I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 98

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Episode 98: King of the Dark Elves (1)

It was about two hours later that we encountered the two survivors.

As expected, the condition was serious because he fell into mana poisoning.

After feeding Lee Jae-sang’s potion, I waited for a while, and the medicinal effect began to work quickly. Before 30 minutes had passed, the color of her blood began to brighten.

The heavy breathing also gradually subsided.

The party couldn’t help but admire the potion’s performance.

“As expected, it is the chancellor’s potion. There is a reason why the workshop went well.”

“I know. I didn’t expect it to be this good either.”

Jaehyun scratched his head at Ahn Hoyeon’s words.

In fact, the potion’s performance was much better than Jaehyun expected.

It is very difficult to treat patients with mana poisoning.

Professional healing radars. It is impossible to alleviate symptoms so easily unless it is grade B or higher.

However, Lee Jae-sang’s potion made this possible.

Truly, it was a talent worthy of the modifier genius.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun and his party also drank potions in preparation for the upcoming battle.

From basic potions that restore physical strength and magic power. Even special potions that temporarily enhance key stats.

All of them were expensive items, but now was not the time to save them.

Dark Elf.

Even though they won the battle just now, these are A-rank monsters.

Except for Jae-hyun and Park Seong-jae, no one in the party could deal with them one-on-one.

Without doping, the battle would be much more difficult.

‘It’s fortunate that there are plenty of potions.’

Jaehyun smiled bitterly at that thought.

After a while.

“Ugh… … .”

The two cadets who had lost consciousness slowly began to wake up.

Those who fell were a man and a woman, respectively.

The one who opened his eyes first was a man. It was Joo Seong-chan.

“… … What the heck… … you… … .”

“Min Jaehyun. And this is Svartal Fame. It is the land of the Dark Elves.”

Jaehyun quickly cut off his words.

“hey! Jaehyun Min! What are you going to do if you pass out after saying that?!”

Kim Yoo-jung immediately intervened with a rebellion.

Seongjae Park asked Seongchan Joo in a calm voice.

“I am Seongjae Park of the Yeonhwa Guild. I am here to save you.”

“… … Hey, Yeonhwa Guild?”

Joo Seong-chan muttered with a hand on his forehead as he suffered from a severe headache.

“A dream… … it wasn’t… … .”

“What the hell happened?”

Jaehyun asked, but the answer didn’t come right away.

It seemed like it would take quite a while before we could have a normal conversation.

Jaehyun felt his head getting complicated.

As a result of reading the report, there are more cadets who are still alive.

But you can’t hit it blindly.

This is a dungeon that is at least equivalent to Class A.

Before returning, if my memory is correct, the boss is probably at the level of S rank.

No matter how recreated it is, it is difficult to break through without taking risks.

Therefore, Jaehyun was planning to break through the dungeon after digging up as much information as possible here.

However, if time is delayed like this, the story is different.

‘shit. Should I go and crash right away?’

when I was thinking

Fortunately, Ha Yeon-joo, who had fallen down with her, woke up.

Jaehyun jumped up quickly before she even asked.

“Don’t ask me where. This is Svartal Fame, the dungeon of the Dark Elves.”

“… … Yes, it was.”

Ha Yeon-joo shuddered, but seemed to accept the situation aloofly.

but. The two must have already encountered the Dark Elves. After all, this was a more normal reaction than Seongchan Joo, who kept his mouth shut.

Ha Yeon-joo said in a low voice as if her throat was locked.

“The other kids are being held.”

Only then did Joo Seong-chan come to his senses and added his words.

“No, that’s right! The kids who came to the Cain Guild with us… … .”

“First, tell me what happened. Because there is no time.”

“… … okay.”

Ha Yeon-joo nodded at Jae-hyun’s words.

Joo Seong-chan and Ha Yeon-ju looked at each other for a while and then gradually moved on.

Ha Yeon-joo was the first to speak.

“Right after we landed on Svartalfame, we were immediately attacked by the Dark Elves. All the other kids were taken away, and Sung-chan and I barely escaped from them and ran away like this.

However, I couldn’t stand the mana poisoning, so in the end… … .”



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Ha Yeon-ju couldn’t finish her words.

Maybe it’s because of guilt. As a raider cadet, he ran away in fear of the enemy despite borrowing that name.

Even Joo Seong-chan’s expression was shadowed.

they will think

They are cowards, and should have died fighting alongside their comrades.

But this was plain arrogance.

Do you fight against an enemy you cannot handle?

This is only possible in cartoons.

A place where you can lose your life to an opponent lower than yourself. That’s the dungeon, that’s the field.

However, Jaehyun was also a person who understood their feelings better than anyone else.

In the past, he abandoned his colleagues in a mock dungeon and ran out.

Because I was afraid of death.

The thirst and instinct for life are something that everyone naturally experiences. It is more urgent to save the remaining people than to feel guilty here.

Jaehyun grabbed Joo Sungchan by the shoulder and shook him.

“Calm down and speak the truth. It’s not because of you that they were captured.”

“… … but.”

“Are you going to kill all the other kids too?”

I can’t help it, even if it’s a little extreme.

The priority now is to save the cadets who are still alive. Things were too bad to care about their feelings.

“There is a king who moves the dark elves. I think he might be the boss.”

Ha Yeon-ju looked at Jae-hyun as if she had made up her mind.

Jaehyun bit his lip.

‘also. Is the king of the Dark Elves the boss of this dungeon?’

Jaehyun already knew which boss monster would appear in the dungeon.

‘Dark elves serve the king and absolutely obey his orders.’

Svartalfheim is vast and has countless factions and kings.

It was only natural that the boss monster here was the king of the Dark Elves.

“so. What was the king like? What about traits and skills?”

“I don’t know because I’ve never met face to face… … Then I ran away… … .”

“Sorry… … .”

Ha Yeon-joo and Joo Seong-chan both bowed their heads and said that.

“are you okay. One more thing than that.”

After reading the two together, Jaehyun asked a different question this time.

In fact, for Jaehyun, this was the most important question.

“The man who brought you here. Who is that person?”

I wanted to ask this question the most from the beginning.

There is no way that Gu Jain was directly involved in this. Then, the most suspicious person at this point is… … .

“… … Instructor Kim Seok-gi.”

Ha Yeon-ju struggled to open her mouth.

The two still seemed unable to get out of the shock.

“He brought us here.”

* * *

Yeonhwa Guild’s office.

Yoo Eun-eun and Park Ha-na. Two voices are heard.

“Are you really okay? Taking other guild members with you… … .”

“no. It’s an urgent situation. Furthermore… … Now, if the other members of Yeonhwa accompany you, the paparazzi will definitely come. Then things get bigger.”

Yoo Sung-eun replied calmly while wearing armor.

The equipment she is wearing right now is one of the best weapons in the Yeonhwa Guild.

《Advanced Valkyrie’s Guardian》.

It was an S-class item that corrected the defense and healing power to the limit.

‘You’re even wearing Advanced Valkyrie’s Guardian’… … Is it that dangerous?’

Hana Park helped Seongeun Yoo put on the armor with a stiff face.

On the other hand, Yoo Seong-eun reflected on what happened a little while ago with a calm expression.

‘Ominous magic… … At that wavelength, it means that at least S-class magic has been activated.’

asked about this.

‘Jaehyun, the kids, and Sungjae oppa are in danger.’

Of course, in preparation for this situation, I handed over Ivaldi’s Earrings to Jaehyun.

Judging from the fact that the effect of the earring has not been activated yet, there should be no casualties.

But you can’t be at ease.

A healer is never a job that brings the dead back to life.

Any delay and everything will go awry.

After wearing all the equipment, Yoo Seong-eun stood up and said.

“Take a picture of the coordinates of the Kane Guild the kids said they went to and send it to me. you are waiting here Secure all CCTVs around you.

If I don’t come back by tomorrow morning, I’ll immediately ask for help from the association and send reinforcements.”

“… … All right.”

Park Ha-na wanted to stop Yoo Sung-eun right away, but she couldn’t.

Because when you look at her like that, no words can convince her.

Moreover, now the life of her brother, Park Seong-jae, is at stake.

I know it’s selfish, but if Yoo Sung-eun stepped in, there was a high possibility that things would be resolved smoothly.

No matter how strong the enemy is.

There is no one who can stop Yoo Seong-eun unless it is the same S-class radar.


Yoo Seong-eun was about to step outside.

Park Ha-na called Yoo Seong-eun and said.

“… … You know, you have to be careful.”

“don’t worry. You know how to do it well.”

After the words in a subdued voice, Yoo Seong-eun left the guild building.

Her face was dark the whole time she climbed into the car and drove.

Running down the smooth road, Yoo Seong-eun made up her mind.

If Gu Ja-in touched even one hair on his people… … .

She was ready for war.

* * *

“For now, let’s return to the crossroads.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me too. First of all, we plan and move from there.”

Jaehyun and Park Seongjae exchanged opinions and took their steps.

The party was preparing for the enemy’s attack while paying attention not to miss the words of the two people.

After passing through a long pitch-black tunnel, I came out to a slightly brighter place.

Thanks to Jaehyun’s Flash, the party was able to return to where they came from without getting lost.

The three paths we met again.

Joo Seong-chan and Ha Yeon-ju had to move especially carefully because they were not in the body to fight.

Jaehyun looked over the road and thought for a while.

How can I defeat the boss the fastest?

How can I safely close the dungeon while protecting them?

After thinking for a while, the answer came straight away.

“You all wait here. I will scout the right road and come back.”

As a result of checking with the kigam, there was a colony of dark elves on the right. If you leave it alone, there is a high possibility that it will become cumbersome when you play the boss fight.

Jaehyun was thinking of clearing the post in advance to prevent this from happening.

“alone? What’s on the right side of the road?”

Kim Yoo-jung narrowed her eyes and asked anxiously.

“I feel the turbid magic. There seems to be a colony of dark elves.”

Jaehyun said calmly.

At the same time, protests from others erupted everywhere.

“it’s crazy?! It’s too dangerous to go alone! You might die!”

“… … Yoojung is right. I know how you feel, but it’s better to move together.”

“I think so too. It’s true that Jaehyun has great skills, but… … .”

Everyone in the party was taken aback by Jaehyun’s bomb declaration.

The only one who did not oppose his opinion was Ahn Ho-yeon.

‘Jaehyun has never done anything without thinking.’

From the first encounter with the goblin, Jaehyun was a mysterious being to Ahn Hoyeon.

He always makes appropriate and correct judgments at every moment and knows how to lead his colleagues.

It is innate qualities as a leader.

And a true leader does not abandon his colleagues.

Always calmly find a way to overcome the situation, put it into practice, and eventually succeed.

After a while. Ahn Ho-yeon nodded her head and said.

“… … okay. I agree.”

“hey! Ahn Ho-yeon!”

Kim Yoo-jung was hot, but Jae-hyun’s will was also stubborn.

“You still can’t win a one-on-one fight with the Dark Elves. Manager Park Seong-jae is also an assassin, so it’s true that it’s difficult to deal with more than two people. It’s the best I can do for now.”

“… … But, still… … .”

“Then is there any other way?”

Jaehyun talked as much as he could and persuaded him.

However, I could never say that I would return without dying. This is because a dungeon is a place where life cannot always be guaranteed.

“… … All right. But if something dangerous happens, you must come back right away.”

In the end, Park Seong-jae also gave up.

It was because Jaehyun’s words were right.

“Manager. I’ll be right back. I wish you well, my friends.”

“All right. Do not worry.”

After that, Jaehyun disappeared towards the road to the right.

The group kept their mouths shut and just followed his back.

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