I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 75

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Episode 75 Thialfi’s Thunder Steps

“Still, it seems you didn’t need my help. After all, this is Loki’s choice, isn’t it?”

Above the Vikings in Neverland where the moonlight lightly fell.

There, you can see a cat looking down with an interesting expression.


Hel’s alter ego, the owner of the cat sound that Jaehyun heard when he attacked ‘Flanders Mansion’ the other day.

Incidentally, it was a half-body that manifested on earth in the form of a cat.

“Fun. That boy named Min Jaehyun… … Maybe we can really make our dreams come true? I understand why he cares so much.”

Of course, it was only after he had grown up properly, but what was expected was true.

Immediately after receiving the order so far. She was the one who constantly hovered around her Jaehyun.

He knows better than anyone else how quickly people with power can be weeded out and become petty.

However, Jaehyun was far from those people at all.

He just wanted to keep getting stronger.

The current point of actually holding hands with Yeonhwa. He will be able to escape his father’s threat. If you want to, you can ask for protection from the guild and live a moderately affluent life.

As far as Jaehyun knows, his father, Min Seongoh, is no more than an A-class radar.

With the help of Yoo Seong-eun, an S-class radar, nothing is impossible.



He’s not so obsessed with being strong just for revenge.

Rather he is now.

“You look like you’re eager to be strong. isn’t it? Hello?”

[Huh, that’s right, he’s still just a bowl. Don’t float it.]

A voice from somewhere. The owner was none other than Hel.

The ruler of Helheim, called Hell, and the daughter of Loki.

He is the one who gave Jaehyun the quest to defeat Night Shade.

Incidentally, it was she who entrusted Hela with Jaehyun’s watchdog.

Currently, he cannot leave his seat in Helheim, so he sent his alter ego, Hela, instead.

‘Because if the Æsir priests find out that Hel has been vacated, there will be an uproar. They must have sent me as a sentinel instead. Hell is too simple. Because it’s obvious.’

Hella smiled a little and continued thinking.

‘If you find out that the greedy Aesir priests have found the ‘enemy’ of the prophecy… … I’ll never just get over it so now i can’t help it I have no choice but to pretend to be a cat.’


Hella thought calmly, but this was a serious problem.

If you don’t, the war that swallowed up the eternity might start again.

No matter how much that war is prepared in the name of fate.

It’s too early now.

‘I have to buy time, at least until the bowl is finished.’

He knows that Hell is thinking the same way as he is.

Because they are alter egos, even if not all of them, they can roughly grasp each other’s feelings.

Hel was anxious.

but. At the same time, he was also suppressing his fluttering heart.

He was excited about the possibility of reproducing the vessel.

Hella smiled mischievously and parted her lips again.

“Hell, anyway, you’re the most curious about Min Jae-hyun’s news.”

Hella smiled and said so.

Hel sighed and cleared his throat, then was speechless.

Meanwhile, Hella’s gaze was directed downward.

There are Min Jae-hyun and Seo Ah-hyun.

And you can see Brunn, the manager of the dungeon, having a conversation.

“But it’s still early.”

Hella looked at Jaehyun and murmured softly.

Obviously he has grown stronger, but he hasn’t grown as much as he would like.

In order to grow as an adversary, you must become several times stronger than you are now.


The name of the highest being of the Æsir whom he must eventually kill.


Hella stretched her rigid body down and immediately rose from her seat.

Now is not the time.

Jaehyun was not strong enough to take on the second ordeal.


“You’d better wait a little longer.”

In her opinion, Jaehyun is a talented person to look forward to.

At first, I decided to give it a chance.

As it is difficult to get a bowl like that again, while making a commitment to grow a little better.

* * *

[Equipment Item]

Name: Thirfi’s Thunderstrike

Grade: S

Shoes worn by Thialfi, who reached the level of a lower god of light with a human body.



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When equipped, it compensates for strength and agility, and acquires the passive skill 《Light’s Step》.


1. Strength + 50 / Agility + 150

2. Acquire the passive skill 《Light’s Step》

[Passive skill]

Name: Walk of Light

Grade: S

The efficiency of skills related to speed correction is maximized.

1. The efficiency of the speed correction skill increases by 200%.

Jaehyun cheered internally as he read and reread the description of the item he had received from Brune.

An item that compensates for strength by 50 and agility by a whopping 150.

It is an overwhelming number that other radars would be horrified to know.

In general, it is common sense that items that increase key stats by 50 or more are worth at least tens of billions of dollars.

But what?

An item that increases Agility by 150?

If you put it on the auction house, you would be able to see the feast of countless zeros attached to the back.

‘After all, the power of an S-class item is no joke. I heard there are only double digits in the world. It’s definitely on a different level than the others.’

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

Thialfi’s thunder steps.

I got what I wanted.

‘It was difficult, but I managed to do it. There was also an unexpected harvest.’

He saw the item from Surt’s Mote in his inventory.

The Unquenchable Flame of Surt.

Enhances equipment items to the limit and grants fire properties.

Simply put, it is a fraudulent item.

It would be nice to use it on the long sword that Jaehyun used often, and other items are fine too.

A dagger or a spear that can be used in an emergency is not a bad option.

‘Still, I can’t use it on Mistiltein. It’s fundamentally a tree.’

That was the only problem.

Although Mistiltein is classified as a weapon, it is in the form of a bracelet.

In addition, according to mythology, it is an object obtained from a branch of mistletoe.

It was right to assume that there was little chance of resisting Surtur’s flames.

‘Anyway, I’ll have to get another weapon at the right time.’

I was thinking of getting a good guy to use as well.

An item that has the effect of strengthening a weapon to the limit.

what ever you got It’s human psychology to want to use it for a better item.

Jaehyun put a smile on his lips and greeted Brune.

Anyway, I received something, so I can’t neglect it.

“thank you. This has been a huge help.”

“I am so glad you enjoyed the festival! I am more grateful!”

Brün had a face full of joy.

“I don’t know what to do when you say that.”

After giving a simple answer, Jaehyun looked back at Seo Ahhyun.

She was startled and hid the item she received behind her back.

Well, that’s a normal radar.

Because it is unconditionally beneficial to thoroughly hide the items you have acquired.



“… … The item I got is 《Seal of Roskva》. It is an item that increases strength by 50 and allows you to acquire the 《Courage》 skill.”

Jaehyun had no intention of allowing her to make cards for himself.

If you can know other people’s information, it’s natural to use it as much as you like.

Jaehyun asked for a detailed explanation of the effect of the skill called «Courage».

Seo Ah-hyun gave up and explained meekly. Of course, it was a bug-bitten face.

The description of the skill was simple.

Completely resistant to confusion. At the same time, a skill that increases strength and agility.

‘It’s a skill I have no reason to copy.’

Jaehyun was already in a state where he was immune to abnormal conditions due to the effect of «Hell’s Protection». It was a skill that he had no reason to copy.

but. Thought Acceleration is different.

‘Thought Acceleration’ is a powerful unique skill no matter what anyone says. Should I copy it?’

It was a question that I had to seriously think about.

Just like we saw at the festival earlier, the power is a skill that goes without saying.

After thinking for a moment, Jaehyun shook his head.

‘It’s not too late to worry a little more.’

It was a reasonable conclusion.

As for Jaehyun, there was no need to copy her skills right away.

Anyway, thanks to the subordination effect, there is always a way to summon her.

You don’t have to decide right now.

“Then let’s go.”

After Jaehyun finished his thoughts, he said as he looked at the collapsing dungeon.

OK. Brune suddenly approached Jaehyun, completely erasing the smile she was making.

Brunn whispered softly.

“You child born of the destiny of the adversary. Then I look forward to seeing you again.”

“What, what?”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. It felt like my heart was sinking.

How the hell does Brune know the word ‘adversary’?

Jaehyun wanted to ask something more, but he couldn’t afford it.

again the light is young

In both pupils, in arms and legs. The permeated light engulfs everything.

The fiery amusement park Neverland and the dusty remains of the fallen Surt in sight.

Moments later, the two were consumed by light.

Just like when you first got stuck in a dungeon. It was a very bright light.

* * *

“More, the dungeon opens! Everyone, grab your weapons and wait!”

“You have to be prepared for the unexpected. All focus!”

The raiders outside the theme dungeon focused their attention on one spot in an orderly manner.


It was because the dungeon, which seemed unlikely to be attacked, had been cleared.

Those who are holding weapons now are preparing for the dungeon break that will inevitably happen.

“What about the medical team?”

“Twenty people are waiting. They are all healers who learned under a famous professor.”

At Song Ji-seok’s words, Park Kyung-hoon quickly gave the answer he wanted.

Even during the conversation, he did not take his eyes off the dungeon’s broken barrier.

“You really do it… … It makes me wonder if this is a dream.”

“That’s right.”

Park Kyung-hoon hit the ball.

After a while.

All of the dungeon’s barriers were lifted, and the thin blue membrane was completely shattered.

The fragments of the barrier, which were broken into thin pieces like fragments, were oxidized as they touched the light.

“Hey, there’s a survivor out there!”

“It’s all two people!”

“I am walking on my own two feet. It seems that both of you are safe!”

Several voices echoed outside the dungeon in a dizzying manner.

Park Kyung-hoon and Song Ji-seok jumped up and ran towards the place without anyone saying anything first.

What kind of guys are going to smash this damn dungeon and walk out unscathed?

If Park Kyung-hoon is right, it’s probably Min Jae-hyun.

He was supposed to be coming out after clearing the dungeon.

“Get out of the way now! There are procedures to be followed with survivors!”

At the words of Song Ji-seok, a veteran raider, the others hesitated and stepped back.

Park Kyung-hoon also pushed the people in front and ran forward.

After a while. Two faces began to come into their field of vision.

Min Jae-hyun and Seo Ah-hyun.

The two men had shallow wounds here and there, but overall they were in very good condition.

“Unbelievable… … .”

Song Ji-seok muttered in a small voice as if he couldn’t believe it.

really did it

Those two young people clearing a theme dungeon that even current raiders can’t guarantee to clear.

“Get ready! Contact us right away.”

“oh! All right!”

After instructing Park Kyung-hoon, he quickly ran toward Jae-hyun.

Seo Ah-hyun, who is next to him, also needs to be captured, but Jae-hyun is more urgent.

Besides, Jaehyun is trying to get out of his seat, perhaps feeling burdened by the huge crowd.

“catch! Avoid your seat!”

“oh! yes!”

A chase that is not a chase like that begins.

After a while.

There was a look of embarrassment on the faces of Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon, who were panting.

“What, what’s so fast?!”

“I… … Seniors. Jaehyun Min is gone!”

It was a fact that Park Kyung-hun didn’t even say, he already knew.

The appearance of Jaehyun, who was right in front of him just a moment ago, had disappeared.

How did this happen?

“It seems that he disappeared using an assassination-type skill.”

“Is it 《Hidden》? But how can you acquire such advanced skills as a mere cadet!”

《Stealth》 was a difficult skill to acquire even for an active raider.

It’s obvious, but it’s because it’s very useful.

In general, the item with the «Stealth» skill would easily exceed 1 billion.


Jaehyun, a cadet who has not yet debuted, has such an item?

“Isn’t it a raider who has mastered assassin-type skills?”

If so, you can use «Stealth» without spending money to acquire equipment.

Even among martial arts, Raiders belonging to the Assassination class can learn «Stealth» without difficulty. The representative figure is Yeonhwa’s manager, such as Park Seong-jae, an A-class raider.

However, Song Ji-seok shook his head.

“no. Probably not. you said before The one who killed 30 goblins alone.”

“It was. Then there was the magic world.”

As if Park Kyung-hoon remembered, he scratched his head and replied.

It was Song Ji-seok.

“Then Min Jae-hyun is absolutely not an assassin. Assassination series is a very unique case among martial arts. It’s not something you can easily see.”

“… … Then what the hell is that child? I heard he fights in the front line… … .”

When Park Kyung-hoon tilted his head and asked, Song Ji-seok smiled meaningfully.

He put his hand on Park Kyung-hoon’s shoulder and looked at the place where Jae-hyun had disappeared for a while.

“Battle Mage.”


“That guy is a Battle Mage.”

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