I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 90

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Episode 90 Guild Experience (2)

The party is sitting in a row in the Studio Elixir building.

All of them had tired faces because they couldn’t sleep properly, but they had no choice but to come to their senses immediately after hearing An Ho-yeon’s story.

His words were so shocking.

Ahn Ho-yeon is at midnight when Milles’s crime prevention system goes into a non-operational state. Called the party to the hideout and explained the outline of the incident.

After all the talk. A moment of silence passed.

It was Kim Yoo-jung who spoke first.

“So to put it simply… … Are you saying that Chairman Gu Ja-in is trying to kill the low-ranking cadets in the guild experience?”

“okay. that’s right. You must have overheard the conversation yourself.”

Ahn Ho-yeon nodded.

A deep silence fell over the hideout.

Of course, everyone here knew it. To the extent that Gu Ja-in is a villain and has a bad back.

But it really wasn’t.

What kind of school would try to kill students for poor grades?

“Gugu-gugu, the corruption problem of Chairman Gu Ja-in has been mentioned year after year… … .”

“This is a very serious level. You’re playing with your life.”

Seo Ah-hyun, who was sitting upside down in the chair, interrupted while listening to Lee Jae-sang. As she said, Gu Jain’s plan was dangerous.

Jaehyun bit his lip. It felt like my head was spinning.

‘Guild experience… … It was a much more dangerous event than I thought.’

Of course, Jaehyun heard information about the next event through Instructor Jeong Yi-soo.

However, this was only fragmentary information.

Instructor Jeong Yi-soo is from Gu Ja-in’s faction, but as he is still a rookie, he doesn’t know all the information.

Moreover, Jaehyun before returning also had little proper memory of the guild experience.

It was just an accident, and several cadets tragically lost their lives.

That was everything Jaehyun knew about the guild experience.

‘Anyway, I’ll have to get more detailed information from Instructor Jeong Yi-soo.’

next event. Guild experience.

Ahn Ho-yeon said that the deaths of innocent cadets must be prevented.

That’s why he came to the party and asked them to help him.

However, Jaehyun was skeptical.

‘In any case, we may all die. Should I intervene in this case?’

before regression. Jaehyun has already experienced a short life at the age of 27.

And I realized

That nothing remains after a life sacrificed for others.

It may be selfish, but it’s better to live for yourself.


okay. There is no justification.

Jaehyun had no justification to intervene in this incident, so he didn’t have to move.


Jaehyun looked around at the group.

Those who keep their mouths shut and are angry at Gu Ja-in. At least the five gathered here are people with upright dispositions.

Seo Eana, Ahn Ho-yeon… …

Not to mention Kim Yoo-jung, who sacrificed herself for herself in the past. The same goes for Jaesang Lee.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but agonize.

None of these people will watch innocent cadets die.

But suddenly intervening in this case would be poison.

‘If you don’t, everyone can die.’

Jaehyun knew.

Meaningless guest comments have no value beyond that of encouraging death.



Ahn Ho-yeon’s words. It soon became a sanctification and spread slowly.

“… … We can’t leave the dying cadets like this.”

“Is it time to worry? Other children’s lives are at stake!”

“I’m scared, but I’m afraid. My, if I can, uh, I’ll help you somehow… … .”

“I wonder if my sisters and brothers have to help, but… … I won’t stop anything.”

Jaehyun knew it well. These are radars.

Raiders are looking for treasure, hunting demons… … It’s a job to protect people.

at that time. With a voice familiar to Jaehyun, who was worried.

There is a cause.

―The main quest [Second Junction] has been automatically accepted.

[Main Quest]

second fork

Stop Guzain’s ill-intentioned plans and save the cadets.

Difficulty: A+

Reward: Blank Card × 1 / Sealed Sorceress

Failure Condition: Failure to rescue all cadets

―The throne of Van Æsir watches over your choices!



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* * *

Curator Guild Master’s Office.

Kang Yeon-ju was in the middle of reporting what happened a few days ago to Baek Ji-yeon.

Baek Ji-yeon’s face hardened as she listened to the report.

It was because he realized the seriousness of the matter.

“… … Anyway, Min Jae-hyun has contact with at least two S-class raiders. One is Yeonhwa Guild’s guild master Yuseong, and the other is an unknown man.

But I didn’t seem to get along well with the male side. They seemed to be at odds with each other, and they exchanged attacks with each other.”

“This is getting complicated. Did you touch a hive that shouldn’t be touched?”


Baek Ji-yeon said with a faint smile on her lips.

“But you know what? Hard-earned fruits are always… … .”

“It is a sweeter law.”

When Kang Yeon-joo accepted her words, Baek Ji-yeon shrugged.

“For now, I’d like to keep in touch. Even for the growth of curators.”

“I will do as you say. If you give me a bonus, I will work even harder.”

“don’t worry. You will be surprised when you see your bank account next month.”

“Please, I will pray to God that he will not do that.”

“Yes, yes. Don’t worry, just get out.”

At Baek Ji-yeon’s words, Kang Yeon-ju bowed her head and left the office.

After a while.

Baek Ji-yeon, left alone, continues to watch the freshman hunting screen featuring Min Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun in the liquid crystal was neutralizing Shin Jun-sang and Kwon So-yul, both fighter-based radars, at once.

He grabbed the sword flying at him and broke it, then put it out.

Not only that, but even engaging in ingenious combat using paralysis mushroom spores.

“But most surprising of all… … .”

Baek Ji-yeon turned the TV channel to play another program.

It was worn-out news that I had seen several times already.

[It is said that it was surprisingly only two young teenagers aged 17 and 16 who attacked the theme dungeon of 《Neverland》. They came to an amusement park and suddenly got caught up in a dungeon… … .]

[Their names are Seo Ah-hyun and Min Jae-hyun.]

[The two of them did not respond to the interview and immediately avoided the seat after clearing the dungeon… … .]

“There’s no way that someone with that level of skill is the same person. Jaehyun Min. The more you know, the funnier he is.”

Baek Ji-yeon stared at the TV screen for a long time, exhaling ferocious eyes.

“I’ll get my hands on it somehow.”

Baek Ji-yeon raised one corner of her mouth and smiled.

She had no doubt that Jaehyun was a talented person who would take the position of curator to the next level.

* * *

The contents of the call that Ahn Ho-yeon heard were summarized as follows.

There are eight planned victims, all cadets with the lowest grades.

Gu Jain planned to deal with them by bursting the gate in this guild experience.

But here, the group couldn’t help but have doubts.

Seo Ina asked.

“… … Does bursting the gate mean that you’re using the magic trick like in the mock dungeon last time?”

“well. I still don’t know everything. Gu Ja-in’s abilities are more hidden.”

The two sighed almost simultaneously.

As Jaehyun predicted in the first place, the ominous feeling was not wrong.

No, it was much more serious than I thought.

Guild experience.

An event with a seemingly peaceful name results in as many as eight innocent casualties.

“Do you know the list of cadets?”

It was Kim Yoo-jung’s question.

Ahn Ho-yeon shook his head.


“You’ll find out soon, though. As far as I know, it’s not common for eight people to be singled out for a guild experience, and you only have to search for places that are related to Chairman Gu Jain, right? It is not very difficult.”

“You say everything that is unexpectedly helpful.”

Jae-hyun praised Seo Ah-hyun, who interrupted, and spoke naturally.

“okay. Then Seo Ah-hyun is in charge of that. Research the data and send it directly by email.”

“yes… … Eh?!”

‘It would be good to have Instructor Jeong Yi-soo attached so that he can move with him. Seo Ah-hyun is smart, so she’ll be able to secure the list soon.’

“Go, what are you talking about all of a sudden!”

The conversation was so flowing that I almost fell for it.

Seo Ah-hyun looked up at Jae-hyun in a fit of fuss.

she pleaded with a troubled face.

“… … My, why did I… … .”


When Jaehyun lightly infused his mana, Seo Ah Hyun answered right away.

“… … I will do my best!”

“… … Jaehyun is scared of you sometimes.”

Seo Ina said that, but Jaehyun didn’t care at all and looked the other way this time.

“Prime Minister hyung, please make me some auxiliary potions as well as physical strength. as many as possible.”

“G-g-g-g, yes. Ah Okay!”

Lee Jae-sang opened his chest and said, as if to leave it to himself.

The fact that the potion he made could save other cadets made him feel proud.

‘As expected, he’s a naturally gifted alchemist.’

Jaehyun thought so, but suddenly Kim Yoojung asked.

“But can we stop ourselves? Better to ask others… … .”

“I told you before. Don’t trust anyone at Milles Academy.”

Jaehyun stopped talking in a serious tone and took a slow, deep breath.

Then, he looked around Ahn Ho-yeon, Lee Jae-sang, and Seo Ah-hyun and said.

“Remember. Among the instructors, there are definitely some of Gu Jain’s minions hiding.

Representatively, Instructor Kim Seok-gi. That guy is definitely a seeker. You better be careful.”

“… … surely. Instructor Kim Seok-ki is always next to Gu Ja-in. If that person is Gu Jain’s henchman, you can be suspicious.”

Ahn Ho-yeon nodded.

Jaehyun continued with a more serious face.

“Moreover, Jain Koo is a celebrity that everyone in Korea doesn’t know about. Do you think that such a person would have risen to the position without collusion between politics and business?”

It was a story that everyone in the meeting had no choice but to nod their heads.

Judging from Gu Jain’s recent moves, it’s certainly natural to assume that politicians are also on his side.

Otherwise, Gu Jain wouldn’t be able to play with the lives of the students like he is now.

Even if you report it elsewhere, it will be difficult to conduct a proper investigation as there is no physical evidence.

Jaehyun thought for a while.

“But Kim Yoo-jung, what you say has some truth. The problem is too big for us to solve on our own.”

“Well then, if we first find out and contact the cadets who were sacrificed in the guild experience… … .”

“Then they will be replaced by other cadets. The only thing that changes is the person who dies.”

Jaehyun shook his head at Ahn Hoyeon’s words.

Jaehyun added.

“What we need right now is a network that will support us even if we turn our backs on Gu Ja-in.”

After Jaehyun said that, he raised his face calmly.

at that time. Kim Yoo-jung, who was worried, asked.

“But the networking side is not something we can do. What is more, a personal network that can keep the chairman in check… … .”

“Yeonhwa Guild.”


Kim Yu-jung looked at Jae-hyun with her arms crossed.

she said with a sigh.

“what? Yeonhwa Guild? No matter how much we were nominated for Yeonhwa in the guild experience this time and received help when we opened the workshop, how do we ask for help there? First of all, that doesn’t make sense… … .”

“There are ways.”

“How are you?”

Kim Yu-jung seemed to be genuinely curious, so she asked.

Jaehyun didn’t answer.

There was only a small smile on his lips.

“There are ways. Life is a real battle, and a real battle sucks networking.”

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