I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 80

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Episode 80: Understanding Magic Calculation (2)

Odin, the supreme god of Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard.

He was a being who constantly thirsted for knowledge.

It is said that he devoted one eye to Mimir’s spring to seek knowledge of the other world, and was pierced by Gungnir and hung upside down in Yggdrasil for nine days to learn the knowledge and runes of the underworld.

Rune words literally manifest magic. A language system that intervenes in arithmetic expressions.

Odin sacrificed himself to find out all this.

‘What a poisonous nobleman. It’s embarrassing that I’m the one who should be killed.’

Jaehyun was spinning his pen while thinking such a stupid thought.

Free time now.

The other cadets were infusing magic into Jaehyun’s eyes to read the rune words he saw.

Of course, Jaehyun was well aware that he could not see or interpret the rune language in that way.

Just by concentrating your eyesight, if possible, you should be able to see the non-fighting radar as well.

But magic is not that simple.

Just because you can memorize the multiplication table doesn’t mean you understand all the concepts of numbers.

It’s just pulling out learned memories and using them as needed.

It’s completely different from holding rune words.

‘Of course I didn’t know from the beginning. It’s all tempting.’

Even so, Jaehyun’s mood wasn’t bad at all.

It felt like my eyes were opened to something new.

Reading rune words and practicing basic magic.

I didn’t think it would be particularly helpful, but I discovered a new possibility.

“Have any other students succeeded in reading rune words?”

No one answered Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s question.

also. For those who are still new cadets, this is too difficult a task.

Humans are so focused on what they see, what they don’t see.

That is, they are vulnerable to things that can only be seen by relying on other senses.

“This week’s assignment. During this time, a week from now, you will succeed in reading the letters on the cover and the first page of this sorcerer’s book.”

The instructor did not forget to add that points were at stake this time as well.

After fixing his gaze forward for a moment, Jaehyun pondered briefly.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo.

Although she is a very capable person, Jaehyun was suspicious of her.

‘I don’t know how large Gu Jain’s faction is in Milles Academy, but… … In any case, it is virtually impossible to kill all cadets alone.’

And if it was an enemy to fight against someday, it was necessary to know the size and power of the enemy in advance.

A losing battle should never be fought.

‘You don’t know when an accident similar to the mock dungeon will happen again. You have to be careful.’

Even though I’ve gotten pretty strong, I can’t relax.

The situation has changed.

The future has changed, and Jain Koo will attack Jaehyun more aggressively.

Jaehyun watched Instructor Jeong Isu’s back as he left the classroom for a while, then stood up.

* * *

a few days after that.

Jaehyun went through all the sorcery books and studied about arithmetic formulas.

The books written in arithmetic formulas, or runes, were all full of interesting things.

All of the 1-star basic magic is already usable reproduction, but once I started to realize the concept of the arithmetic formula, I was able to advance to the next level more quickly.

For example 《Mana Chain》.

This magic is basically a magic used to bind the opponent, but its nature changes depending on how the attribute is given.

The magic that Jaehyun is currently using, 《Chain of Lightning》, is also derived from this.

The combination of Lightning attribute magic and 《Mana Chain》 is the 《Chain of Lightning》.

Like this, no matter how low the level of magic was, depending on how it was placed and combined, its uses were endless.

It was as if the basic swordsmanship skill would change to an intermediate swordsmanship when the proficiency rose.

As for magic, the more you understand the basic concept of runes and arithmetic expressions, the faster you can advance to a higher level.

“… … Still, somehow all three managed to read the cover. congratulations.”

Jaehyun said while looking at the two people scattered around the academy library.

Kim Yoo-jung is buried in a pile of books with a tired face, and Seo In-a is engrossed in reading the magic book, even bursting blood vessels in her eyes.

“I’m angry… … I’m sure I was the first to teach Min Jaehyun magic… … .”

“hey. It’s originally called Cheongchuleolam. The disciple surpasses the master.”

Jaehyun smirked, and Kim Yoojung gnashed her teeth with her eyes wide open.

She immediately straightened herself up and focused on the magic book again.

Actually, I said this, but Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na were able to read the letters of the magic books really quickly.

Most of the other cadets still don’t even know that the letters on the cover are gold.

‘Of course I’m the most talented gold spoon.’

Jaehyun himself was clearly realizing it.

Even if it wasn’t an item, Jaehyun would have been able to read the letters and contents of the book first.

An aptitude of 97 isn’t just for everyone.

In addition, Jaehyun ate the <Idun’s Golden Apple> the other day and his magic aptitude increased.

‘Perhaps it exceeded 100 percent, or was close to it.’

Of course, I’ve never tested it again, so it’s just a hypothesis.

But if the system tells you so, you are right to trust it.



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Isn’t it the Nornir system that has given me ridiculous opportunities several times?

“… … oh! done!”

A strangely cute voice came out of Seo Ina’s mouth.

Contrary to her usual introverted appearance, she held out a book to Jaehyun with sparkling eyes.

“… … Hey, look at this! I can finally read the first chapter!”


Jaehyun said that in the most friendly tone.

However, Seo In-na soon came to her senses, and soon lowered her head with a blushing face.

“damn! Why can’t I see me!”

Kim Yoo-jung was indignant from the side and banged the desk.

The librarian at the library cast a sharp gaze in Jaehyun’s direction.

‘No, I’m not like that… … .’

But I didn’t say it out of my mouth.

If you do that anyway, you will be treated as a petty person, and you will only get more swearing for no reason.

* * *

next day.

I got a call from Jaesang Lee.

It was to tell the news that 《Gokubo Elixir》 had opened in earnest.

Jaehyun happily ran to the workshop elixir and bought some potions.

Due to Lee Jae-sang’s personality, he couldn’t see the counter and was confined to the lab.

“This, this bar, take it!”

Lee Jae-sang made and handed over to Jae-hyeon a potion that would help him both inside and outside the academy.

There is strength, agility, magic power, and even endurance. There was also an elixir of terrifying performance that temporarily augmented all four stats.

I also thought it was a great talent.

It’s an elixir that increases my stats, what kind of material does this eat?

‘Having such a talented person rotted away in a closet… … .’

Jaehyun licked his lips in regret.

If I had paid more attention to it sooner, I could have made a more efficient potion.

Then I could make more money, and the situation would have stabilized more quickly.

Of course, it’s not too late now, so there’s no need to worry at all, but it was a bit disappointing.

“It’s all thanks to you more.”

Lee Jae-sang said so sincerely.

But what I really want to thank is Jaehyun.

“no. If my brother is doing well, it’s good for me. You know. I am the major shareholder here.”

“G-g-g-g, still. If it wasn’t for you, lady, I wouldn’t have come this far.”

When I asked, Lee Jae-shin also said that he had decided not to be involved in Lee Jae-sang’s life anymore.

The conflict related to the family has come to an end.

In fact, Lee Jae-shin also has three more sons besides Lee Jae-sang, so he must be busy taking care of them.

“How about sales revenue? Do you think it’s okay?”

“Sah, about 40 million won, I came out…” … .”

“oh! Total sales of 4,000 is really jackpot! Then the net profit is already… … .”

“no. uh, that’s not it… … The net profit is 4, 40 million won.”

thud. My heart sinks.

It seemed that he had looked down on Yeonhwa Guild’s publicity and capital.

what? 40 million won?

The net profit of the potion shop that has not yet been properly word-of-mouth?

* * *

A week later, <Understanding Magical Operations I> class came back.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo told the person who could read the cover of the magic book to raise their hand.

I checked and there were about 10 of them.

‘It’s not as bad as I thought. After all, it’s a prestigious academy.’

Jaehyun thought so and looked at the magic book in his hand.

He had already read all the way through to the end and memorized the contents.

《The Lost Eye of Odin》 also boasted phenomenal performance.

It wasn’t enough to let even magic instructors read the rune words that were difficult to read without hesitation, and even gave the user an EX-class skill called 《Absolute Calculation》.

“One, two, three… … great. If all 12 are done, that’s not a bad achievement.”

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo next asked if anyone could read the first page of the book of magic.

This time, only two people raised their hands.

Jaehyun Min, Eana Seo.

Are you following the aptitude? The two people who clashed in the mana room raised their hands.

“Excellent. These two are achieving remarkable growth among them.”

Saying that, Instructor Jeong Yi-soo clapped briefly.

The cadets started clapping after her.

Among the dogs, there were more eyes to see them, but there was nothing special.

Originally, envy and jealousy are emotions that exist everywhere.

“Then I will ask these two.”

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo stepped from the podium as if he had something important to say.

“Seo or cadet. What was the phrase on the first page of this book?”

“… yes. It said, ‘Runes, that is the language of magic.’”

“you’re right. You interpreted it very accurately.”

In response to Seo Eana’s clear answer, Instructor Jeong Yi-soo smiled lightly.

‘As I’ve heard, Seo Eana is also an excellent cadet. If I grow it well, I can grow it to an all-time high.’

Jeong Yi-soo changed the question and subject and spoke again.

“Then let me ask you something else this time.”

In the eyes of Instructor Jeong Yi-soo, Lee Chae was young. Her eyes turned to Jaehyun.

“Cadet Min Jae-hyeon. Can you interpret the meaning of this sentence?”

In an unexpected situation, a question came back to Jaehyun.

I didn’t think there would be no questions, but it was pretty sudden.

However, Jaehyun did not panic and calmly organized his thoughts.

‘Let’s think about it. Obviously the phrase written on the first page is.’

[Rune. It is a magical language.]

Jaehyun pondered for a while as he repeated the phrase on the tip of his tongue.

A short silence flows. Soon, his lips slowly began to purr.

“Rune. It’s a magic language. The meaning of this sentence is that the rune language is a frame that composes magic, and it is the basis of magic as a device that acts on arithmetic expressions.”

“great. So what can rune words be defined as in magic?”

After arranging his thoughts for a while, Jaehyun added again.

“At first, the professor said. Magic is a phenomenon. It is the rune word that brings about that phenomenon. In other words, the rune language exists as an initiator.”

His unstoppable words overwhelmed the audience.

Jaehyun smiled lightly. Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s face was also slowly smiling.

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