I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 88

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Episode 88: Adversary of Prophecy (2)

after class the next day.

Jaehyun stopped by the head of the AR combat system and devoted himself to training.

End of about five hours of desperate fighting. time close to midnight.

―End the AR combat system.

―The current record is level 45.

Jaehyun was able to achieve the best results he had ever recorded.

The performance of the enhanced «Magic Arrow» was much better than expected.

It was surprising that he could produce this much firepower even though his stats were reduced due to wearing a copy of Gleipnir.

However, Jaehyun was still not satisfied.

It was because of the quest that Hela showed her yesterday.

―Main quest progress (1/5): There are four remaining trials.

(Clear the quest safely and make a body to become a god slayer.)

[Main Quest]

The path of the god-slayer.

You are destined to be an adversary against Odin and Asgard.

Take over the power of the Anti-Aesir Goddess to stop Odin’s ambitions.

Trials of Hel: 1/1

Trial of □□□□□: 0/1

Trials of □□: 0/1

Trial of □□□: 0/1

Trial of □□□□□: 0/1

difficulty: ???

Reward: Blessing of the Van Aesir Throne

After Jaehyun came out of the system room, he sat down on a chair and recalled yesterday.

The words Hella had told me before leaving lingered in my ears.

[The second Ragnarok is approaching. As the end approaches, all bondage and bondage will be gone.

To put it simply, it means that the power of prophecy that protects you also disappears.]

[I will prepare for the next trial. Get stronger in it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time in Helheim.]

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

‘According to Hella, the period during which the power of prophecy can protect me from Odin and Hugin is 10 years.

However, they must have learned that I am inheriting power from the throne of Van Aesir as an adversary through this incident. They’ll try to deal with me no matter what.’

said Hella.

[Ragnarok may be brought forward.]

If Ragnarok comes forward, Jaehyun cannot be protected from the power of prophecy.

If I don’t get stronger soon, I’ll be killed in a few years, let alone 10 years.

However. Jaehyun clearly repeated.

“I have no intention of taking it there either.”

Jaehyun had no thoughts of wanting to play more with Aesir and Hugin.

Yesterday, Hella disappeared, saying that she would come back to her when the next ordeal was ready.

As she left, she said.

[This is the last time to turn back time.]

Jaehyun laughed.

Nornir System.

It brought Jaehyun back to the time when he most desired it.

However, Hella advised that the throne of Van Aesir had consumed almost all of its divine power for the return of reappearance, and that such an opportunity should not be expected any more.

It’s okay though.

From the beginning, Jaehyun had never thought of having two lives.

Always think that now is the last time and do your best.

The second ordeal was still far away, but Jaehyun would grow stronger.

Jaehyun stood up again.

First of all, he planned to master amplification.

* * *

last night.

It was around 3:00 in the morning when Yoo Seon-jae received a call from Min Seong-oh.

At the time, he was hiding from his creditors. It was because of the bond he borrowed thinking Yoo Seong-eun would die.


Just thinking about it made my teeth clench.

Originally, by now, my sister had already fallen ill and died, and the Yeonhwa Guild should have come into her hands as well.

But why did things turn out this way?

Yoo Seon-jae was suffering from insomnia due to intense tantrums. Thanks to this, he was able to answer the phone call he received right away.

Yoo Seon-jae confirmed the sender and asked in an excited voice.

“Hey, how did it go! Jaehyun Min. What about him? Have you dealt with it?”

[Could not kill. There’s a strong presence behind it. I couldn’t even use my hands.]

“shit… … That bastard. Was that why she was running around like that?”

Yoo Seon-jae recalled Min Jae-hyun’s helpless face with a distorted expression.

The embarrassment and anger I felt when I first met him at the main building of the Yeonhwa Guild.

Come to think of it, my bad relationship with him started there.



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Suddenly, Min Sung-oh’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

[Now it’s your turn to answer. Why haven’t you swallowed Yeonhwa Guild yet? I must have given you plenty of time.]

“Ah, that… … Unexpected variables came up, so I had no choice but to… … .”

[That variable. Is that related to Min Jae-hyun?]

It was an unexpected question.

However, Yoo Seon-jae realized that the question was an opportunity.

It was not certain, but it was clear that my sister had not died and Min Jae-hyun had a deep connection.

Of course, I don’t know if Jaehyun definitely had an influence on him.

But at the first meeting, he said clearly.

―CEO Yoo Seong-eun will not die.

The fact that Yooseong was suffering from an illness was a top secret.

But, why did Jaehyun know about that?

I couldn’t understand why Yoo Sung-eun, who was only a cadet, was so wrapped up in Jae-hyun.

‘It’s probably related.’

That was Yoo Seon-jae’s idea.

That’s why he asked Min Seong-oh to kill him.

Yoo Seon-jae fixed his phone and answered quickly.

“Yes, yes! Jaehyun Min… … That guy must have something to do with Yoo Seongeun!”

[i get it. Try your hand at it anyway. However, keep one thing in mind.]

Min Seong-oh’s voice over the smartphone was very heavy.

He was in a low voice.

[If you can’t swallow the lotus this time, your life is lost.]

“… … I will keep that in mind.”

Yoo Seon-jae said that in a cold sweat and hung up the phone.

The spine was chilly.

As I felt from my first contact with them, he is especially dangerous.

Seong-oh Min.

A feeling like facing a non-human monster.

At least as far as Yoo Seon-jae knew, there was no human stronger than him.

Even if it is against Lee Jae-shin, the first S-class raider in Korea. He was a strong man who could not guarantee victory or defeat.

However, Min Seong-oh spoke directly a moment ago.

There is a being behind Min Jae-hyeon who is so strong that he cannot use his hands.

Yoo Seon-jae was curious.

What kind of person was he to let such words come out of Min Seong-oh’s mouth so strong?

And how does Jaehyun come into contact with such a big man?

* * *

After that, the theory classes continued for several days.

No wonder.

This is because the theory classes are always arranged like this a few days before the event.

Even on the Milles Academy side, a large event takes a lot of manpower, so it gets messy and hectic for a while.

Both teachers and students are burdened with each other. This means that there is no room for practical classes.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun was feeling bored with the repeated theory classes recently.

‘Since I’ve read all the magic books in this library… … .’

In fact, Jaehyun visited all the libraries in the grounds of Milles Academy and read all the sorcery books called sorcery books.

It was because it was a rare item in the first place, so there weren’t many copies, and it was also thanks to Jaehyun’s endurance stat that he had taken beforehand that he didn’t get tired.

Anyway, it wasn’t enough that he read all the books, so he memorized all the textbooks.

After that, it was annoying to study separately, and it was because I decided that it would be better to do it while sitting on a chair.

In addition to that, Jaehyun was making remarkable progress in his actual combat experience.

After upgrading 《Magic Arrow》 once, the next and the next was not difficult. He also succeeded in raising the level of a few other low-level skills little by little.

Perhaps an achievement like this will make him safer for the next event.

Use magic repeatedly.

It analyzes the formula and injects magical energy into it.

It may not seem like a big deal once you realize it, but Jaehyun has gone over the wall one step further.

‘good. It goes smoothly like this.’

Jaehyun was satisfied, but he couldn’t hide his regret.

‘The three concepts written in the 4-star magic book. Of creation, destruction, and amplification, I only amplify and destroy. I only learned two.

Even that was destroyed because of «Absolute Calculation». I can’t say I understood it fundamentally.’

Despite trying so hard, I still haven’t been able to get rid of all the 4-star magic books.

It’s a growth rate that others would be shocked to see, but it was just a lack of time for Jaehyun.

As Hella said, he must become a God Slayer and grow several times faster than he is now.

Four remaining trials.

No matter how you think about it, the future was not easy.

Jaehyun calms himself down again, but suddenly he hears the instructor’s voice.

“therefore… … Yggdrasil rose from the middle of the Pacific Ocean… … .”

boring voice.

In other places, it is possible to hear that the voice is good after waking up, but in class like this, it is just a voice that makes you feel drowsy.

In fact, Jaehyun was barely holding back his sleepiness.

To make Raider’s natural body drowsy with just his voice.

‘Are you using ‘Slip’?’

Jaehyun is thinking foolish thoughts. Suddenly, the instructor asked.

“Cadet Min Jae-hyeon. Can you explain the history and appearances of magic?”

Is it because I sighed too loudly?

The instructor pinpointed Jaehyun and asked a question.

Jaehyun was stunned, but soon regained his composure and answered.

“It has been about 10 years since the Demonic Beasts spread. As the Awakeners who obtained the Aesir system appeared, a magical language called rune language appeared in the world.

This is a science that draws out a phenomenon by pouring magic power into an arithmetic formula… … .”

“All right. That’s a great answer if you stop.”

It seemed that the instructor was just checking to see if Jaehyun was paying attention in class.

but. There’s no way a cadet who only sighs deeply is studying.

However, apart from that, Jaehyun’s grades were very good.

Always perfect scores in paper tests and practical skills.

I haven’t taken the regular exam yet, so I’m not sure, but it’s probably as if I’ve secured a top grade.

Miles’ policy here.

monopoly of the strong.

Jaehyun was clearly a strong player here.

And Miles overlooks most of the mistakes of these strong players.

‘There is no reason not to use it.’

Jaehyun laughed inwardly.

This time, I opened another book, pretending to be quietly attending class without revealing it outwardly.

After a while.

Not long after, the instructor got lucky by ending class early.

“Okay, I have a message for you. All sleepy cadets, please open your eyes.”

There was a sense of tension in the classroom, which had been relaxed at those words.

Now they also knew.

In an event that is officially held like this, it’s not strange no matter what happens, and in the worst case, you may die.

Especially since the mock dungeon, this trend has become more severe.

Jaehyun, who had been absentmindedly turning his sharpie, also fixed his eyes forward.

‘Is this finally the beginning of the next event… … .’

The instructor continued his explanation.

“3 days later. Friday is the guild experience day. Guild experience is how the raider guild you are actually active in moves and hunts monsters. It will be a good opportunity to experience the whole thing firsthand.

It was specially planned for you by Chairman Koo Jain.”

I didn’t even listen to the last line related to Gu Jain and just let it go.

I just weed out the cadets who thought this event was unnecessary anyway.

Because you have no other intentions.

But aside from that, Jaehyun had a very happy face.

Guild experience.

As the instructor explained earlier, this is how other guilds move and work. It was a good opportunity to get a glimpse of how it works.

‘Before returning, I went to the E-class new guild and sat on a moldy couch… … .’

Recalling the past, Jaehyun tries to breathe a small sigh, but shuts his mouth tightly.

His situation now is clearly different from then.

Jaehyun is a monster rookie who is sweeping first place in all the Milles Academy events and other tests.

Freshman Hunt, which was aired on TV not long ago, has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

It was like cutting off the right to go to any guild, so to speak.

‘As expected, the <Sea God> guild would be good, right? It is a precious opportunity to see with my own eyes the guild that ranked first in Korea before returning. I can’t miss it.’

The Haesin Guild is the first guild to rise to the surface after Yeon-hwa, headed by Yoo Seon-jae, went down the path of defeat.

Ahn Ji-seok, who is famous for his excellent character, is the guild master. It’s literally the first guild regardless of whether it’s martial arts or magic.

The guild that Jaehyun wanted to go to the most during his martial arts days was Haesin.

‘Of course, since it’s a guild established by rookies, it’s probably small. At the very least, you’ll be able to see how the built infrastructure and human resources are rolled.’

Of course, it is definitely not that I hate Yeonhwa.

Currently, Yeonhwa is the best guild in Korea, and Yoo Seongeun is also an excellent radar.

However, it is also true that I want to know how things are going in other guilds.

Jaehyun started thinking about which guild he should go to with a smile on his face.

But then.

“Oh, and there are a few cadets who have been nominated first for the guild.”

“… … huh?”

As for Jaehyun, he had forgotten about it because it was an undeserved offer that he had never even received before.

Guild priority nomination.

It is called this when another guild takes notice of a particular cadet and makes an offer to come to your own guild for the experience.

If you agree to this, the guild will give the cadet special points.

Jaehyun felt a chill run down his spine at the instructor’s words.

‘no way… … Surely not?’

Jaehyun listened intently to the instructor’s words.

And he realized that things were going exactly as he expected.

“Cadet Min Jae-hyeon, Cadet Seo E-na, and Cadet Kim Yu-jeong were first nominated by the Yeonhwa Guild.

Please make your decision by midnight today, file the paperwork, and send me the file.”

Jaehyun sighed and remembered his teacher’s face.

‘but… … There’s no way the teacher would send me to another guild for my experience… … .’

Yoo Sung-eun was a greedy person when it came to talent.

And in her opinion, the most valuable person in the future was none other than Min Jae-hyun.

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