit of money… ?’

While Jaehyun was walking with silly thoughts, the male elf who was guiding the room ahead opened his mouth.

“I have heard many stories. Adversary. I was on the battlefield that day too. It’s the first time I’ve seen you so close.”

“Ah yes… … .”

“It really is like a dream even now. Over the past 10,000 years, I have served Louisa-sama the longest. Actually, I don’t know what to say… … .”

The male elf thought for a while and then said.

“I didn’t trust Louisa-sama’s trust. The story of humans helping the elves, and Louisa-sama’s judgment. She was a great leader, but it wasn’t easy for me to trust someone I’d never met.”

“I understand.”

Jaehyun nodded his head while putting strength into Seo Ina’s hand.

Seo Eana is also focusing on the story with her ears perked up.

The elf continued walking forward.

“But now I think I know. Why did Louisa-nim trust Jae-hyun? And how did you reach Odin and kill him?”


“thank you. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving us, and even the Nine Worlds. It has been a long-time dream of mine.”

At Jaehyun’s calm words, the elf suddenly lowered his head and said,

This shouldn’t be the etiquette of the elves, but did you learn it from royalties?

The hotel business is successfully settled and the human world. To be precise, he seems to have learned Korean customs.

Jaehyun thought so and said after receiving a greeting.

He said it while feeling the warmth in his chest.

“It was something I couldn’t do alone.”

At the same time, a little more strength is put into the hand that I grasped, and my gaze turns.

After briefly eye contact with Seo Ina, Jaehyun left behind her, who was fanning her hands with a little heat. She headed to the room she was introduced to and put her key in front of the hotel.


Along with the sound, the lamp made of magic stones turned on in the room.

“Then have a good time.”

After saying hello, the elf withdrew.

Jaehyun threw his luggage on the floor and sat down on the bed.

“after… I’m going to get some rest now I was so out of my mind. right?”

“… huh. It was good though. The room is also pretty. are you okay?”

Seo Ina seemed quite satisfied.

I must have been tired. As befits a woman who is always considerate of her, it was the appearance of taking care of Jaehyun first.

‘As expected, Ina hasn’t changed.’

Surprisingly, it was Jaehyun who thought that way.

After getting close to her, Seo Eana hasn’t changed much.

His warm disposition was the same, and although he suffered, he was still the person who worked the hardest in his position.

Maybe that’s why Jaehyun himself fell for her.

“Of course I am fine. Though I think it would have been better if Loki hadn’t been so frantic.”

Loki insisted on getting the bouquet for some reason, even though he was married.

Is that all? Others had to wait in a long line to eat for a while because they inhaled food like crazy.

How the hell can you do that at a buffet?

‘Because he’s like a madman.’

The other side was patched in Korean, but it was just a question why only that side was still there.

Jaehyun clicked his tongue involuntarily and let out a sigh.

Seo Ina sat next to Jaehyun and wiggled her hands.

“… I guess I just wanted to congratulate you. Don’t say too much.”

“I won’t kill you, so don’t worry.”

“… … It’s not that scarier… ?”

Seo Ina muttered softly, but Jaehyun didn’t care. Anyway, he’s pretty long behind the scenes.


Now wasn’t the time to care about that.

why did you come here?

It’s because of the honeymoon.

If so, it means that Seo Eana, who has become a wife, has to wear a lot of things that she would like the most.

the first one.

“that… Shall we sort out the titles now?”

It was a naming problem that I hadn’t been able to sort out for a while.

Jaehyun and Seo Eana have been calling each other by name!

… The reason was nothing else.

It was just because I was embarrassed.

Jaehyun was suffering from a disease in which he could not utter words or actions that were physiologically cheesy. This was not much different from Seo Ina.

Seo In-na, who suddenly broke off a kiss before realizing her feelings, is now married.

She was also in a situation where objectification was complete about being ashamed of her actions. So, to put it simply, her current situation was like that.

It’s rat poison for both of them!

“Well, then what should I call it?”

“… … huh?”

I could feel Seo Eana’s reply sound slightly out of sync.

Jaehyun was sure.

Both of them said that this title would give them trouble all day today.

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