I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 71

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Episode 71 Flahndier Mansion (8)


Seo Ah-hyun collapsed, coughing up blood at Jae-hyun’s surprise attack.

She looked at Jaehyun as if it was unfair, and forced her blood-soaked lips to open.

“brother… … why?”

“You know everything, so why don’t you stop?”

“… … .”

There was a moment of silence at Jaehyun’s words.

Kick kick kick kick-.

An eerie laugh is heard.


Soon, Seo Ah-hyun’s waist bent bizarrely, and the wound healed and new skin began to grow.

Jaehyun re-energized his sword and prepared for the fight.

Seo Ah-hyun, no, the witch, in front of her eyes was the last doppelganger left in this mansion.

“How did know? How did know? How did know? How did know?”

―You have cleared the fifth secret of the mansion, ‘The traitor is inside’.

―The dungeon clear reward is increased.

The doppelganger made a terrifying sound, mixing the voices of the people it had eaten so far.

He possesses a vast amount of magical power that is quite different from those he dealt with earlier.

But Jaehyun wasn’t worried at all.

That’s right, it’s just a doppelganger.

It’s true that it’s a B-class monster, and its rank is high, but that’s the risk.

Because you can completely copy someone else’s appearance and memory. It’s just that the rank is high.

Even if the power is well done, it is only a C-class level.

“you… … As a human being, how did you see through my identity?”

“Nothing. I’m a bit smart.”

Jaehyun smiled lightly with a meaningful expression on his face.

* * *

The first time the doppelganger turned into Seo Ah-hyun was while sleeping in the mansion.

The very moment when a forced cutscene puts him to sleep and is transported to prison.

Seo Ah-hyun had already been replaced as a doppelganger, and the real one had turned into a puppy.

right next to you right now. The same retriever who follows Jaehyun well and gave me the key.

That puppy was Seo Ah-hyun.

However, a question may arise here.

How did Jaehyun come to know that Seo Ahhyun was a fake and that the real one was a dog?

There were some questionable sections about that case.


After turning into a doppelganger, Seo Ah-hyun’s behavior created a strange sense of discord.

Shortly after breaking out of prison,

Seo Ah-hyun no longer felt fear walking around the mansion.

even just a little while ago. No, even before she fell asleep, she was full of fuss.

I was frightened and surprised at everything that happened in the mansion.

It was clearly suspicious.


The dog (the real Seo Ah-hyun) met in prison was hostile to the fake doppelganger.

He barked to death at her and gave Jaehyun the key.

With a face as if asking to be taken out of here.


The doppelganger applied the brakes whenever Jaehyun made the right choice to clear the quest.

For example, he was suspicious when he saw the dog (the real Seo Ah-hyun) who asked for the key, and said that he should not believe in the ghost he met along the way.

In Flanders’ room on the 4th floor of the mansion, he even offered to investigate the desk first.

At this point, the situation is perfect.

Considering these circumstances, Jaehyun is convinced that the girl next to him is a fake.

In the end, he succeeded in finding his doppelganger.

There were several other reasons, but Jaehyun didn’t have to think about it any more.

A little while ago, he signed a <subordination> with Seo Ah-hyun, and here is useful. Because there was one special provision.

A provision that guarantees Seo Ah-hyun’s life until she leaves the theme dungeon.

‘If you can’t keep your promise with the subject you signed <<Subordination>>, you can notice it right away.

But I had no messages, no system tones. That said, at least Seo Ah-hyun is safe.’

and. All of a sudden, a dog appeared while asking for the key.

There was no need to doubt it any more.

Despite figuring out the doppelganger’s identity relatively early on, Jaehyun did not get rid of the doppelganger early on.

The reason was simple.

to use.

In a situation where Seo Ah-hyun turned into a dog and couldn’t use her skills to her heart’s content, Jae-hyun decided to use a fake one that could use similar skills.

Doppelgangers can copy not only their memories and appearance, but also their skills.

Of course, its power is downgraded, so it can’t display its full ability.

Still, she was helpful enough.



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The doppelganger did an excellent job.

Whenever she makes a choice, doing the exact opposite makes clearing the dungeon easier.

And now Jaehyun is smiling.

Seeing his bleeding doppelganger, he murmured in a low voice.

“How does it feel to play with people after playing with them?”

* * *


A flash of lightning cut the last remaining doppelganger’s body in half.

Jaehyun caught his breath.

It is a reasonable ending in return for playing with and using people’s minds.


It was an enemy I would never want to meet again, if possible.

The fallen doppelgänger kept licking his lips even when his body was split.

“The last of the mansion… … rule… … The closest person… … believe… … Mara.”

After saying that, the doppelganger slammed his face on the floor.

Jaehyun exhaled and smiled mischievously at the dog in his arms.

“hey. You barked well though. Isn’t this enough to be good at dogs?”

king king!

“okay. Thank you for asking for the key, so I’ll take care of it.”

Jaehyun puts on a smile and reaches for the unlocked door.

Light penetrates through the gap, and soon after.

I saw the ghost in the form of a transparent spiritual body I had just met.

Unlike a moment ago, she had no signs of swelling, and her collarbone was intact.

Sealed mouth, arms and legs.

everything was back to normal.

and… …

she was laughing


Flanders waved at Jaehyun and smiled brightly.

―You have cleared the second themed dungeon 《Flandier’s Mansion》.

―Five hidden scenarios have been cleared. Additional rewards will be settled.

―You will be repatriated to the real world.

* * *

“… … Is that why the magic field surrounding the dungeon is gradually fading?”

“yes. That’s right. It seems that the dungeon is being attacked from inside.”

“her… … Really this makes sense… … .”

Song Ji-seok scratched his head with a puzzled face at Park Kyung-hoon’s report.

Of course, Park Kyung-hun had said that maybe the dungeon would be cleared.

But does this make sense?

The victims who went inside were at most a seventeen-year-old boy and a sixteen-year-old girl.

You’re clearing the notorious “Theme Dungeon” at that age?

‘Is the dungeon’s difficulty lower than I thought… … no. If so, this is an amazing achievement. Attacking themed dungeons at an age that has not yet passed the terms and conditions.’

Perhaps reading Song Ji-seok’s thoughts, Park Kyung-hoon added with a bright face.

“Am I right? Jaehyun Min, he might really clear this dungeon.”

“To be conceited. yes you are right The fact that the mana leaking from inside was reduced by half was proof that the dungeon was being attacked. But it’s still too early to conclude.”

Song Ji-seok said firmly.

I have been taught many times that a dungeon is a place where you never know what will happen.

Especially if it’s a themed dungeon.

However, Park Kyung-hoon in front of him is just smiling and smiling.

It was as if there would be no such thing as not being able to clear the dungeon.

“Anyway, have the paramedics on standby. If the dungeon is really cleared, both of them will be in a different state. Maybe one is dead.

Take special care and bring them to the high-ranking ones.”

“yes. All right. Then I will contact you right away.”

After receiving the assignment, Park Kyung-hoon quickly got up from his seat with his smartphone.

‘Anyway, if the dungeon is really cleared, the news will be noisy for a while… … .’

Song Ji-seok was left alone, sitting on a simple chair and pondering.

Jaehyun Min.

Park Kyung-hoon was sure that he was clearing the dungeon.

But how is that even possible?

Was it even possible at the age of only 17?

Song Ji-seok was also a genius with a talent as a radar.

Although not Milles, he graduated from the academy immediately below it and is now the youngest person ever to hold an executive position at the National Radar Society.

However, he, too, had to be disgraced by being miserably broken in his first appearance.

That’s what happened in a regular D-class dungeon.

It is a story that he, who had just turned 20, suffered just as much.

“Min Jaehyun… … If that guy really broke the dungeon and came out. He might be praised as the best talent along with Ahn Ho-yeon.”

He crossed his arms and smiled as he watched the barrier gradually fading.

* * *

―You have succeeded in uncovering all the secrets of the dungeon.

―Items are upgraded to the highest grade.

―You have obtained the Cursed Key (A).

[Special item]

Name: Cursed Key

Grade: A

The owner of the mansion in Flanders. A memento of the Count of Flanders.

When the curse is lifted, any door or chest can be opened.

*Cooldown: 2 hours

The reward I received after clearing 《The Mansion of Flanders》 was quite useful.

‘It’s an item that you can’t even dare to put a price on as long as you lift the curse.’

It was a truly satisfying reward.

What I got from the sailing episode while playing TRP the other day was 《Call of the Commander》.

This was a skill that temporarily increased Morale, Stamina, and Magic when commanding allies.

It is true that this skill is a little disappointing for Jaehyun, who spends a lot of time playing solo.

However, the key obtained this time is also a useful item when attacking dungeons with Jaehyun alone.

‘What are the conditions for releasing the curse? The Nornir system will tell you later.’

“What reward did you get?”

Jaehyun asked while looking at Seo Ahhyun who was sitting with his back to him.

Seo Ah-hyun replied in an annoyed voice without even looking back.

“I don’t know. I’m not talking.”


“No, honestly, it is. If I had known that dog was me, I would have told you sooner. What’s the point of hiding it? I was really scared to think I was trapped there alone!”

“Well, that’s not my business. “subordination”.”

When Jaehyun shouted ‘subordinate’, Seo Ahhyun’s mouth opened automatically.

“The rewards I got are 《Swift movement》 and 《Evasion correction》.”

“what. Both are good skills for martial arts. Congratulations.”

“Tch, cowardly… … How can you use a skill like this?”

“That is my heart. Anyway, didn’t you just live up to the contract?”

“It is, but… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun did not respond.

It was judged that there was no need to go against the nerves of Jaehyun here.

“By the way, what’s the next dungeon? There are only three BIG 5s now.”

“There is nothing left. At least two of them are easy to break.”

“How else do you know that?”

“Keep your mouth shut. Just do what you’re told and follow me well. a little.”

“… … yes.”

Jaehyun stood up after closing Seo Ahhyun’s mouth.

Because I took enough rest, I can fight again anytime.

Only three steps to get TRP’s thunderous step.

It was a satisfactory situation.

“Let’s go. Next is the roller coaster and gyro drop, the flower of the amusement park.”

“Nenet!? I have trauma from moving so fast and falling… … .”

“Trauma is meant to be overcome. Now move! “subordination”!”

When Jae-hyun again shouted subordination, Seo Ah-hyun’s body moved wildly and ran past him.

Jaehyun looked at him and nodded his head in satisfaction.

“You like me too? Well, both are fun rides.”

“Ji, are you really like this!? I really hate scary things… … Wow!”

Seo Ah-hyun gritted his teeth, but the effect of subordination was absolute.

Reluctantly, she moved on to the next ride.

He looked resentful of Jaehyun, but he didn’t even care.

‘The next and next dungeons are easy. I’m going to finish it soon and go to the main.’

main event.

It is the biggest and most splendid festival in Neverland, and it marks the end of the themed dungeon.

It was just a festival.

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