Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 53

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[53] Overflow (3)

“Hahaha! Latest issue of picture book!”How long have I been waiting for today?”

Shirone’s face flamed up as he glanced back at the picture book.From the cover, it was far from a masterpiece.The female’s nudity was drawn from neck to thigh, and the phrase “Women’s Human Body Research Society” was written along the sewing line.

“What is that strange book?”

“Aha. You don’t know.This is what picture books are called.It’s a privilege that only a few people can enjoy in a magic school.”

added Iruki.

“In a word, it’s an unproductive game for people who have nothing to do.(Laughs)

A picture book is a slang word used among students and is a book that combines a semi-nude drawing of a woman’s body.

Naturally, it was not an official publication, but an obscene book published by children majoring in painting in teams.

It was published in a place called the Women’s Human Body Research Society, which was an informal research group.Nevertheless, it was very popular among students I knew.This was because it was not just a seminar, but it was drawn for the characters of the magic school.

Girls, female teachers, sometimes male or male teachers, anyone who belonged to the school could be their model, so the school was also troubled.

The school periodically confiscates publications, but the key figures are still unknown because they are dot organizations and appearances are emerging.According to one theory, there is a rumor that the head of the Women’s Human Body Research Association is in the graduation class, but it was not confirmed.

Shironet looked blank when he heard the explanation.In a sense, it was a research group that did so much that it was incomparable to Iruki and Nade.

“Then does he read such a book?”I didn’t expect that.”

Iruki kept his eyes on chess and waved his finger.

“It’s just collecting information.The Women’s Human Body Research Society is very clever and collects all sorts of rumors.”

Ned showed me the back of the picture book.As Iruki said, a detailed explanation was attached.

The ingredients of female students’ origins and personal affairs were recorded in detail, but it was too much labor to be called a hobby.

The reason for insisting on the seminar was also a clever attempt to evade the civil law of the city of Creas.Nevertheless, his position was obscene, so even for laymen, he was far from art.

Ned, who turned the picture book over, exclaimed.

“Wow! This month is the best!”ROOKIE, can I open page 7 here?

“Whatever. I’ve got all the information in my head.”

Shironet stared blankly at Ned.Why is he trying to use it while opening it?

“I don’t study to do it…….”

Ned burst into laughter.I think it’s the first time.When a model student like Shirone enters the Supernatural Psychological Science Research Institute, which used to be a gathering place for losers.

“Shiro, get used to it quickly, too.”If you stay here, you’ll find that there are more interesting things to do than to teach.I’ll realize it’s definitely not a loss after a little while.”

Nade’s face, which was turning the next page of “Hee Hee Nak Rak,” suddenly.and, looking at Shirone’s eyes, he said,

“Well, Shiro,”Don’t be shocked.”

“What is it this time?”Is there anything else to be shocked about?”

“Well, here in the picture book……Amy senior has appeared.”

“What? Give it to me!”

Shironet snatched away the picture book in a hurry.An embarrassing picture was decorating the entire page.It was a realistic picture that could be believed to be real.

“Sirone, don’t get me wrong.Hey, how similar is that to a painting?I’ve always been curious.”

“What do you mean similar?And how do I know that?”

Iruki shook his shoulders and giggled.

“You don’t know Shiro’s personality?”I don’t think they’re really dating.Honestly, you haven’t even held hands yet, have you?”

“Well, you’re all right.You don’t care about other people’s love affairs.”

Shironet turned to the picture book again.Regardless of other thoughts, it was a great skill.Should I say that it feels like a person is alive on paper?

“I don’t know, but I think it’s a great talent.But why do you do this?’

Shironet tore the page open.It was really unpleasant for Amy to decorate the page in such a book.


Ned burst into laughter as he tore the page with his head turned away, unable to look.

“Hahaha! What are you doing?”Don’t be too sensitive.It’s a product of imagination, except for the face.You haven’t even seen it in person.”

Shironet glanced at him.Whether it was imagination or reality, Amy was a friend who fought with Black Magischer.If I could, I would like to find a women’s human body research group and dismantle it.

“Anyway, let’s stop reading books like this and do something productive unless you’re going to study.It’s a research group. Are you going to be doing this all day?”

Realizing that studying here was originally easy, Shirone decided to find something he could do with his friends.

“Well, why don’t you take a look at Ned’s invention?”the patent list of Dr. Ned, the Doctor of All Things.”

“Oh, yes! I haven’t shown Shirone yet.”

Ned crawled under the table again.Curious about what was in the dump, Cyrone leaned over and looked inside.To my surprise, the safe was concealed.

“Ta-da! What do you think, Shiro?”Can you see this?

Shironet blinked blankly.There was nothing in Ned’s hand.However, when I looked closely, I felt that the scenery was arong based on a certain boundary.

“No way”.

“Haha! This is the cloak of transparency!”

A transparent cloak is an object that uses electrical force to refract light and creates an illusion of light transmission, but it was the first time I had seen it in real life.

“Did you really make it?”This one?

Shirone could not believe it.There is no great knowledge of magic engineering, but I fully knew how valuable the cloak was.

Electrical magic is also strong in the field of battle, but it has infinite industrial value.

In fact, the magic mainly used by electric wizards was not a surprise magic, but an illusion-based magic.

If it is the best magic of the illusion family, you can cite invisibility, which is a transparent magic, and it was transparent magic that could produce the same effect.

Although it is not Ned’s original invention, being able to produce by imitating a transparent cloak required professional-level engineering.

“My dream is to be a magic engineer.Of course, compared to the expensive transparent cloak on the market, it’s very poor.First of all, the material is inferior, and the charging technology is low, so it only works for an hour after injecting electricity.But isn’t this good enough?”

Nade’s figure disappeared as he put on his cloak.The quality of the transparent cloak depends on the refractive index of light.If the refractive index falls below 95%, it cannot be called transparent, so a 1% difference becomes the criterion for determining technology.Currently, Ned’s ability cannot produce a 100% refractive index, but the transparency effect was a definite degree of completion.

As Ned moved on, a blurred boundary was detected.However, when it stopped, it was impossible to know that there was someone without observing them carefully.

Shirone was a series of admiration.It was only possible to independently create magic weapons sold on the market with alchemy knowledge as well as magical knowledge.

“That’s great. Wouldn’t it have been much better if you put that effort into your studies?”

“Hahaha! That’s possible.But I’m happiest when I make things rather than magic.There are many other things besides this.Let me see.”

Ned took some things out of the safe again.Miniatures of electric-powered wagons.Hologram vision, which is welcomed when a picture is placed on the revised edition, was also quite complete.

Some of them were flash bombs and smoke bombs incorporating Iruki’s ideas, but they fell short of Ned’s patent list.


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Shironet realized from Ned’s enthusiastic introduction.It’s not a waste of talent.Rather, they were ahead of students of the same age in their field.

“This wagon’s power plant rotates at a tremendous speed per second…… Huh?”

Ned, who had been busy talking, looked up at the ceiling as the room shook suddenly.The vibration got worse, and the chessboard shook and the horses fell from side to side.

Iruki immediately ran out, checked the corridor, and came back.There was a sense of urgency on his face as if he had realized something.

“Oh, my God! The teacher is here!”Get rid of the things!”

“What? What’s the matter?”

There was no time to explain.Ned hid the picture book with skillful movements and put it in a safe with smoke bombs, the unofficial operating funds of the research group.When the articles against the school regulations were dealt with, Shirone, who was confused, took him to the sofa and shouted,

“Sirone! Sit here!”It’s an unexpected check!”

Eastarth’s trachea has begun to work.A red warning light flashing in the hallway soon announced that the warehouse where the research group is located will be summoned to the first floor.

“The teacher is coming?”But what if he’s sitting down?Let’s say hello.”

Ned sat down on the sofa, trying to get up.

“Never mind! Act as if nothing had happened.”If you get a picture book or a smoke bomb, you won’t end up keeping a low profile.”

“Oh? Oh, I see.”

Shirone recovered his mind with his unique mind.His friends shook their tongues even in the midst of urgency at the level of mind control that even made their faces feel cold.Having prepared themselves for a war, they waited for Eastas to reach the ground.

* * *

“Oh, that’s annoying.”

She rubbed her headache in her hair.It takes at least three minutes to pull the warehouse down to the ground floor from Eastas.It was enough time to cover up the scene as well as run away.

In the past, several teachers raided the Psychological Science Research Society without operating Eastas.However, he wandered around the building for more than an hour and eventually failed to find a laboratory.

On the other hand, the members freely went in and out of the laboratory.I had a rough idea of how it would be done.It analyzes the movement pattern of the cube around the laboratory to infer the movement line.

Eastas has been commercialized as a magic warehouse, but the manufacturer has still not released the design drawings.It was absurd for teachers to use it as a cover-up technique for the research group, as it was not enough for any student 20 years ago to solve such problems.m.

Cina folded her arms and clapped her legs until Eastas’ form was complete.Three minutes felt too long.

“The more I think about it, the more I get angry.How did you find a pattern that even the teacher couldn’t find?No, if you found it, you should use it for constructive work.What on earth should we do with these research groups?’

This is why the Society for the Study of the Darkness is a problem.If you simply do something bad, the school should control you.However, most of their intellectual abilities were already out of control of the school.

The Supernatural Psychic Science Research Society was composed of children with extraordinary minds enough to play with bad clubs such as Black Magisher if they wanted to.

“What was Shiro’s intention in joining the club?”Even if it’s an emotional function, what’s the use of these kids?Furthermore, if you join this team, your performance evaluation will be ruined.’

Ned, who is ordinary at school but is as alert as other underground children at the research group.Ruki, a troublemaker of Class Five who is born with the power of servant syndrome but takes classes whenever he is bored.Cyrone, now the best model student in the school, intervened.How can three people, who don’t fit in no matter how much they think about it, get together and walk around?

“Do you mean talent attracts talent?”Well, Ned and Iruki can interact on an equal footing, but…….’


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