I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 96

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Episode 96: Svartal Fame (3)

“And that means those with magical powers. In other words, it means that active raiders or cadets who can handle magic have been swept away by this Svartal Fame transfer ceremony.”

A deep silence fell in the chairman’s office.

A rat came in.

Gu Ja-in was saying that to Kim Seok-gi.

Kim Seok-gi desperately lowered his head and buried his forehead on the floor.

“Sin, sorry! Wow! Because of my lack of knowledge… … .”

“I will make it clear.”

Gu Ja-in looked straight into Kim Seok-gi’s eyes with a sad expression on his face.

“Be good to yourself. Instructor Seokgi Kim. Please keep in mind. The fact that there should never be any noise in this job.

At least on the day a survivor comes out of the guild experience… … .”

“Uh, I’ll take care of it somehow. Chairman, please give me one chance!”

“This is the last one. that there are no three times. Instructor Kim Seok-gi would know better.”

“No, of course.”

“If you know, leave immediately.”

Gujain released the reverse current magic and said so. Hearing the cold voice, Kim Seok-gi hurriedly ran out of the director’s office and breathed heavily.

My whole body was wet as if I had taken a shower. The skin cracked and blood poured out.

Instructor Kim Seok-ki raised his head and gnashed his teeth in his hazy mind.

‘I don’t know what kind of bastards are those who dare step into the ceremony… … I will never let you go alive!’

Kim Seok-gi walked quickly with his wounded body.

As I stepped out into the hallway, a familiar face caught my eye.

Instructor Jiyeon Kim.

He was a new instructor who had not yet served as an instructor for Miles for less than two years.

“uh? Instructor Kim Seok-gi! Why is your body like that? It’s bloody all over!”

Instructor Kim Ji-yeon approached Kim Seok-ki with a surprised face.

It seemed like he was trying to help me, but it was just an act that irritated Kim Seok-gi now.

Kim Seok-gi savagely slashed his hands.

“It’s nothing, so don’t worry about it. Instructor Jiyeon Kim.”

“but… … You are so hurt… … .”

“I told you not to worry. Don’t make me say it twice.”

Kim Seok-gi said coldly and continued walking forward.

Kim Ji-yeon watched Kim Seok-gi walk away for a long time, then turned around and came out.

After a while.

The place Instructor Kim Ji-yeon headed was near the dormitory for low-ranking cadets outside the academy.

This was the most secure place in Miles.

Jiyeon Kim took out a small artifact from her inventory.

A type of walkie-talkie that works based on horsepower.

It is an expensive item for an instructor to have because it is a material that is very difficult to obtain.

However, Kim Ji-yeon naturally took out a walkie-talkie and connected the signal somewhere.

“This is Jiyeon Kim. Team leader Song Ji-seok, can you hear me?”

[Because I’m listening. talk quietly Is there anyone else around?]

“doesn’t exist.”

[Why did you contact me?]

“There is something special about it.”


Kim Ji-yeon pulled out her head and checked her surroundings again.

“yes. It is confirmed that there is friction between Goo Ja-in and Instructor Kim Seok-gi. It seems that Kim Seok-gi will be sorted out sooner or later.”

[hmm… … Is this the fourth time? once i got it Continue investigating the case.]

“All right.”

[and. What happened to what you said before?]

“Are you talking about information about cadet Min Jae-hyeon?”

[how is it. Is it okay if I contact you?]

“So far, it seems to be hostile to Gu Jain. I think there will be no problem.”

[good. Then, find a place soon.]

Song Ji-seok over the radio said in a strangely excited voice.

[Gujain. Let’s try to take him out now.]

* * *

After Kim Seok-gi left the office of the chairman.

Gu Ja-in leaned back on the chair he was leaning on and thought for a moment.

This time, even if he thought about it, his actions did not seem excessive.

‘It was an issue I didn’t need to get too angry about.’

Those with magical powers, of course.

In other words, it is true that the Awoken were swept away by the ceremony.

However, it was highly likely that this would not be a big problem for Gu Jain.

Didn’t he know that something like this would happen and set Svartal Fame as the destination of the transmission magic in advance?

The world of the dark elves.

It was impossible to come out alive with the power of a mere raider or cadet.

No, even if you are an incumbent raider, the probability of annihilation is overwhelmingly high unless you form a party of class A or higher and attack organically.



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The rank of Svartal Fame Dungeon is A.

Even the power of the boss monster that exists inside is close to S.

However, among the five Awoken who were swept away, he was Class A.

No, what is the probability that the S-class raider is together?

In reality, it is close to impossible.

Unless Lee Jae-shin or Yoo Seong-seong, who are famous for their S-class radar, come forward, they become corpses and disappear without a trace.

Nothing changes.

‘but… … Something doesn’t bode well.’

Gu Jain’s expression was not good.

For some reason, I couldn’t get rid of the creepy feeling that kept running up my spine.


The sixth sense, which had been living as a radar for a long time and saved itself, was warning.

This job is as good as you think.

That it won’t be solved that easily.

* * *

After walking further inside the cave for a while, a path split into several branches appeared.

The road was divided into three branches.

First, leftmost, middle, rightmost.

If it’s a dungeon, it’s like this.

Both are pitfalls.

The other one is the boss room.

It is not known who or what method devised this system.

Most of the dungeons are structured this way, so I just said yes and moved on.

“For now, let’s take a break here and then go.”

Jaehyun said in a calm tone. It was based on the judgment that preparation was necessary in order to go deeper.

Park Seong-jae also nodded and looked back at the party.

“Jaehyun is right. It would be nice to take a break here. If you get lost, you will be in trouble.”

Actually, the party was wandering around the dungeon right now.

Dark elves are monsters that live in darkness. Incidentally, they are by no means docile enough to shine a light on an intruder.

‘Well, it’s not a problem for me, but… … Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being careful.’

Since Jaehyun has the Mana Sensing skill, there is no restriction on movement even without light. In addition, you can quickly grasp the enemy’s movement and deal with it.

‘But other people are different.’

Because of this, Jaehyun chose to take a break.

Of course, in order to get out of Svartal Fame quickly, it would be right to go straight to the boss room, but this is because there is a limit to the ability of the party excluding Jaehyun and Park Seongjae.

It wasn’t just the power of skills and combat power that mattered.

The biggest problem, as Park Seong-jae mentioned earlier, is this pitch-black darkness. Currently, Jaehyun is lighting the way through 《Flash》, but this has clear limits.

This is the world of the Dark Elves. This is Svartal Fame. And Dark Elves are intelligent magic beasts who are very good at magic.

To put it simply, Jaehyun’s flashlight is something that can be quickly turned off.

For this reason, Jae-Hyun and Park Seong-Jae said the first priority was for the party to adapt to this darkness.

Jaehyun calmly explained this to the party.

After a while.

At Jaehyun’s words, the party also agreed and nodded their heads.

“… … So, conclusion. You mean we need to adjust to this darkness?”

“That’s right. Besides, it’s narrow. If I swing my sword and attack you too… … .”

“Tch, okay.”

The party obediently followed Jaehyun’s words. It was the same with Park Seong-jae. It was because he, too, decided in his heart that continuing the battle in this darkness was unreasonable.

They sat side by side at the three crossroads.

Jaehyun took out as many potions as the number of people from his inventory and distributed them to the party. One of Lee Jae-sang’s special potions, it was made to resist the dungeon’s thick magic.

“… … Ah, thank you.”

“thank you.”

“I’m still a bit short of breath, but I’m glad I did.”

Everyone in the party thanked them and drank the potion.

This place is a place where magic flows close to level 10 mana room.

No matter how elite they are, it is not easy for a freshman to endure such a powerful blue wave.

Of course, Seo In-na, Kim Yoo-jung, and Ahn Ho-yeon all improved a lot compared to the early days. That much would not last more than a few hours here.

Jae-hyun knew that something like this would happen and ordered a potion from Lee Jae-sang in advance.

‘Of course, I hoped that there would be a situation where I didn’t use it… … .’

Jaehyun let out a small sigh and put the potion he had taken out back into his inventory.

‘I don’t have any problems this time either. It seems I have a constitution that can withstand magic well.’

I thought I was lucky.

If there are still survivors in this dungeon, they too will be addicted to mana.

Since they are the lowest ranked cadets, they will be much more vulnerable to mana poisoning than other colleagues next to them. Since there are ten potions in all, it is safe to save even one more.

“Then, first we need to find out if there are any survivors.”

“Yeah but… … What if I get on the wrong road and choose where the boss room is?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked with a worried expression.

Anxiety permeated the group.

There was nothing wrong with her words. Even if not, her gilchi, Kim Yoo-jung, was particularly sensitive to forks and alleys.

Jaehyun placed his hand on Kim Yoojung’s shoulder as if to say not to worry.

“I will take care of that.”

Jaehyun stepped forward and said. After gathering his mana for a while, he dispersed it.

《Magic Sense》.

A skill that perfectly reads the enemy’s mood with the magic learned from Mistiltein.

The wind that blew along with the budding magic power blew Jaehyun’s hair tousled.

“… … middle. The middle is the path leading to the boss room. And the rest… … .”

In an instant, Jaehyun’s face hardened as he stammered.

After instantly concentrating mana all over his body, Jaehyun blatantly spread it.

The party also raised their arms with their backs to each other, probably noticing his change quickly.

Goo Goo… … !

A strange sensation passed through them, like the ground vibrating and the air twisting.

‘Something… … It’s coming!’

It was Park Seong-jae who read the feeling next to Jae-hyun.

Susut… … !

Something unknown was infiltrating behind the party little by little, casting a black shadow.

they knew

That the beings now approaching would never be friendly to them.

Just at the moment when Jaehyun was about to warn the party that the enemy was approaching.


It is unknown where it came from, a spear that was shot with great speed.

The spear, imbued with magical power, aimed precisely at the nape of Seo Ina’s neck.



The window could not be reached.

No, it was shattered into pieces.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

-Destroyed the «Spear of the Beast».

I feel my heart pounding and shaking violently.

A strange sensation enveloped Jaehyun, as if his blood was hot and his whole body was seething with energy.

“All focus.”

I heard the trembling voice of Park Seong-jae, who quickly came to his senses.

As if there had been no laughter and chatter until now, everyone was fighting against the alien beings roaming in the dark.

Dark Elf.

Finally they showed up in person.

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