Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 57

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[57] Gauge symmetry (3)

“Sina! Open your eyes!Pull yourself together!”

“Brother! Buy, save……!”

Sheena was not in a state of calm.However, it was impossible to wade with the physical abilities of two young people.Armin realized that he had to do it by himself.

“All you have to do is go to the Delpons.”From that point on, it’s a delta, so the quantity will decrease.At the current rate, we should be there in about 20 minutes.’

Twenty minutes? It was a long way off.Can I take Cina, who is unconscious, and endure 20 minutes in the torrent?

“What a fool. I have no choice but to do it.”’

Armin came to his senses.I felt a strange distortion of the scene before me.Broken logs were coming down.I twisted my body with all my might.He moved with reality, whether the old man got into his eyes, when a huge rock hit him, or when a sharp tree cut through his skin.

“A little more… A little more!”

I could feel the tiny hands of Shina pinching her waist.The feeling of a fragile life relying on itself was miserable, but a greater sense of mission awakened the mind.

After a hell of a time, the destination began to be seen in the distant downstream.But there was no way to get there.A tree broken toward the river was blocking the road.

“Listen, Sina,”We must avoid that.In order to do that, you have to go into the water.My brother will press you.Hold your breath and go up again.Do you understand?”

“Older brother! I’I can’t do it!”

“You have to. You can do it.Trust me!”

“Hey! Oh…!”

When the two vortexes entered the combined area, the speed of the torrent more than doubled.Unexpectedly, Armin bit his molar.The flood of garbage came like a monster with only a floating view of the neck.

Armin gave himself a cramp in his foot.Sharp things scratched through my body.He continued to bleed and his body temperature dropped, making him unconscious.In the meantime, I arrived at a tree that was blocking the road.Looking at it from a close point, there was no other way but to get into the water.

“Sina! I’m going!”

Armin glared at the approaching tree and timed it.Then he pressed her shoulder just before the crash.


The screaming voice of Shina was drowned in the water.The sharp epidermis of the wet wooden doong expanded in the field of view of Armin, which rose while pressing Cina.But his whole nerves were concentrated on the hand that weighed down Cynah.Then, the moment she walked under the wooden porch, she relaxed.

“Done! I succeeded!”

Armin smiled faintly and looked at the woodpecker approaching him.I was glad to have saved Sina.And until that moment, he didn’t close his eyes.

“Older brother!”

The voice of Shina drifting downstream was faintly heard.

That’s where the story of Shina ended.The children bowed their heads solemnly.

“I was rescued by the villagers as I drifted all the way to the Delpons.There was no dangerous structure thanks to my departure from the forest, and my brother, who fainted, was carried away to where I was.The school dispatched people for treatment, but the diagnosis was permanent eye damage.My brother has lost his sight since then.”

“Well, that’s the story for you two.”….”

“My brother taught me how to overcome fear.Thanks to you, I was able to overcome the overflow.But my brother lost his light.The greatest talent in school history……that’s how it stopped.”

Shirone was heartbroken.It is no exaggeration to say that almost all human eyes are lost.You can’t read books, and learning magic is bound to be a limitation.I could tell without seeing how disappointed and distressed he must have been.

“When I heard that my brother had come here three years ago, I met him.They are developing a style of painting that draws light.That’s why I volunteered to be a model.”

“I see. We didn’t know that, and we misunderstood it for no reason.”….”

It was rude of them to misunderstand their relationship as an affair.Just as the atmosphere was getting dark, Armin came with tea and refreshments.

“Did I disturb you?”It’s rare for Shina to bring up old things.”

“Older brother,”

“First of all, let’s get in the car.It’s not a good thing, but it’s got my wife’s secret in it, so I think it’s

“Oh, thank you for the meal.”

Shirone’s party received the tea cup in a grateful manner.He is said to have turned into a painter, but he has shown a genius for magic 20 years ago.They could blame their unfortunate fate, but they, aspiring wizards, could not underestimate Armin.

Armin, who returned to the canvas, offered a seat behind him.

“Well, then I’ll have to work on it, too.Would you please wait here?”

“Oh, yes, of course.”

The three of them, with their teacups in their hands, moved about in a little awkwardly.asked Ned, glancing at her as she got into position in bed.

“I’m sorry to ask you this question, but you’re not drawing a nudity, are you?”

Knowing that Armin was a painter, it was none of his business to do any art.However, I thought it would be difficult for Sina to do so in front of her disciples.

“Hahaha! No matter how blind you are, you can’t ask your beloved sister too much.”

“But I heard earlier that you wanted to take off your clothes…….”

“Oh, that’s it.Shina, will you show me?”

She opened the closet and took out a silver-foil coat.It was so dazzling that it was difficult to even look at it as the light reflected.said Shironet, covering his hand.

“Wow! It’s very bright.”

“Because you can’t see things exactly on the spirit zone alone.You can feel the light by putting a light-emitting body on a person or object.In that sense, foil coats are a very good tool.”

“It’s unique. You paint because you feel the light.”

“Instead of losing your eyes, you can paint what other artists can’t draw.But today is the last time I’m drawing a cina.I have a good sponsor and I have to move in a few days.So I wanted to make use of the original feeling of poetry.for I feel my beauty fade in my coat.”

Shina’s cheeks turned slightly red.

“You’re so…`That’s ridiculous,’

“Ha-ha! So what?”You are still a nine-year-old boy in my head.”

“All right, let’s get to work.When Keira gets back, he can’t even work.”

Shirone’s party wiggled their fingers and toes in a subtle, ticklish air.It is clear that they are like brothers and sisters, but that did not mean they were blood-related.Perhaps the reason why Cina reacted more violently than usual to the word “infidelity” was that she still had a slight lingering attachment to Armin.

“Well, let’s get started.I’ll finish earlier than usual, because I’ll draw it as I feel.”

When Sina had settled down, Armin took the charcoal and began to outline it.Shirone’s party, watching from the back, admired his skills.Even though it seemed to be drawn roughly, the lines were drawing the outline of Cina.

“Wow! That’s amazing.”


Iruki raised his index finger and warned Ned.Being blind is a fatal disadvantage for an artist, so it would require more concentration than usual.

But Shironet tilted his head.It was really strange.Even though there was no luminescence, Armin was accurately transferred to the canvas, even to the fine features of Cina.

“How is this possible?”Does it mean that the spirit zone is that dense?Even so, this detail is…….’

If the spirit zone has considerable density, precise description may be possible through synesthesia.It was the same principle as footprints on mud.But I understand that even Jonah Etella has not reached that level.

The picture has become more precise.Sheena had a beautiful smile that was rarely seen at school.Armin used bread like an eraser to perfectly embody the smile on the canvas.

Shirone exclaimed in his heart.I heard that one of the most difficult things for an artist to express is his lips.This is because the feeling changes according to subtle changes in the corners of the mouth.

“I see. This is impossible.’


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No matter how dense the spirit zone was, it didn’t make sense for a blind artist to catch this.When I thought so, I got goosebumps and my sense of portrait came back to life.

“Well… Mr. Armin,”


Armin smiled and turned his head slightly.Shironet wondered for a moment if he could ask such a question.If I had made a mistake, I would have done him a great disrespectful.

“Is it perhaps Mr. Armin?”….”

But I couldn’t stand it without asking.The cool chill of the portrait penetrated my bones.

“Can’t you see my eyes?”

Armin’s still smiling hand stopped.He laid down the charcoal calmly, and looked back at Shironet and said,

“Yes, I can see it.”

Shirone was speechless.Are you really saying that you can see my eyes?But why didn’t Mr. Sina know?

Armin, who had completely turned to Shirone, loosened the cloth covering his eyes.A number of wounds were engraved around the closed eyes.

“It’s obvious that you’re hurt, but how can you see it?”No, I was covering my eyes from the beginning.But what do you mean by “seeing”?….’

“You must have a lot of questions for me.I’ll show it to you myself.”

As Armin opened his eyes slowly, Shirone stopped breathing.There were no pupils.It was not to be called a minister, but the empty orbitals were filled with bright lights.

“Yes, Ned, Lucky!”Can you see that? Huh?

Shironet slapped Ned on the thigh in a hurry.However, the feeling of being conveyed through the hands was strange.firmness as if touching something.Turning his head to look at his friends, he sprang to his feet with a startled look on his face.

“No way!How?”

Ned didn’t even budge.Iruki was also looking at the canvas with a smile on his face.He hurried over and examined Cynah, but the same was true.He was just there, stiff as a wax figure.Armin approached the confused Shirone’s back.

“It’s been a long time since I had a visitor in my room.”

“No way, it’s……?”

“Yes, that’s right.It’s a magic called stop.”

Shironet turned away with a stunned look.Stop is a magic that can only be done by magicians who use light speed, and those who have reached this level throughout history have been selected.In short, he was experiencing the absolute state of time magic.

“Sit down. Let’s talk calmly.There’s plenty of time.”


Shirone smiled awkwardly.Certainly, if time had stopped, time could be said to be infinite.

“In fact, I was nervous while painting.I don’t know when Sirone will come into the station at this time.”

“How did you know that I would notice?”

Armin pointed to the light embedded in the orbital.

“The eye accepts light and reconstructs it into visual information.But without eyes, I feel the world by the light itself.This is quite a terrible experience.The forms of things that ordinary people perceive seem completely different to me.”

“It’s an idea, isn’t it?”

There is no guarantee that the human senses will accept the truth.Perhaps bricks are as soft as jelly.The fire was cold, and the sweet kiss of the lover might be accompanied by pain.

“Let me give you a proper introduction.I’m Armin in the mine.He is a wizard who is called a reflection of eternity among acquaintances.”

“But when Mr. Armin was a child, he used magic…….”

“Yes, it was an unfortunate accident.I left the Olifer school and wandered aimlessly for 15 years.A world full of darkness.”


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