I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 95

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Episode 95: Svartal Fame (2)

“… … It seems too dark here… … First of all, you have to use Flash… … .”

“Ina, wait a minute. I will use the magic, so can you watch over me?”

After stopping Seo Ina from using Flash, Jaehyun stepped forward lightly.

Parts Tsutsut… … !

The energy of life pulsating within the body collided with each other, creating a fierce noise.

After concentrating the magical power in his fingertips, Jaehyun shot it towards the pitch-black darkness.

―Active skill 《Flash Lv 3》 is used.

―A stronger light dispels the darkness and brightens the surroundings.

Dozens of glowing spheres floated in the air, and soon began to gather around Jaehyun.

Floating in the air, white lights busily follow him.

Like moss, the sphere adhered to the stone walls inside the dungeon and emitted light.

“What, what?! This!”

Kim Yoo-jung, who was looking at the halo of light floating in the air, burst into embarrassment.

Jaehyun laughed involuntarily at the better response than he expected.

‘but. It’s strange that I’m not surprised when I see something like this.’

While Jaehyun thought so, he did not forget to scold Kim Yoojung.

“Kim Yoo-jung. It’s not here in the dungeon. Lower your voice.”

“Hup! sorry… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung quickly covered her mouth.

She apologized, but still fixed her gaze as if possessed by the light.

“I mean, I’m just asking. Maybe this light… … .”

“that’s right. You leveled up the D-class magic «Flash».”

“… … what?!”

This time a more passive voice.

However, the confusion contained there was conveyed to Jaehyun.

A small burst of astonishment.

The eyes of the three people who were watching Jaehyun narrowed at once.

In particular, the faces of Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na, who are magicians, were the most worth seeing.

The two looked at Jaehyun’s back almost at the same time and thought.

‘Skill level up?! But that’s only possible with at least an A-class radar… … !’

‘… … Nonsense. Are you saying that Jaehyun has already raised his skills to that level?’

Of course, it wasn’t just the two of them who were shocked.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Park Seong-jae also seemed quite surprised, even without saying a word.

‘Is this a natural reaction?’

Jaehyun thought that with a calm face.

In the eyes of others, the achievements he has achieved will be simply unbelievable.

Over the past month, Jaehyun has worked hard to grow on his own.

While listening to the <Understanding Magical Operations> lecture, I realized the more fundamental truth of magic.

I realized how to configure the formula to be stable for the caster, and how to attack the enemy more effectively.

In addition, he succeeded in reading all the magic books in the central library of Miles Academy. After meeting Yoo Sung-eun, he did not neglect his actual training.

Thanks to this, Jaehyun was able to raise his abilities to a level where he could easily level up with D-rank or lower magic.

Jaehyun thought for a moment and looked at the light shining in front of him.

‘Especially, Flash is a magic that can be used at any time, so I used it day and night to level up.

I don’t eat much mana in the first place. Thanks to that, I’m already level 3. I’ve reached the point where people can follow me without having to carry spheres with their hands. Well, my arm doesn’t hurt, so it’s a win-win.’

Jaehyun nodded with a satisfied face, and chin chined forward.

“what are you doing? Aren’t you all going?”

“Ah, I see. let’s go everyone.”

“Ah, yes… … .”

“… … yes.”

With fish-eyed faces, the party alternately looked at Jaehyun and the sphere that illuminated the front.

The viscous light on the wall was dispelling the cluttered darkness.

‘Is this really possible?’

Park Seong-jae stuck out his tongue as he watched Jae-hyun handle the sphere perfectly.

A drop of cold sweat ran down his back, and his body trembled.

Even though he was a martial artist, he was well aware of how outstanding the current achievement was.

As the manager of the Yeonhwa Guild, he had the opportunity to train many new raiders, and he experienced amazing talents every time.

Together. In Park Seong-jae’s eyes, Jae-hyun’s talent is out of the norm.

It was unbelievable.

He gulped and looked at Jaehyun, who still had a calm face.

Park Seong-jae thought.

‘To reach the level of an A-class radar at the age of 17… … . It’s a terrifyingly overwhelming talent.’

In no country in the world, no one has reached Class A at the age of 17.

Park Seong-jae took a deep breath, followed Jae-hyeon and muttered as he watched the light illuminating the cave.

“How far can Jaehyun grow?”

* * *

“Such a dog… … Instructor Kim Seok-gi! How the hell are you going to handle it!”

“I’m sorry. Chairman… … But I never thought that an outsider would dare set foot inside the guild building… … .”



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“Are you saying that right now!”

Milles Academy’s Director’s Office.

Instructor Kim Seok-ki was bending over and bowing his head toward Gu Ja-in.

The reason why Kim Seok-ki was so confused was simple.

It was because a little while ago, I received a report from the «Kane» guild that other outcasts were swept away along with the ceremony they had prepared to deal with useless students.

‘shit… … . Nothing is going right… … !’

Gu Jain was indignant at the risk of his plan being exposed.

Of course, Gu Jain did not do this without any reason and taking risks.

There were two reasons why Gu Jain risked the guild experience incident.

First, to cut the astronomical cost by abandoning the cadets who have no talent.

Second, it is to meet the expectations of ‘him’ of the lofty Æsir throne by urging ‘reawakening’, which only a very small number of middle- and lower-ranking cadets can do.

The last reason was the biggest.

‘He’ said that we should train as many strong raiders as possible.

For this reason, Gu Jain has held numerous massacre events under the guise of an accident.

He put the cadets at risk by leading various incidents such as Milles Academy’s representative events, such as the Milles Academy Festival, mock dungeon, and guild experience.

‘Even if we enter the worst situation, not all information will be disclosed to the outside world… … In any case, the damage to the public image of Milles Academy and myself cannot be avoided.’

Of course, even if the case is publicized, the last reason will be kept silent until the end.

A world where myths become reality.

However, there were only a few people who believed in God.

Also, how much have you achieved so far?

Although the intentions were impure, the number of S-class and A-class raiders she produced with her own hands was too numerous to count with both hands.

Thanks to this, there is even an opinion in the daily that Gu Ja-in should continue to sit in his seat even if there is corruption.

The media is on their side.

There is only one person who can damage Koo Ja-in’s status in Korea.

Softening Guild. Yooseong is the only one.

‘But there’s no reason for them to step out. Although the Kane Guild and Yeonhwa’s building are close, recent earthquakes have been very frequent.

At best, there is a high possibility that it will be limited to dispatching a few investigators nearby.’

Even so, Gu Jain’s complexion was still not bright.

It was because it annoyed me that there was a possibility that the plan itself would go wrong because of a variable, no matter how small.

Thanks to this, Instructor Kim Seok-gi had no choice but to keep bowing his head while listening to Gu Ja-in’s speech for over an hour.

‘… … I don’t know what these bastards are doing, but when they came in… … .’

In my heart, I wanted to make an excuse.

However, when I saw the opponent in front of me, I automatically shut my mouth.

Who is the one in front of you?

Koo Ja-in is the general manager of Milles Academy and holds the unique power in Korea.

What if I add useless words here and go against planting?

You may really be abandoned.

In the first place, Gu Ja-in is not the type to keep one henchman for long.

For reference, the servant who served him before is also missing, and he has not yet been found. It was most likely erased as a result of tampering with some dangerous information or disappointing Gu Jain greatly.

It was not that difficult for Gu Jain to erase one or two people.

‘no! Not that much!’

Kim Seok-gi gritted his teeth.

“Did you think I would tolerate it if things were done like this?”

Gu Jain’s voice clearly had an edge.

In the mock dungeon and in this guild experience, Gu Ja-in gave Kim Seok-gi a chance.

However, Kim Seok-gi disappointed Goo Ja-in.

It was not Gu Jain’s way to make noise in the middle like this.

100 percent.

Even if you gamble, don’t touch it unless you have a guarantee that you will win.

That was the way Gu Ja-in had lived until now.

Gu Jain asked, trying to suppress his angry voice.

“So, how many are there in all?”

Kim Seok-gi stammered and replied hurriedly.

“All, five people.”

“Ha, you stepped in a lot.”

“I… … I’m sorry, but maybe you’re worried too deeply… … Isn’t it very common for ordinary people to die at a gate that suddenly appears? If you cover enough… … .”

“Sounds funny!”

Gu Jain hit the desk piled with papers. At the fierce glare of his eyes, Kim Seok-ki’s shoulders shrank involuntarily.

Tsutsut… … !

At the same time, it made a sound like burning mana and slowly began to flow backwards.

It was reverse flow magic, one of Gu Jain’s hidden daggers.

Gu Jain was acquiring various active skills aside from his unique skill, brainwashing.

Milles is a very macho group, and in order to survive in this place, even if you are the chairman, you have to constantly prove your skills.

This reverse flow magic was very special among Gujain’s splendid magic collection.

The power of a transcendent being that was bestowed directly from ‘him’.

Of course, that power was downgraded and he couldn’t fully demonstrate his ability, but that alone was already close to a tolerable S-class dealing skill.

On the other hand, with the release of magical power, Kim Seok-ki’s face began to stiffen.

An alien sensation of being short of breath and not being able to move your limbs.

The blood vessels are twisted and the five organs are destroyed.

It was because of being hit directly by reverse current magic.

After a while. Kim Seok-gi’s face darkened in real time.

My eyes are out of focus, and my weak legs shake and shake.

As if possessed by something.

It was as if he had lost all control of his body.

Goo Ja-in clicked his tongue as he looked at Kim Seok-gi. he said in a low, low voice.

“Transmission ceremony does not activate on ordinary people without magical powers.”


The bloodstream twisted violently once more, and a moan broke out.

Gu Jain looked at the blood spattering on his clothes and twisted his forehead for a moment. he was again

“And that means those with magical powers. In other words, it means that active raiders or cadets who can handle magic have been swept away by this Svartal Fame transfer ceremony.”

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