I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 — Guild Dungeon (1)

After the world obtained the Aesir system and changed into something like a game,

Levels were numbers that were used to determine the rank of an Awakened.

Even if the rank was the same, if the level was higher, you could receive better treatment since you would have more stats. If you had a high rank but were a low-level raider, you would get a lower annual salary.

It was a simple basis.

Different from simple games, leveling up in this Aesir System was very difficult,

and to raise that level effectively, Millaes Academy and other similar institutions were established.

So there was nothing more to say about the importance of levels at the enrollment.

One’s preliminary grades were of course determined by their level, and Millaes Academy helped them grow faster.

It was a principle as to how large amounts of money would bring in more money.

“Please come this way.”

Following Park SungJae’s lead into Yeonhwa Guild, JaeHyun’s eyes widened.

A simple system had been established at the front desk where one’s ID was scanned.

Park SungJae started to speak to JaeHyun, who was looking around inside the building with great amazement.

“We have prepared some recovery items and simple dungeon-raiding tools ahead of time. For equipment, we will lend you some spare ones provided to Yeonhwa Guild members, so you can use them first.”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

While JaeHyun was giving his thanks, Park SungJae searched his pockets to show that he had something else to give him.

From his chest pocket, he took out a stone shining with a blue light and gave it to JaeHyun.

“Taking this will make it safer.”

“This is……”

“It’s a warp stone. If you break it, it will take you back to the entrance of the guild. So if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, please use it.”

At Park SungJae’s show of favor, JaeHyun slowed down for a moment.

“Thank you for the thought. But it’s such an expensive item that taking it would be too……”

Warp stones being auctioned in the current market went for about 20 million won each.

Editor: 20 million won ≅ 18,000 dollars

A valuable item that only dropped when going through dungeons ranked B or higher, it was a rare item that was difficult for even those working as raiders to see.

‘Is this what he meant when said he would pay back his debt? Even so……’

JaeHyun wanted to quickly take the warp stone without hesitation, but he stopped himself with difficulty.

‘We will keep confronting each other from now on. Nothing good would come from showing that I like money.’

Giving off the impression that he was easily persuaded with money would only make others look down on him.

Taking a step back at this point was needed to get what he wanted.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t take it.”

When he said so, Park SungJae smiled softly and placed the warp stone back in his hand.

“No, please take it. It’s an apology for my rude behavior yesterday. Moreover… It is my thanks for curing the guildmaster. Please, I would feel better if you took it.”

“If you say it like that…… thank you.”

JaeHyun didn’t refuse any more and took the warp stone. Doing this much was enough to save face, and he knew he shouldn’t leave a bad impression.

JaeHyun smiled internally.

‘Fortunately, I got a warp stone. I’d wanted to get one with the support fund anyway.’

A dungeon was a place where death could come at any time.

Not making any preparations for such a place was the same as committing suicide, and JaeHyun had no thoughts of dying.

“Anyhow, will you really be fine? Even if it is a low-ranked dungeon, it is dangerous to go by yourself. Is there a reason you must go in alone?”

Park SungJae asked with a worried expression. It was a totally different attitude from yesterday.

JaeHyun waved his hand around as he airily answered.

“It’s just, well… I just want to level up.”

At his words, Park SungJae’s face was slowly covered with astonishment.

As if it wasn’t enough that a kid who was only 16 asked to enter a dungeon alone, he even said that the reason for it was to level up.

If it wasn’t out of stupidity, it was a very bold choice.

And Park SungJae thought that JaeHyun fell under the latter category.

“Then, let’s go. I’ll take you there by car.”

Park SungJae took JaeHyun to a low-ranked dungeon about 10km from the guild building.

E-ranked dungeons.

It was a place JaeHyun frequently went to for hunting monsters back when he was a Warrior-class.


The blue gate that looked like the entrance of the dungeon gave off a meager amount of magic. JaeHyun lightly placed his hand on it to judge how much there was.

‘This is fine. If it’s this much, it’s obviously an E-ranked dungeon.’

Before he entered the dungeon. Park SungJae implored JaeHyun one more time.

“If anything untoward happens in the dungeon, please inform us at any time.”

“Ok. I’ll go in now.”

After JaeHyun gave a light greeting, he took a step toward the dungeon.

JaeHyun fell into a situation he had not expected at all.

一 You have entered a dungeon.

一 Due to the Nornir System, the user is transported to a specific area.

‘Wh-what? What the hell…… does that mean?’

The same feeling as the one he had previously when he found 《 Odin’s Lost Eye 》.

JaeHyun felt extreme dizziness and nausea at the same time. Like a strange and frightening sensation of being quickly sucked into something.

Then, JaeHyun finally arrived at a place.





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The sound of a page turning could be heard. It was a sound that could often be heard inside the personal office of Yoo Sung-Eun, the guildmaster of Yeonhwa Guild.

Yoo Sung-Eun was in the midst of yawning as she went through some documents.

“Aaah~ By the way… Do you think that kid, Min JaeHyun, will be okay in the dungeon?”

Yesterday, Min JaeHyun made the request to borrow one of the guild’s E-ranked dungeons.

Of course, she had planned to reject his request out of principle. He was still a minor and was not yet a full member of Yeonhwa Guild.

But Yoo Sung-Eun became curious at the same time.

What level of talent did that kid, Min JaeHyun, have?

However low-ranked an E-ranked dungeon was, it was impossible for a raider to clear it by themselves.

No matter how inherent his talent, he was still a diamond in the rough.

There was no way that JaeHyun didn’t know of this fact.

‘But even so, he asked to go into the guild’s dungeon.’

Yoo Sung-Eun bit her lip lightly. It was a habit that appeared whenever she found something interesting.

Perhaps, Min JaeHyun knew of a way to clear a dungeon. That’s why he asked to borrow a dungeon with absolute secrecy.

Once she thought that way, it made her fidgety.

‘We have to make JaeHyun part of our guild no matter what.’

Showing great will, she gently put down the document she was turning the page for.

Knock, knock.

Hearing the knock, Yoo Sung-Eun spoke with a radiant face.

“Is it SungJae-oppa? Come in.”

The door opened and Park SungJae appeared.

“What about the one I requested?”

“It’s here.”

Park SungJae added as he passed her some files.

“It’s the complete profile of Min JaeHyun.”

“Thank you, oppa.”

Taking the file, a smile filled with interest spread across Yoo Sung-Eun’s face.

She opened the profile Park SungJae passed her right away. A file with the Awakened Min JaeHyun’s basic and significant information.

Park SungJae gulped as he stared at Yoo Sung-Eun’s hand, which was turning a page.

‘The guildmaster recruiting a new member herself is a very rare event. This means that there is something very special about Min JaeHyun.’

Yesterday, after Yoo Sung-Eun sent Min JaeHyun away, she asked Park SungJae to investigate him.

From basic information to family relations, the middle school he graduated from, the age at which he Awakened, etc. Park SungJae gathered up any information that would help with scouting Min JaeHyun.

And in the process, he discovered two shocking facts.


Reading intensely as she turned the page, Yoo Sung-Eun’s hand paused at a certain part of the document.

Yoo Sung-Eun spoke with extreme surprise.

“What?! He wants to be a Warrior-class? But then how can he use such magic……!”

Park SungJae added in a placid tone.

“I was also shocked after reading that part. But there is something even more surprising. Please look at the next page.”

At Park SungJae’s words, Yoo Sung-Eun turned another page with trembling hands.

Continuing to read the profile, Yoo Sung-Eun paused her hand on another area. Soon, her lips started to quiver.

Looking at Park SungJae’s face, Yoo Sung-Eun started to speak slowly.

“……is this true?”

“If there’s nothing wrong with the machine…… it’s not an error.”

Yoo Sung-Eun turned to look at a part of the file once more.

There, information that she still couldn’t believe was written.

一 Awakened Min Jaehyun [Magic Aptitude: 97%]

***As a top-secret circumstance, it is absolutely forbidden to share this information with others.***

Yoo Sung-Eun spoke in a trembling voice.

“Oppa. Contact Min JaeHyun as soon as he comes out of the dungeon. Tell him to meet us whenever possible.”

“What? What do you mean so suddenly……”

At Park SungJae’s words, a meaningful smile spread on Yoo Sung-Eun’s face.

With a face full of greed like that of a lion staring at its prey—

“I want to check for myself. Min JaeHyun. That kid’s talent.”


一 Due to the Nornir System, the user is transported to a specific area.

一 The current location is Helheim’s ‘Land of the Dead’.



Severe dizziness experienced right after using a warp portal for a long time entered his head.

A different type of magic swept over JaeHyun like a tide causing him to feel like throwing up.

A strange sensation was felt, as if he was endlessly being washed by a wave while underwater.


JaeHyun calmed his nauseous stomach with difficulty as he surveyed his surroundings.

As the system said, this was the Land of the Dead. He was surrounded by rows of graves in the middle of a public cemetery.


A few moments ago, the Nornir System brought him here to ‘Helheim.’


One of the 9 worlds in northern Europe’s mythology, it was the world of the dead ruled by Loki’s daughter, Hel.

JaeHyun wiped his cold sweat with his sleeve and recalled the mythology and facts that he knew.

‘Dungeons are modeled after the 7 worlds not including Midgard and Asgard.’

The frosty world of Niflheim, the flaming world of Muspelheim, the giants’ world of Jotunheim, the elves’ realm of Alfheim, the dark elves’ realm of Svartalfheim, the Vanir gods’ world of Vanaheim.

And the last world was Helheim.

‘The dungeon was obviously an E-ranked one. So why did the system take me to Helheim?’

JaeHyun frowned.

Normally, Helheim was one of the dungeons difficult for a beginner.

The fear of facing enemies that come back to life after being killed notwithstanding, it was because it was difficult to face the dungeon without holy magic.

The situation wasn’t great, but JaeHyun calmed himself down.

‘This is actually better. If it’s Helheim, it’s ideal for testing my new skills.’

The skill he gained from healing Yoo Sung-Eun, 《 Sacrifice 》.

Although it was originally a healing skill, when facing the undead, it became a strong attack skill called 《 Light’s Judgment 》.

If he used 《 Light’s Judgment 》, it should be enough to take care of the weak undead monsters.

The only thing left was how to clear this dungeon, and—

‘This powerful mana…… the boss is at the end of here.’

how to defeat the boss to get out of here.

At that moment, JaeHyun wasn’t paying attention due to his focus on the boss’s aura.


A sharp arrow was shot from somewhere.

Noticing a little late, JaeHyun used the smallest motion to twist his body and dodge the arrow.


That was when the enemy entered JaeHyun’s line of sight.

There was a wraith holding a sharp sickle glaring at him, a skeletal soldier holding a bow, and even a Draugr.

JaeHyun gulped.

“There’s no other way. I have to try.”


The monsters simultaneously ran toward JaeHyun.

Editor: A Draugr is an undead creature from Norse mythology, an animated corpse that inhabits its grave, often regarded as a revenant.

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