I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 94

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Episode 94: Svartal Fame (1)

The world of the swart elves.

Also called Svartálfaheimr, the world inhabited by Dark Elves.


Jaehyun sighed and looked around.

“… … What the heck… … .”

Seo Ina blurted out the end of her words and trembled.

Jaehyun replied without looking back.


not even a ray of light can reach. Darkness spread all around, welcoming the group.

A distant abyss that exudes shady and hopeless magic.

Jaehyun sighed and looked around.

‘In Norse mythology, dark elves are described as having powers comparable to gods. Of course, that power would have weakened as it became a dungeon… … Even if you do this, it’s too much.

Guin. Did you mean to send the cadets to a place like this to annihilate them?’

In the first place, I couldn’t understand that he was able to use such high-level transmission magic.

Gu Jain is only human.

A mere human involved in the transmission ceremony of Svartal Fame, one of the nine worlds?

‘shit. Did you mean bursting the gate like this? The more you peel it, the dirt comes out… … .’

Jae-hyun ruminated over Goo Ja-in’s actions in the past.

The first time I felt a sense of incongruity was during a mock dungeon.

At that time, Goo Jain sent a B-class monster to attack Jaehyun in order to tame him. He tried to subdue himself by using the magic beast strengthened by Odin’s raven.

But how could that be possible?

Humans cannot tame demons.

However, Gu Jain unleashed a magical beast in the dungeon and controlled it to attack the cadets, which was clearly not a human domain.

Intervention of other transcendent beings.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but doubt this.

‘Guardian… … And it’s certain that there is some connection between the Aesir gods.’

Guzain’s connection to Odin’s crows is enough to tell.

Odin’s raven.

In the decisive battle with Min Seong-oh, Jae-hyun realized what they were like.

One of the spiritual creatures in Norse mythology, beings who swear absolute loyalty to Odin.

Gu Jain manipulated the magical beasts enhanced with their powers.

What this fact tells us is clear.

Gujain is Odin. Or they are closely related to other Aesir gods.

‘I don’t know everything right now. Hella also told me that she couldn’t give me all the context. and… … Now I have to think of a way to get out of here first.’

Jaehyun took a deep breath and calmly organized his thoughts.

at that time. An uproarious voice erupted from the side.

“what?! Svartal Fame? That’s where even A-class raiders die!”

“… … If Jaehyun’s words are true, the chances of surviving here are slim.”

Both Kim Yu-jung and Seo E-na were skeptical.

Well, if that was normal, it was a normal reaction.

Raiders that attacked Svartal Fame are rare enough to be counted on one hand.

Lee Jae-shin or Yoo Seong-eun, who are S-class raiders.

Even they couldn’t say for sure that they could survive here.

‘In the first place, there are almost no strategy for Svartal Fame at this time.’

Park Seong-jae, who followed along, would also not know the exact strategy of Svartal Fame.

Even the surroundings are so wide that it approaches the field. You’ll probably have to spend a lot of time just looking for the boss room.

Maybe we should spend a few days here.

Jaehyun let out a short sigh and looked up into the air.

“Doesn’t that sound like a good situation no matter how you look at it?”

“That’s right.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Seongjae Park broke his hiding and revealed himself. The party was startled and made a loud noise, barely covering his mouth.

“Seo, Mr. Seongjae?”


“… … How are you here?”

In response to the three questions, Seongjae Park glanced at Jaehyun and said.

“Min Jae-hyun somehow foresaw that there would be such a variable. I’m here because you said you need an adult radar to help.

Yoosung has a lot of eyes for CEO to move directly.”

“Everything, I’m glad… … I thought I was going to die like this… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung sighed and said.

However, Park Seong-jae’s expression was not good.

“no. My presence has not made things particularly better.”


This time, Ahn Ho-yeon asked a question.

Park Seong-jae was looking at the desolate and dark landscape.

“This is Svartal Fame, as Jaehyun said earlier. This is the world of the dark elves. If you’re a little careless here, you’re sure to get all killed. Danger remains the same.”

“… … .”

Everyone had no choice but to be silent at Park Seong-jae’s cold words.



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but. At most, Park Seong-jae is only an A-class radar.

This is a place where the possibility of clearing is remarkably low even if dozens of A-ranks enter the engineering college.

Of course, there is no change in the fact that it is of great help as the level is different, but it was obvious arrogance to think that it was possible to safely clear this place with that level of force.

This place is like the bottomless pit.

In a place with little light, they have to fight and finally defeat the boss. Everyone in the party knew what that meant.

On the other hand, even at that moment, Jaehyun was trying to understand the situation that was approaching him.

‘Svartal Fame’s attack strategy is still almost unknown. However, that’s just the story of ‘now’.’

Of course, there is no change to the fact that it is a difficult dungeon.

However, Jaehyun had already experienced Svartal Fame before returning.

Not only that, but high-ranking engineering colleges in the past left a lot of strategy for the Dark Elves.

If you can make good use of that record, surviving in this hellish place won’t be all that difficult.

Jaehyun spoke in a calm voice to the frightened party.

“don’t worry.”

Jaehyun smiled and looked around at the group.

“Somehow, everyone can come back alive. because i will make it Let’s start by finding survivors.”

* * *

“Oops. long time no see. Chairman. How have you been?”

“of course. Hoyeon-kun’s father has also become clearer.”

Two people sitting down almost at the same time having a meaningless conversation.

The two met in the lobby of a hotel in downtown Seoul and moved to talk. From now on, it will be difficult for the things the two are talking about to leak out.

Because it is very confidential.

Goo Ja-in and Ahn Seok-gu, who are seated, are examining each other’s behavior with subtle expressions on each other.

As soon as there is nothing to gain, the two are ready to abandon each other.

The distance between the two is as cold as if they were caught on thin ice. Despite being close, the two were very far apart.

As proof of that, the two of them didn’t even take a sip of coffee in front of them.

The first to speak was Ahn Seok-gu.

“It’s nothing else. The reason why I asked to see the chairman like this… … .”

He raised his eyes.

The bloody light of the eyes sweeps down Gu Jain’s eyes and face in turn.

“My son finished fourth in the freshman hunt.”

“yes. Well, unfortunately.”

Gu Jain replied with a calm face.

Ahn Seok-gu’s face contorted for a moment.

This is clearly a breach of promise.

lately. Even when talking about weeding out in a simulated dungeon, he hadn’t even dreamed that An Ho-yeon had ranked 4th in the freshman hunt.

I just vaguely thought that since my son had nothing to say, he would have ranked first.

However, the results were different.

Ahn Ho-yeon finished fourth, which made Ahn Seok-gu angry.

past. Gu Jain said it with his own mouth.

[We will definitely make your son the best radar in Korea.]

Believing in those words, she gave her full support and raised her son to be strong.

But what?

4th place?

‘Even our Hoyeoni lost to a magical raider… … This must have been something the chairman, Gu Jain, did.’

That’s a simple conclusion.

You may have received back money, or you may have manipulated the event using your power.

Anyway, this makes no sense.

At most, three magic cadets beat their elite son and take all 1st to 3rd places?

Is that a reasonable thing to do?

Ahn Seok-gu tried to hide his displeasure, but he couldn’t erase everything that was inevitably revealed on his face.

Displeasure that came with irritation twisted his brows.

‘That’s stupid.’

Seeing this, Gu Jain smiled.

He knew very well what Ahn Seok-gu wanted from him.

To raise my son, Ahn Ho-yeon, to the highest level, and to expose him to the media and make him be admired as a hero.

That is Ahn Seok-gu’s ultimate goal.

‘But there is no need for me to intervene unreasonably. Losing games don’t work for me. Intervene only when it is judged that there is a clear advantage.

okay… … It’s like a card game. A game where you can clearly see the opponent’s hand, a game that can never be lost.’

Gu Jain had a fishy smile.

Originally, Ahn Seok-gu was a military officer and had a fairly deep connection to the central government.

His son, An Ho-yeon alone, is quite useful, but if he can extort these government connections later on, it will help him further solidify his position.

That’s why I’m still negotiating with him.

Fortunately, Ahn Seok-gu seemed to be well aware of his situation.

He said with an effortless smile without raising his voice.

“I’m sure the Miles Academy sent us to Hoyeon because we thought we could raise her well… … I am worried when things turn out like this.”

“haha. Father too. No need to worry at all. Ahn Ho-yeon already has natural talent. Maybe at the next event I will easily take first place.”

100% unreliable.

Ahn Seok-gu intuitively realized that Gu Ja-in was lying.

But should I show it here?

that’s sewage

It is right to wait and see more opportunities here.

Looking at it objectively, Miles is the one who can best raise his son.

If the relationship with Gu Ja-in goes wrong now, it will put a brake on his son’s growth.

Ahn Seok-gu decided to change the question slightly.

“You seem a little interested. Would it be all right if I ask you a question?”

“As much as you like.”

“The magic cadet who took first place in this freshman hunt… … Who is he?”

A smile spread at the corners of Gu Jain’s lips.

Perhaps Ahn Seok-gu saw Min Jae-hyun’s personal profile on TV.

What he is now asking for is a bit deeper, confidential information that has not been disclosed to the outside world.

“hmm… … It is a rule not to divulge personal information of cadets to others. If Hoyeon is the father, I will specially inform you.

Aren’t we so bleak?”

Gu Jain said with a smile on his face, pretending to be patronizing.

Ahn Seok-gu silently crossed his arms and waited for his next words.

Before long, Gu Jain’s mouth opened.

“Min Jaehyun. He is a genius cadet who was born with 97% magical aptitude.”

“… … 97% magic aptitude?!”

Ahn Seok-gu asked Goo Ja-in with a genuinely surprised face.

Gu Jain silently nodded, confirming his words.

“her… … .”

Ahn Seok-gu could hardly get away from Gu Ja-in’s words.

‘The higher the aptitude of the radar, the more roughly the grade is determined. To mark some kind of growth threshold. That must be the aptitude of the radar… what? 97 percent?’

Is that the bottom line?

Since it is Gu Jain’s words, you cannot help but believe it, but it is an overwhelming number that I can’t really feel.

The son who is called a genius in the media and broke all records has an aptitude of 92.

But 97?

Is that also a magic cadet?

Looking at Ahn Seok-gu, whose face was distorted, Goo Ja-in had a calm and weak face.

He smiled lightly and pointed to the coffee cup in front of him.

“… … this. It’s gone cold. Shall I ask you to come back?”

“… … no. I’ll just go. Thank you for your time.”

“you’re welcome.”

Ahn Seok-gu got up, left the hotel, and got into the car.

He kept repeating one thing over and over again.

“Min Jaehyun… … Did you dare to lose our Hoyeoni to something like the magic world?”

His face contorted wildly.

It was a long time ago that his car driving on the road exceeded the speed limit.

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