I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 77

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Episode 77: The First Naming Conference (2)

Jaehyun briefly explained what had happened to Kim Yoojung and Seo Ina.

Of course, he left out the fact that he purposely entered the themed dungeon.

I said it, but I couldn’t answer where and how far to explain it.

I also apologized to Ina Seo for what happened in the mock dungeon that day.

In this part, Jaehyun had to admit that the words were a little too much.

Seo In-na is not friendly with others, but Jae-hyun suddenly hits the wall. She was probably quite embarrassed as Seo or Seo.

However. Even if I went back to that time, it was a problem that I couldn’t tell you all about.

He is a regressor and knows the future. It was because it was difficult to bring up the story that if I was involved, it might be an obstacle to your growth.

If possible, do not disclose information that you are a regressor to the people around you.

Even if it was Kim Yoo-jung, who was a complete faction of her own, nothing changed.

“Whatever. That’s how I got caught up in the themed dungeon. That’s why I couldn’t contact you.”

“… … Anyway. Haven’t you had any luck since the old days? What amusement park does all that happen? If you have sinned against God, repent quickly. Then you will be killed in the dungeon.”

‘Hate to God? It’s not. I’m rather protected by God.’

Jaehyun barely managed to hold back the laughter that was about to leak out.

He intended to give the two of them the appearance of being as tired as possible.

Even if you don’t, if you find out that you’re fine with quick-witted Kim Yoo-jung, you’ll be harassed for the next few days.

‘Just thinking about it is terrifying.’

Seeing Jaehyun’s pale complexion, Seo Ina asked with a worried face.

“… … are you okay? Where are you sick?”

“Oh, no. are you okay. don’t worry.”

Jaehyun felt some remorse at her warm words.

Kim Yu-jung, who was sitting with her arms crossed, thought for a moment before opening her mouth.

“Anyway, there would be a complete uproar in the media. How are you going to stop that?”


“no. That’s right. Clearing a themed dungeon for a cadet, what the hell. Just looking at it won’t make a fuss. Reporters will be looking for you with lights on in their eyes?”

“I wrote down the numbers for that too, so you don’t have to worry about it.”


“There is a substitute. A pinch hitter to stand in front of reporters on my behalf.”

At Jaehyun’s words, the two looked at each other and asked what that meant.

Jaehyun’s eyebrows went up.

It was a very evil laugh, with clear intentions.

* * *

“No, what kind of nonsense is this because of that brother?!”

Seo Ah-hyun was indignant and was massaging her swollen legs.

Right after the dungeon is cleared. She had just returned home, having been run over and dragged around by her associates.

What was it like inside the themed dungeon, what happened, what items were obtained.

Reporters were annoyed by asking all sorts of things.

The problem is that Jaehyun, who should be responsible for all of this together, left her job and disappeared.

He activates the effect of <Subordinate>, instructs himself to deal with the reporters, and then disappears. Naturally, Seo Ah-hyun had no choice but to follow his words.


If you’re going to go, say something and go. I never thought I would use subordination to bind and go.

No matter how much she usually likes attention, this was severe.

Just look at the reporters spread out below.

Even now, if you look down the window, it’s full of reporters with flashlights.

Mom is freaking out about what the hell is going on.


What the hell is this?

Jaehyun Min. Jaehyun Min. Jaehyun Min!

A human who just said that he would release his dependents and then disappeared without ignoring them!

“… … But you probably didn’t know.”

Even in the midst of her fury, she remembered one thing.

The loophole in the skill <Subordinate> that Jaehyun used on himself.

* * *

[The 1st Potion Shop Naming Contest!!]

Prize money: Premium Potion Coupon x 3

The second floor of a new building with a well-appointed interior.

I see the cadets sitting around the round table.

In the middle, led by Min Jae-hyun and Lee Jae-sang. Ahn Ho-yeon, Kim Yoo-jung, and Seo Ea-na are sitting on either side.

They all arrived here after being contacted by Jaehyun, and had just heard the reason for calling them.

“… … Can’t we omit the ‘1st’? You’re not going to change your name later anyway.”

Surprisingly, it was Ahn Ho-yeon who made the first bet.

He doesn’t seem to like the large placards in the room.

Especially, I made it unique like the quest window of the Nornir system.

Jaehyun spoke again with all his might to the party with a sullen expression.

“… … So, for the first place in the potion shop naming contest, three special high-quality potions made by our store’s representative, the Chancellor, are handed out.

Everyone knows what a great opportunity this is, right?”

Jaehyun’s words opened the eyes of those sitting around here.



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I hadn’t listened to him until just a moment ago, but as soon as I heard that Lee Jae-sang’s potion was hanging for an injury, his attitude suddenly changed.

He corrected his posture, sat down, and began to listen to Jaehyun’s voice.

No wonder.

those gathered here.

In other words, Ahn Ho-yeon, Kim Yu-jeong, and Seo In-na had all seen the effect of Lee Jae-sang’s potion.

Even what they drank was an intermediate, no, a prototype that was only a lower-intermediate level.

Even that is expensive, exceeding tens of thousands of won per bottle, but what the hell is the price for a bottle of the finest potion? Besides, how great is the effect?

It’s a strange situation that the eyes can’t turn.

And Jaehyun aimed at this time.

“I also have a word as a founder like the prime minister. If you give me a good name, I can give you a few extra intermediate potions I have. So think carefully about everything and express your opinion carefully.”

“hey. But why are you condescending? What do you mean by founder?”

“Literally. I own 50 percent of the stock here.”

“Where do you get that money from? Besides, Yeonhwa Guild’s support?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked with a distrustful face, but Jae-hyun answered lightly.

“Originally business people have a lot of secrets, so don’t worry.”

Jaehyun briefly added that Yeonhwa Guild is a business partner.

“hmm… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung glared at Jae-hyun for a long time with a face full of doubts.

The leader of my idol, Yeonhwa Guild. It was because he didn’t understand why Yoo Seong-eun was giving Jae-hyun so much support.

“… … I’m not sure about something… … .”

After ignoring Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Jae-hyun looked around at the people sitting at the round table and said it again.

“I will explain the purpose of our gathering this time once again, so listen carefully.

First of all, the chancellor here represents the Yeonhwa Guild, and even me. A total of three became the main axis and opened a new potion shop.

We’re giving each other opinions on what an appropriate business name is here. Got it? If you know, please give me your thoughts in advance.”

“hmm… … .”

“By the way, those who are dissatisfied will not be allowed to use this place from now on, and the chancellor will not give you any potions, so keep that in mind. right brother?”

“Re-jae-jae-jae, if Jae-hyun speaks, he says everything, of course you have to listen!”

Lee Jae-sang answered with a clear face, unaware of Jae-hyun’s dark intentions.

My conscience stung a little, but I decided not to worry too much.

After all, business is difficult to succeed unless dirty things are buried.

“ha… … .”

“her… … .”

“Whew… … .”

The sound of sighing could be heard from everywhere, but Jaehyun didn’t care.

After all, they are the kind of people who would jump into a pit of fire for the best potion.

Items that guarantee the life of a raider always have a high value.

‘Anyway, I really didn’t know that the teacher would accept such an offer.’

Jaehyun thought as he looked around the interior for a while.

The incident goes back a few days.

[so. Let’s start a potion business by recruiting a child named Jaesang Lee as Yeonhwa?]

[yes. that’s right. It’s as certain as the effect of that brother’s potion. Did you see the sample I sent you?]

[Certainly, the effect was overwhelming. It’s different from what you get at other stores.]

[Never fail. Well, I’m running a business under the name Yeonhwa. Can it be ruined?]

[Are you going to sell my name?]

[To put it in the extreme, yes. You are the people’s hero. I don’t think it would be bad to take advantage of Master on this occasion.]

[Whew. if you can’t speak If you weren’t my disciple, there would be no soup.]

[yes! thank you.]

It happened like this.

Jae-hyun suggested to Yoo Seong-eun to start a potion business with Lee Jae-sang as the representative.

Now is the time when radar was born and not long after.

Proper alchemists themselves were so rare that the quality of the potions was low.

In this situation, starting a business with the genius Lee Jae-sang on his back?

Falling down would be even weirder.

‘even. Lee Jae-sang is the one who will eat up 50 percent of the potion business in Korea and the world in the future. He can make a fortune in the future if he holds it here.’

Lee Jae-sang is a talented person who will continue to prove his worth even if left alone.

If it was available here, of course it was right to use it.

… Well, that doesn’t mean Lee Jae-sang has only bad conditions.

Complete economic independence from family.

From the support of quality alchemy equipment to businesses named after individuals.

It is an opportunity he cannot refuse.

Thanks to this, Jae-hyun took out a loan with 2 percent of the shares he had received from the Yeonhwa Guild as collateral, and then invested in Lee Jae-sang’s potion business and took over 50 percent of the shares.

Yeonhwa Guild took about 49%.

Lee Jae-sang became the president of the bar with only 1 percent of the shares.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun will be sitting on a cushion of money whenever he makes money.

However, Lee Jae-sang agreed to Jae-hyeon’s proposal without any hint of displeasure.

It was also the words of Jaehyun, the person who believed in him. It was because things didn’t sell well in the black market, and the 30 percent fee they took off was too much of a burden.

Yoo Sung-eun also readily accepted Jae-hyun’s proposal, and the work proceeded swiftly.

‘That’s how I thought the story progressed so quickly that the rental of the building had already been completed… … .’

I also thought that Yuseong was the driving force behind it.

Right after she received Lee Jae-sang’s sample potion and drank it. She was sure of the success of this undertaking.

A chance to widen the pie for Yeonhwa Guild. She had absolutely no reason to refuse even as her own.

‘Actually, I wanted to run my own business, but… … If you do that, publicity in the early stages is a barrier to entry.’

Perhaps if Jaehyun had jumped into the potion business alone, he would have suffered quite a bit.

It must have taken quite a long time to settle down even if it failed or not.

No matter how much Lee Jae-sang is on his back, it is difficult to generate profits in a short period of time with little capital and insufficient experience.


Without proper publicity, you will never achieve the results you want.

Therefore, after borrowing the Yeonhwa Guild’s hand, he chose to swallow only the stake.

And the result so far has been a success.

It should have been a success… … .

‘There is still one problem left. That’s a very big problem.’

This is why they are gathered right now.

In other words, it was to name the potion shop.

“Well, the name of the potion shop… … This is a lot harder than I thought.”

When Kim Yoo-jung muttered, Seo E-na immediately agreed.

“… … I know. The fact that there is a potion shop itself is rare now.”

“Isn’t it going to explode?”

Despite Kim Yoo-jung’s negative comments, Lee Jae-sang was smiling single-single.

Ahn Ho-yeon shook his head.

“no. Survival is the most important thing for Raider. There’s no way the potion business is going to fail. I don’t know because I ate Lee Jae-sang’s potion in the first place. This is a revolution.”

I didn’t expect him to praise me that much, but it was worth it because it was Lee Jae-sang’s potion.

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

‘by the way. By the way, I’d like you to think of a business name now… .’

“Then I’ll tell you first. I am… … .”

Just when Ahn Ho-yeon was about to express his opinion.


A girl screamed and kicked in the door.

For an instant, silence fell in the room.

It was because everyone here was a face I had never seen before.

just one person

Except for reproduction.

Jaehyun opened his eyes wide and looked at the angry girl in front of him.

He muttered strangely.

“… … Seo Ah-hyun?”

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