Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 51

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[51] Strange Research Society (3)

“My major is computational physics.In terms of the size, speed, and shape of the space, it can never happen without the universe.The figures are too large to be implemented on the continent.”

“But how could I have such a dream?”Psychological regression is my memory, but I’ve never been to space.”

“Perhaps so, but even if you don’t go into space, memories can exist.And from here on out, it’s Ned’s major again.”

As soon as I heard Iruki’s words, I suddenly had an idea in my head.

“A portrait…”

Ned nodded.

“Yes. In the Spiritual Warfare Experiment, the condemned man was unconscious and aware of the situation in each country for a month.How is that possible?I wonder if he had heard the story because it was like a pigeon flying in the air.Of course, that’s possible, but I think it’s too human-centered.Eyes and ears are biological organs with accurate development systems.There can’t be such a thing in the soul.The soul must be a substance with unique characteristics.When it was electrically decomposed, it had a strange effect.combine with other information, or fly quickly beyond time and space.”

Iruki agreed with Ned.

“Electrons cannot observe and measure at the same time.It’s like you can’t check the position of the string when you bounce the guitar string.There is only a probability within the range of vibration.This is called quantization, and if the soul is ionized, it doesn’t matter if it’s the universe.It’s a world where the correlation between time and distance is broken.”

Shironet slowly remembered his head.Nothing has been solved yet, but when the logic and evidence were presented, the fear felt much lessened.

“Well, I think I got the hang of it now.Thank you very much.You’re like a member of the psychic science research team.

“Ha-ha! You shouldn’t be so surprised.Anyway, don’t worry too much.I’m not under a curse.I think it’s related to the emotional function, so let’s look into that in the future.”

Shironet nodded and made up his mind.

“All right! I’m going to join the Psychic Science Society.”

Ned had no reason to say no.Above all, when Sirone comes in, there are three members.It will be registered as an official research group, and subsidies that were cut off a year ago will also be provided.

“We are always welcome.Ruki, do you agree?”

“Well, for the vision of the Research Council, Shironet is certainly a good recruitment.But will the management accept it?There must be a lot of teachers who are against it because it’s so notorious.”

“Leave it to me.All I have to do is slip in the papers without the teachers knowing.Let’s go now!”

As Ned left the lab, as if he could not wait for a moment, Shirone laughed and followed Yiruki.Then, just before closing, I looked at the lab.It’s like a warehouse and dusty, but when I think of it as my own research group from now on, I felt the atmosphere.

“But I’ll have to clean it up.”

Shironet closed the door and put out the fire outside.There was no sign of silence in the dark room.The dust on the sofa was spinning quietly around where Shirone sat.

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The atmosphere in the teacher’s office was unusually busy.

Most of the teachers who finished the class waited for the next class while drinking tea or chatting, but now all the teachers were working together to classify the documents.

The task of classifying dozens of applications for membership one by one, writing them in the report, and handing them over to the department in charge took more work than expected.

Shina, who had just returned from her lesson, did not speak and headed for the pile of papers she had placed on a large desk.

“Oh, are they all applications?”There’s a lot of traffic this week.”

“Well, it’s the end of the semester, isn’t it?”It happens all the time at this time of year.”

When the semester ends and the vacation begins, students must submit their thesis on a free topic by the next semester.

However, since such performance evaluation can be replaced by a presentation of the research group, it has been a recent trend for students who do not have a research group to join the research group temporarily at the end of the semester.

Said Saad, who was helping with the work.

“Children only have more tricks.It wasn’t like this before.The research group and the performance evaluation were enthusiastic.I think kids these days are too efficient.”

“Ha-ha! It’s different from before.The competition has become fiercer than it was 10 years ago, and children must be stressed out in their own way.The reason for holding a temporary research group is to buy time for personal study.”

“But aren’t you too obsessed with results?There’s also the romance of my school days.”

The teacher seemed to sympathize with Sadr’s words and just smiled bitterly.After taking the documents, he was handing them over to the department in charge when she found the documents that had fallen under her desk.

“There’s one missing here,”

“Oh, when did you come in?”You must have left it in class.”

“Hoo-hoo. You must have been in a hurry.”

Sina examined the papers to see which student had been clever.And when I checked his name, he looked suspicious and fixed his glasses.

“It says… Shirone, right?”

The teacher pecked out his face to confirm.

“I see, Aryan Shiro.I thought you weren’t interested in the research group.Well, the students are playing tricks on each other, so there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Sadr snatched the application form and frowned.

“I don’t think so,”This is a very famous research group, isn’t it?”

“Let me see it again.

Sina received an application form from Sad and looked at the research group Shirone joined.

Indeed, it was a famous place.

“Supernatural Psychological Science Research Society.”

It was a name like a bolt out of the blue.

I still have a headache when I think about how I fought with graduates from here every year since I was appointed as a teacher.

“Oh? Come to think of it…….’

Didn’t most of the troublemakers at the Psychological Research Society graduate the previous year?I remembered hearing at first glance that the subsidy was cut off due to a lack of membership.

said the teacher with a smile.

“And then I heard that Iruki also belonged to the research institute.I think we’re on the same wavelength.”

Sadr burst into a dejected laugh.

“I’ve heard that you did a great job on the targeting test.But you seem to be on good terms with each other.I don’t think you have the right personality.”

said Cina, with a keen look on her face.

“Yes. That’s why it’s a problem.”

If Iruki, who is as talented as Shirone, had enticed him, Shirone, who was stubborn, might have changed his mind.

But what do you mean, “Iruki?

I’m not the worst person in the school.Even if they were geniuses, Shirone and Iruki were in the opposite direction.

It could be helpful for each other’s development, but it could be a problem in which either side could be eaten up or co-destroyed by conflict.That would have been a great loss for the school.

“I’d rather do it,”At this point, let’s break off the vicious circle.”

Shiina opened the file and looked at who the chairman of the Psychological Science Research Council was.

As expected, it was Ned.

Recently, a research group that includes two people who are said to be closest to Shirone.

At this point, I thought I understood why Sirone, who had been away from the research group so far, joined.


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“Ned’s teacher is…….’

Sina looked for the teacher in charge, pointing out the names of the teachers.Then, as soon as he checked his name, he sighed and touched his forehead.

“Sigh, of all things…….’

* * *

A training center located outside the magic school.

Etella was meditating with her cross-legged.

The Carris Monastery she attended was the best monastery in the kingdom, with more than 1,000 monk apprentices.Hundreds of children come in every year with their parents’ hands, but only a small percentage of them become monks in recognition of their talents.

Etella was unique among such children.

She became the youngest bishop, leaving many high-ranking nobles and even royalty behind.

The position of bishop is not just a position where one can rise just because one is skilled.The reason why Etella caught the eyes of her predecessors was that she discovered her nature as a compositional leader.

It will be the light and salt of the world.

With this mindset, Etella, who vowed to live her whole life, turned a blind eye to wealth and fame and became a teacher at the Alpeas School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Thank you for letting me finish my education safely today.”’

Therefore, Etella is different from other teachers.First of all, the origin itself was not a school or magic association, but a monastery.

If the wizard critically looks at the world, Monk does not analyze the world but wants to keep it in his mind.

Her infinite appreciation for nature, which allowed her to exist, and her sense of mission to share her heart with others were all that made up her.

Etella slowly opened her eyes.Her eyes penetrating the air were young.

I could sense a woman approaching here through the Spirit Zone.I felt a woman approaching through the Spirit Zone.

It is difficult to determine the gender of an object with a general spirit zone.However, she was Jonah, the authority of Spirit Zone, and had a higher level of exploration ability than any other wizard.

If you liken an ordinary spirit zone to air, Jonner’s spirit zone is a liquid.As such, the density of the medium is high, so you can feel the synesthesia much clearer.

Ethella rose from her seat and waited for her guests.It was a long time before Cina opened the door and greeted him with a smile.

“Welcome,”Mr. Shiina.”

Sheena was not surprised that Etella was waiting in advance.I knew how clear Jonah’s spirit zone was.

“You’re in training, aren’t you?”Do I disturb you?”

“No, I was about to finish.Come on in.”

“Well, I’ll excuse me.

It was rare for Cina to come to the training center.Ethella heated the tea, thinking it would take a long time to talk.

I laid a cushion, but sitting on the floor was unfamiliar to Sina.But she knelt politely and politely received the car that Etella handed her.

While drinking her first cup, she had heard that it was polite of the congregation to refrain from conversation, so she did not say a word until she emptied her bitter tea.

Even though the sun was long because it was summer, the golden sunset was thick.Cina, who wanted to start the conversation before dark, emptied the teacup a little faster.

Ethella spoke thoughtfully first.

“It’s not a light thing to come all the way here.”

“Yes. I have something to discuss.”

“I see. What’s the matter?”

“You’re in charge of Nade, aren’t you?”

“Yes. He’s a bright and good student.”My grades are in the middle and upper ranks, but I have plenty of talent.It goes well with the children.”

“Do you know that the child is the chairman of the Psychic Science Research Society?”

“Of course. Did Ned do anything wrong?”

Sheena raised her upper body as if she were determined.

“I’m going to dissolve the research group where the child is the chairman.I came because I thought it would be reasonable to ask the teacher in charge for understanding in advance.”

Etella smiled softly and savored the tea.She, who had been lost in thought for a long time, spoke.

“If Mr. Shiina means it, it must be for the students.But this time I’d like to know why.”

“Since ancient times, the Psychological Science Society has had many incidents.It was a notorious research group even before I took office.Of course, the school left it alone because of his achievements, but now the situation has changed.I looked through the papers and found that there was no official presentation for three years.I’ve done more than enough to be disciplined.”

“But isn’t it a thing of the past, as Mr. Sina said?”The students I’m working with are Nade, Iruki and Shirone.The key is what kind of activities those kids do, who are second only to the class four.”Can you keep an eye on me a little bit more?In addition, the Psychic Science Research Society is a fairly traditional research group at Alpeas School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.I understand that Mr. Gauld, the president of the Witchcraft Society, is also from there.”


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