I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 66

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Episode 66: Flahndier Mansion (3)

“I’m stuck here. we.”

“… … yes?!”

Seo Ah-hyun’s face suddenly spreads with fear and embarrassment.

Jaehyun’s face hardened too.

‘Suddenly the door is locked, such a third-class development… … .’

I thought at least once in a while that something like this would happen.

But to think that the door would suddenly be locked after the meal was served.

In general, isn’t it like blocking the door to the outside?

“Calm down for now. Anyway, this is a dungeon. There must be a way out.”

“… I heard that it is. Because there is no dungeon that cannot be escaped in the first place.”

Seo Ah-hyun, who quickly regained her senses, also said the same while arguing.

Jaehyun pondered over how to get out of the current situation.

Butler Alfred is a servant of Flanders, the owner of this place.

that is so.

It means that he imprisoned Jae-Hyeon and Seo Ah-Hyeon here under the direction of Flanders.

‘Of course, there may be other reasons, but it would be right to see it that way now… .’

Jaehyun thought so and said.

“I don’t think Count Flanders thinks of us as guests.”

“of course! Common sense invites guests and locks them in… … It’s not a detective story. I couldn’t even meet Count Flanders in the first place, but this is dangerous.”

“What is that? It was like that from the moment I entered the BIG 5 themed dungeon.”

Seo Ah-hyun pondered for a moment at Jae-hyun’s calm response before opening her mouth.

“But why are you imprisoned here? He would have had plenty of time to escape.”


“I mean the dungeon. I didn’t expect it to suddenly spawn in an amusement park.”

“I just came to play.”

“no way. I know it’s a lie Who comes to an amusement park alone in the first place?”

“I came here with my girlfriend and broke up. So she stood there, dazed by the shock… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun laughed briefly and looked at Jae-hyun.

“Who believes that? The dungeon exploded in the first place, but I have to live for now.”

“Is it obvious?”

“For now, I will believe you. Because I am Eul now.”

“It will be for the rest of my life.”

Seo Ah-hyun’s face quickly turned into tears at the cold words.

It’s because I remembered the contents of the contract a while ago.

Observance of any orders and strict adherence to all confidentiality of the reenactment.

It’s not such a bad contract after all, but I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

“Subordinate this… … Will you still release me when I go outside?”

“I will remove the restriction of obeying my orders. No confidentiality clause.”

“all right. That’s enough. But one more thing.”


“Is your brother coveting the items you will get here?”

It was a bit embarrassing to be hit to the point, but it was something I could ask.

It is an open fact that hidden pieces are hidden in themed dungeons.

Even Seo Ah-hyun was a girl destined to get her hands on the hidden peace here in Neverland.

‘I don’t think this guy… .’

Jaehyun’s brow narrowed.

Is Seo Ah-hyun also coveting the rewards from 《BIG 5》?

Fortunately, the trouble didn’t last long.

‘Well, depending on the contribution, the item will of course be mine.’

Themed dungeons are not infinite, instead rewarding high-grade items.

A place where you can get only one item in the world.

That’s a themed dungeon.

‘Well, it’s impossible to cut the item in half and give it to two people.’

This is why the attribution system exists.

“uh. that’s right. That’s what I was aiming for from the beginning.”

“and… … really poisonous What kind of seventeen-year-old comes into a dungeon alone?”

“Then why didn’t you run away? I made a lot of announcements to get out earlier.”

Jaehyun was also thinking of making it clear at this point.

Why did Seo Ah-hyun not leave Neverland despite the emergency evacuation broadcast?

Do you have any other plans?

If that’s the case, no matter how subordinate he is, that guy is dangerous… … .

“that is… Actually, I want to watch the other Raiders fight… … .”


Jaehyun narrowed his eyes.

What the hell is the kid in front of me talking about?

“You stayed in the dungeon for such an odd reason? hey! Are dungeons a joke?”

Jaehyun groaned. No matter how you think about it, that’s why it’s absurd.



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I knew Seo Ah-hyun was originally an idiot at the end, but…

This is serious.

Raiders are people who risk their lives to clear the dungeon.

There is a natural reason to praise them as heroes.

But you stayed here just to observe such a dangerous situation?

In an instant, a headache spread and my head became dizzy.

“Just keep in mind one thing. It’s none of my business if you die somewhere else.”

“… … .”

“But at least while you’re with me, you’ll die if you say bullshit like that.”

“… … yes.”

“If you know you’re sorry, do your job as a cameraman. I’m going to find a way out from now on.”


Seo Ah-hyun seemed to have completely lost her temper.

Ignoring Jaehyun, he started to look all around the door Alfred had left.

‘There must be a way out of here. It must work by magic.’

Otherwise, there is no way that Jaehyun, who has overwhelming physical stats, will not be able to open the door.

As Seo Ah-hyun cleared the dungeon alone before returning, the required stats must be low.

Although it’s a bit annoying that it’s an A-rank dungeon, theme dungeons are inherently low in difficulty.

The main purpose of normal dungeons is to defeat boss monsters. However, this is a tricky method that cannot be cleared without seeing the ending of a story.

Because of this, it requires less force compared to other dungeons.

To put it simply, it’s easy to see that the game has been balanced.

That’s why Seo Ah-hyun was able to clear this dungeon alone.

at that time. Seo Ah-hyun’s urgent voice rang in Jae-hyun’s ears.

“Oh, brother!”

Jaehyun frowned and looked back.

Then, Seo Ah-hyun, with a frightened face, held out the camera with her hands shaking.

“why? What else bothers me… … .”

“This camera… … Something is wrong! Look here!”

If it’s not a big deal, Jaehyun intends to really hit him this time. I approached Seo Ah-hyun, who looked flustered.

However, the moment he saw the screen of the camera, he too was shocked.

“… … Does this make sense?”

pounding. pounding. pounding.

My heart pumps repeatedly and cold sweat begins to flow.

What the hell is this?

Jaehyun took another look at the scene in the square screen of the camera and looked away.

Then he looked around, then looked at the camera, repeating several times.

A table set with delicious food.

Chandeliers and luxurious ornaments sparkle above it.

However, the scene in the camera that Jaehyun was looking at was completely different from reality.

Inside the square liquid crystal of the camera.

It contained the body of Alfred, covered in blood.

* * *

About two hours after the themed dungeons appeared in Neverland.

The National Radar Association quickly dispatched an emergency support team to Neverland.

Rumor has it that there are two victims trapped inside this dungeon.

One is Min Jae-hyun, a cadet at Milles Academy, and the other is Seo Ah-hyun. She was a genius girl who had been featured on TV a year before entering the academy.

The Radar Management Headquarters hastily set up a barricade so that the public cannot access the area.

If a problem arises inside, it’s not even a matter of turning the whole area into a mess.

Of course, this does not solve the fundamental problem.

But it’s far better than not doing it.

If you don’t do this, you will incur public resentment and receive even greater criticism.

Ordinary citizens do not know much about the principles of dungeons.

So swearing is what the National Radar Association eats it all up.

“Sibulger. I’ll be promoted in a little while, but there’s no such thing as a fu*king joke.”

Class A national radar from the Radar Management Headquarters visiting the scene of the accident. Song Ji-seok and Park Gyeong-hoon muttered indignantly.

This situation is by no means very serious.

《Theme Dungeon》 must have exploded in an amusement park with a lot of floating population.

It was even harder to not have luck like this.

“Ha, that’s about it. A promotion was just around the corner… … .”

Park Kyung-hoon looked at the dungeon where the gate burst and said with a calm expression.

The amusement park had already lost its original appearance.

Almost hundreds of years have passed, and Neverland is in ruins.

“Kyung-hoon said that you and I are going well these days, but it’s completely new.”

“That’s right. I was promoted last time and I was told things were going well, but then… … .”

Park Kyung-hoon was the national radar who made good progress thanks to Jae-hyun during the last dungeon break.

I got a promotion, and when I heard that things were going well, it was as expected.

‘Why would something like this happen at a time when things were going well? … .’

If this situation is not dealt with, the evaluation of oneself within the headquarters will fall.

Maybe it was something that might be demoted one more rank.

‘under… Just thinking about it is terrifying.’

Of course, it would be wrong to place responsibility for theme dungeons on national raiders.

No matter how good your skills are, it is difficult to deal with sudden dungeons in advance.

Where and how did you know that the magic field would explode and prepare for everything?

It was absolutely impossible from a human resource point of view.

“Also, we’re going to cover everything upside down. These fu*king babies. ”

“They will blame everything on us from the top. Because it always has been.”

according to what the two said.

In this situation, those of high rank will withdraw their feet early.

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon, who are in charge. I’m going to cover up the fault of the two people and move on.

Probation and demotion would be a bonus.

“Sibulger. It’s not like we’re kidding, do we have to be the only ones who fu*k like this every day?”

“under… … Still, as a civil servant, wouldn’t it be a mouthful? I have to endure it even if I think of my wife and children. What will happen if you win here?”

“okay. i know i know So, aren’t you smoking a cigarette right now?”

It was frustrating.

In any case, the two will take responsibility for this incident and handle the people’s anger.


‘I’ll never stop doing this job until I put him in the dark.’

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon both had a common goal, so they couldn’t quit their jobs.

It was complicated in many ways.

“First of all, check the list of the two people who were washed up together.”


Park Kyung-hun, who was checking the list of the two who were swept away in the themed dungeon under Song Ji-seok’s instructions, hesitated for a moment.

Because I saw a familiar name.

“uh?! I, senior!”

“why? Is there something going on? Not two, but three? Fu*k!”

“Oh, no. It’s not… … It looks like someone I know has been swept into a dungeon.”

“what?! Who is that? Are you family? wife? kids?”

“Oh, no. I’m not friendly… … It’s just a face I’ve never seen before.”

“no way. what the hell am i Then you are no different. it’s okay. don’t mind.”

Song Ji-seok, what is one or two such things? I didn’t forget to add a little.

However, Park Kyung-hoon’s face was very pale.

‘Why did this kid get caught up in an incident like this again?’

It was strange.

It’s like the last dungeon break incident, and it’s like that right now.

Why is this boy getting caught up in such a strange incident?

Jaehyun Min.

It was the name of one of the two people who went missing in the dungeon.

The other day during the dungeon break. A monstrous cadet who wiped out a group of goblins with just two people.

Just in case, I checked the contact information on my smartphone, and it matched the number I received at the time.

‘This is not a coincidence.’

Those thoughts were stuck in my brain and I couldn’t get them out.

Park Kyung-hoon suddenly came to his senses and said to Song Ji-seok.


“why? What is it?”

Song Ji-seok looked at Park Kyung-hoon’s bewildered face and asked back as if he couldn’t understand.

Park Gyeong-hun pondered for a while on whether he should say this or not, and finally came to the conclusion.

“This theme dungeon… … I don’t know if I can clear it.”

“… … what?!”

Song Ji-seok looked at Park Gyeong-hoon for a long time with a puzzled face.

However. His expression was serious as never before.

No, it was almost certain.

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