I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 83

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Episode 83 Understanding Magic Calculation (5)

―Your understanding of arithmetic expressions will increase significantly!

―You have acquired the passive skill 《Understand Calculation Formula》.

―The efficiency of «Magic Arrow» increases rapidly, and the skill levels up.

―You have acquired 《Magic Arrow Lv 2》.

Jaehyun grinned as he saw the information messages that came to mind one after another.

‘now I get it. The meaning of <Amplification> written in the 4-star magic book.’


It is literally taking your skills to the next level.

That means leveling up your skills.

‘This is why the teacher asked me to use the skill over and over again.’

Jaehyun nodded and looked at the status window in front of him.

[Active skill]

Name: Magic Arrow Lv 2

Grade: E

Shoots an arrow with condensed magical power to attack a designated target.

This is the most basic attack magic.

Jaehyun crossed his arms with a satisfied expression on his face.

1 to 2.

It’s just that the number has changed by 1, but the implications are huge.

The efficiency increase of general active skills is about 1.5 times as high as 1 level.

Jaehyun quickly realized how he was able to achieve such results.

‘It seems that the recent study of arithmetic expressions was helpful.’

It was a reasonable idea.

Reproduction is after regression. Until now, I had not studied the arithmetic formula separately because I had relied on blank cards.

Of course, due to the classes with Kim Yoo-jung and the magic lectures she has been listening to lately, she is doing the minimum, but she has never delved into the fundamental nature of magic.

But now it’s different.

For the past few days, Jaehyun has been focusing only on 《Magic Arrow》 and analyzing the expression.

Not only that, in the AR system field, he succeeded in breaking through the 41st level with just one skill.

Lately, Jaehyun has been working hard to the limit to understand magic.

And now, I got some of the fruits of that.

‘Amplification means how deeply you understand the operation formula of the magic. Also, it seems that the skill is activated through the medium of how good the proficiency is.’

Level up your active skills.

It’s the top 2 percent radar. In other words, it is allowed only to those of A grade or higher.

The act of leaping up one level by leaping up a skill.

In general, this is called ‘state’ in the martial arts world and ‘amplification’ in the magic world, and is regarded as a wall.

Jaehyun had just broken that wall.

‘I didn’t expect to succeed so quickly, but what… … Because good is good.’

a few days ago.

Jae-hyun remembered the day he went to Yoo Sung-eun for help.

Then, she said.

The wall of ‘amplification’ must be overcome by oneself and no one can help.

But if you have the talent to reproduce, you can do it.

‘At first, we approached for the purpose of using each other… … It feels like a real teacher-teacher relationship now.’

Jaehyun smiled at that thought.

With a smile on his lips, he stood in front of the training dummy to test the achievements he had achieved earlier.

He lightly raised his hand and began to infuse mana.

―Active skill «Magic Arrow Lv 2».

The particles of blue mana gathered at the fingertips, and quickly formed an arrow.

At the same time, a terrible noise was heard as the sphere of magical power rotated.

“this… … Level up your skills!”

The arrow was clearly different from the one Jaehyun had shot earlier.

Even at first glance, magic that far exceeds the power of an ordinary «Magic Arrow».

This was at least a destructive power that could only be seen in C-class magic or higher.

Jaehyun lightly stroked his chin as he watched the blue arrow floating in the air.

‘The amount of mana consumed is the same as before. That means that if you handle skill level up well, you will be able to deal with multiple enemies with less mana in the future.’

To be able to produce C-class power with the mana that would normally use an E-class skill.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but admire.

This was clearly a different dimension.

“Is it getting more and more fun?”

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow at that.

An intense sense of achievement that can only be felt when you take one step forward.

Jaehyun felt a sense of elation and continued to train.

While maintaining concentration, shoot magic at the moving dummy in front of you as a target.

Quaang! Quaang!

about four hours from that.

After practicing magic until right before falling asleep, I came back and lay down on the bed.

His body screamed in pain, but only a smile hung on Jaehyun’s lips.



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* * *

Milles Academy Magic Theory – Classroom B.

“… … Where should I be surprised… … I can’t feel it now.”

The next day, Friday with a lecture on [Understanding Magical Operations].

Jae-hyun came to Instructor Jeong Yi-soo and confessed his accomplishments.

amplification success. Level up your skills.

These were truly eye-opening stories.

‘… … How on earth is this rate of growth possible?’

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo narrowed his forehead with a shocked face.

It’s only been a month since he lectured on 《Understanding Magical Operations》.

Jaehyun was saying that he had learned the 4-star magic book in just one month.

Others couldn’t even read the cover of a 1-star magic book at best. He has already surpassed most pro raiders.

‘Amplification is a concept that only appears in 4-star magic books. What a 17-year-old is dealing with is absolutely impossible at a normal growth rate. … … Something’s wrong.’

He was also a talent that was considered a genius at Jaehyun’s age.

However, such Jeong Yi-soo also only opened a 2-star magic book at 17.

But what? 4-star magic book?

It was impossible unless there was a corner somewhere.

‘I have to report it to Chairman Gu Ja-in right away. It must have been something different.’

Gu Jain told several magic instructors, including himself, to keep an eye on Jaehyun.

Instructed to closely observe and immediately report any unusual findings.

Even at that time, Jeong Yi-soo wondered why Gu Ja-in had said such a thing.

But now I can kind of guess.

Min Jaehyun is an irregular.

It showed a growth rate that was outside of the standard, and far exceeded the level of a cadet.

Among the instructors, there are already a handful of people who can fight against Jaehyun.

‘… … Perhaps the chairman intends to raise this child as the next chess horse.’

Gujain would surely have thought so.

Min Jaehyun is definitely an attractive player.

If you can handle him well, it will be a great asset to Miles.

But at the same time, the thoughts that passed through her mind were by no means light.

‘… … Min Jae-hyun is dangerous. It’s not a knife I can handle.’

A knife that is too sharp cuts its master before it cuts its enemy.

Jeong Yi-soo was wary of Jae-hyun.

A cadet with near-complete strength. Even so, he had never been exposed to the media before the freshman hunt.

What this fact tells us is clear.

Jaehyun is intentionally hiding his information.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo looked at Jae-hyun’s eyes with a nervous expression.

“… … Cadet Min Jae-hyeon. How on earth did you, a cadet, have such power?”


Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s body trembled slightly at the cold voice.

Jaehyun added with a calm face.

“Guardian. If you keep it a secret from that bastard, I could teach you.”

At those words, Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s facial muscles flinched and convulsed. she bit her lip

it’s also weird

This kid, there must be something.

At the same time as the thought came to mind, Jeong Yi-soo glared at Jae-hyun and gritted his teeth.

“… … The act of calling the chairman impolitely is self-respect… … .”


Right after Jaehyun spoke.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s body stiffened and he could not move.

At the same time, the magic that flowed from Jaehyun’s body intervened in Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s mind.

―Active skill «Brainwashing» contaminates the mind of the designated target.

Jaehyun smiled.

Brainwashing, obtained from Gu Jain, is a skill that erodes the opponent’s mind and turns them into puppets.

Its only flaw is that it can only be used on opponents weaker than itself, but that fact does not change the result for Jaehyun now.

‘It is certainly. Now I’m much stronger than Instructor Jeong Yi-soo.’

over the past month. Jaehyun has crossed the wall several times.

While attacking themed dungeons to find the hidden piece.

Also, while reading the magic book to understand the magic operation.

He worked tirelessly, and the harder he worked, the stronger he became.

A-class radar.

Although imperfect, representation has reached that unbelievable level.

Still a rookie instructor, Jeong Yi-soo, could not handle Jae-hyun’s vast magic power.

‘In order to attack the enemy, thoroughly destroy it from the inside.’

This is the reason why Jaehyun brainwashed Instructor Jeong Isu.

To extract inside information and plan the future.

In the future, countless tragedies are scheduled for Milles Academy.

However, even Jaehyun, a regressor, does not remember everything in detail.

The existence of a spy was necessary to monitor Gu Ja-in’s corruption and destroy it someday.

‘Of course, you’ll know that Gu Ja-in was brainwashed as soon as he sees Instructor Jeong Yi-soo, but… … doesn’t care. I need to provoke him to move first anyway.’

If Gu Jain fell for this provocation, it was a good thing.

Jaehyun was thinking of turning all of Goo Jain’s nerves to him.

After that, approach it squarely and slowly break it down.

That was Jaehyun’s plan.

In the process, the lives of innocent cadets will also be saved.

Jaehyun nodded lightly and looked at Instructor Jeong Isu’s face.

Thanks to the successful brainwashing, Jeong Yi-soo has a slightly dazed face.

Jaehyun smiled and put his hands in his pockets.

“Instructor Jeong Yi-soo. You are my companion for the next few days.”

“dong… … Ryo… … .”

“yes. To put it simply, it is called Shidabari.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Instructor Jeong Isu only tilted his head, as if he couldn’t understand the meaning.

* * *

Instructor Jung Yi-soo said that Jae-hyun had already stepped into the door of the A-class radar.

I couldn’t ask more because I ordered to steal confidential information about Gu Jain and Milles, but at least it was true that Jaehyun’s current achievements were unmatched.

Understanding of arithmetic expressions and runes.

This further enhanced Jaehyun and opened a new horizon as a magician.


“I-I succeeded too! Wow! hey! don’t ignore me now I can read it too!”

Next to Jaehyun is a wild girl who forgot that it was a library again.

Kim Yoo-jung cheered and grabbed Seo In-na’s shoulders and shook her around.

‘I’m going to have a hard time.’

Jaehyun laughed and felt a blazing gaze sticking to him.

As I turned my head in the direction I felt my gaze, I saw a familiar face.

The librarian who had been glaring at Jaehyun the other day was glaring at him again.

‘No, that’s why I’m not talking… … .’

Jaehyun made a gesture of regret, but it had no effect.

The librarian is only keeping an eye on the representation.

As if all the noise was his fault.

Jaehyun sighed and clenched his chin.

‘by the way… … Now the next event is just around the corner.’

Jaehyun’s hand, which was turning over the bookshelf of the magic book, stopped for a moment.

The next event is just around the corner.

Guild experience.

Another predestined tragedy in which many innocent cadets die.

However, there were no worries.

Jaehyun had already far exceeded the growth rate that Goo Jain expected.

No matter how old he is, he cannot know all the current achievements of reproduction.

‘In addition, now I’m in a situation where I’ve even got an S-class equipment item. I can overcome any event that comes my way.’

Jaehyun caught his breath and focused on the magic book in front of him.

‘Of course, there is nothing to be vigilant about. As always, he finds the best move to the point of being cowardly, and engages in battle after learning it until he gets tired of it. Because that’s the way Radar works.’

And it was also a way of representation.

Jaehyun nodded, recalling his will.

It had been a long time since I had forgotten the stinging gaze of the librarian stabbed in the back of my head.

* * *

square square.

Inside the quiet library, the sound of writing can be heard.

A very small noise that no one else will hear.

‘This should be enough for reporting.’

The librarian at the library nodded with a satisfied face.

He was the same librarian who had just been observing Jaehyun.

‘I don’t know why the chairman is interested in mere magic cadets… … Until then, I have nothing to do with it.’

The librarians at the Milles Central Library do a very special job.

That is to write down the observation diary of the cadets and to report it secretly.

This mission is to write Min Jae-hyun’s special observation diary.

The highest priority mission.

After a while. When Jaehyun and the others got up, the librarian hid the paper.

The observation diary reads:

[Cadet Min Jae-hyun Observation Diary]

Books borrowed so far – 39 books. / I mainly borrow books about magic and arithmetic expressions.

Mostly visits the library with Eana Seo and Yoojung Kim.

…Special item – There is a record of borrowing a ‘4-star or higher magic book’ recently.

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