Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 63

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[63] Invisible (3)

insanity and ecstasy.

Shironet shuddered.Everyone had forgotten to sleep for days and was absorbed in their work.Calculating it, it seemed that the average daily sleep time was only about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Even when Shironet was studying hard, he wasn’t working as hard as this.But strangely enough, I didn’t feel more tired than before.I felt as if the pain had been paralyzed.

“You’ve been playing around like that all the time, but you’re scaring them when it’s time to do it.”’

Shirone felt an unprecedented desire for achievement as he literally devoted himself to his field so much that even sleeping time was a waste.

“Ned, are you tired now?”

“No, not at all.Are you tired?I don’t know the truth.I feel like my head is open.”

“Me, too. I’m working on it, so let’s start with the script.I have to make a phrase for the poster.It takes time to actually do these little things.”

“Oh, is that so?”Let’s put up a poster tomorrow.”

“Are you going to be okay? I’m not even at the stage of predicting the workload.”

“We must keep it under control,”You’d better make a public announcement as soon as possible.I don’t want to make it obvious that I’m in a hurry.It’s a psychological game. Shouldn’t we consider this?”

“I see. Then I’ll make a poster phrase, and you think about the design.”

The two laid paper on the table and began to make posters.It was late at night, but their minds were still bright.

The next day.

At the end of lunch time, a poster was posted on the bulletin board.It was a presentation announcement by the Psychological Science Research Council.Most of the students were puzzled.Even the name was unfamiliar because they did not engage in official activities as a dark research group.The poster, in particular, was so ignorant that it made me laugh in vainly.The scene of the magic school was distorted to create a bleak landscape, as if looking at a circus poster.

A surprise presentation from the Psychological Research Society of Supernatural!

Shocking revelation! If you want to know who your soul is, gather at the 7th Lecture Hall.

“Psychological science? What’s that?Are you talking about ghosts?”

“There was a research group like this.I guess I really have nothing to do.Who is it?What about the kids who went into this silly research group?”

“Oh, boys, look at this.”

The girl pointed at the bottom of the poster.The eyes of the students who discovered the names of the researchers were wide open.

“It’s Shiro’s senior, isn’t it?”What’s going on here?Is there a person with the same name?”

“How could that be?”It’s really Sirone.There are also Mercodine Iruki and Ned next to me.”

“But all three of you?”Was it made for the performance evaluation?It’s too much to do.Why are you doing this kind of research?”

“When is the presentation?”Shall we attend, too.

“I’d like to go,”I’m getting interested in Sirone’s song.Did you really find out who the ghost is?”

“You’ll find out when you see it.”Laughing! Anyway, it sounds fun.”

The students turned away in a casual way.It was like going to a theater performance, not an academic conference.On the other hand, those who work in the dark, such as the supernatural psychological science research group, could not hide their wonder.They whispered as they gathered out of the public eye.

“What’s going on?”What do you mean a presentation at “Beginner’s Psychological Society?”

“It seems that the intelligence was at odds with Mr. Sina.You’ve decided to play a game.But can you do anything?It’s not what it used to be.The days of glory are over.”

“You can’t make it neat.Iruki is a servant, and Ned’s skill cannot be ignored.Shirone, a new member of the company, has also disbanded the Black Magisher.I don’t think it’s going to end like this.”

“Kkkkkkkk. You’re the only one in the lower grades.Anyway, let’s wait and see.If the Chosimnyeonghoe is gone, there will be a war.for the second master of Eastarth.”

“It won’t be easy.The Women’s Human Research Society has long been eyeing it.The Economic Research Society “Geum Hwa-ryun” is also preparing to open a black market.It’s an opportunity to take a good care of yourself.”

“Well, our puppet show is no joke.I swear on my lovely pokos.Eastarth’s “upper” is ours.”

Their eyes burned, recalling the upper part of Eastas, which is only a legend.Those who know and don’t know the Psychological Science Research Society.Everyone expected the presentation to be successful, although everyone had different circumstances.

On the other hand, the parties did not have time to care about such things.There was only one idea that filled their minds.

Why is a day only 24 hours a day?

If it had been about 200 hours a day.No, if it had only been 48 hours, I would have produced a perfect result.

However, it was not foolish enough to waste time in delusion.The three were working on the work, splitting the day as small as possible.

Ned, who succeeded in developing the prototype, held a demonstration in front of Shirone and Iruki.The hologram device was a hemispherical machine that looked like a bowl of rice was upside down, and output terminals were attached one after another on the outside.While Iruki was setting up a function on the device, Shirone waited holding a crystal ball of optical fiber.

“Shiro, try the photon output.”

“Will it be okay? It’s not perfect yet”.

“It’s the same with us.You have to demonstrate first to find something to make up for.”

“I see,”

Cyrone, clutching each of the two crystal beads, launched a powerful photon output.Electricity was generated at the output terminal of the hologram device, and the shape of a translucent person appeared.Although there is a limit to the clarity that can be electrically implemented, Nade thought it was rather better.This is because the ghost that students imagine will also feel like this.

“This is a hologram,”

Ghosts were soldiers in ancient armor.His face was horribly stained and bones were exposed throughout his body.

“First of all, the frame is fine.It’s your turn, Yuruki.”

Iruki activated Ned’s controller.There are only four buttons, but dozens of patterns could be expressed because combinations were possible.Whenever the button was pressed, the soldier’s hologram showed various movements.Iruki, who was watching the soldiers walk around the warehouse, was satisfied.

“First of all, there is no problem with the function.I think we can go like this.All that’s left is Shirone.Are you sure? On the day of the presentation, the number of devices will increase tremendously.”

Shirone, who demonstrated it himself, was also worried.Power generation can be recovered as much as possible with Ned’s electricity, but the problem was information delivery.This is because my mind was quite tired even though I only operated one hologram device.

“I’ll do my best.Still, it’s hopeful that the maintenance time is increasing.So now Ned is going into mass production.Is ROOKIE’s team finished?”

“No, I still have a lot to make up for.If you consider psychological changes, it will take a year to analyze them.We consider the probability of approximately 5% or more as a practical variable.But you’ll still be on time.”

“First of all, I’ve got a prototype, so I’m going to make a winning move from today.I don’t have time to rehearse.Let’s stick to our roles for the rest of our time.”

That’s what he said, but everyone knew that Shironet was the most burdensome person.Even if a few devices fail or the function of Iruki is slightly wrong, the operation will proceed anyway.However, if the output weakens, students will not even be able to try the operation and even laugh at it.

“Limit ten minutes.If you don’t get there, there’s only one presentation.”

Returning to the warehouse, Shirone looked back on the training he had done so far.Mental reinforcement takes place in the form of a rebound.It rarely became increasingly strong.a zigzag pattern of falling and rising.In addition, the larger the fall, the greater the increase.

“The more we push our minds to the limit, the greater the extent of our reinforcement.”

It was the conclusion that Shironet had come to.If you borrow this method from physical training, you will not be able to withstand it for a month and your body will break, but your mind has the elasticity to withstand high levels of stress.In particular, there was no better way to train Shirone, whose strength is durability.

pushing oneself to the brink of destruction of consciousness

It may be accompanied by pain, but this was the only solution to overcome the current difficulties.

`More, more, more, more!’’

The size of the light source reflected on the wall was getting bigger.

* * *

It was the last day I promised my friends.

Time was drawing near midnight.The warehouse where Sirone was training was as bright as day with the light of photon output light.Shirone, who shot the photon with both hands, closed his eyes tightly and bit his lips.His body gradually twisted and his legs struggled with pain.My consciousness seemed to melt away.It was something that might drive me crazy at this rate.



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Shirone even scooped up a handful of mental strength.The next moment the light disappeared like a faucet.I heard the sound of kneeling in the dark warehouse.

“Gasp! Gasp!”

Shirone checked the time with his knee when he crawled down the clock’s button.

10 minutes and 32 seconds.

“Well, hahaha…….”

It was an incredible result that made me laugh.

The photon output was maintained for more than 10 minutes.It was thanks to thousands of mental rebounds in a short period of a month.Spirit zones have become dramatically stronger, and their main specialty magic power has also been raised to a level above Class Five.

As the iron door opened, Ned, who had not been seen for several days, came in.He had to walk around the school in a transparent cloak, but his complexion was much worse than before.

“Shiro, the training is over.It’s time for a rehearsal.”

Knowing that Shironet’s target was too high, Nade deliberately didn’t ask for results.Cyrone, who was sweating, threw the cogwheel timewatch.Ned’s eyes opened wide when he accepted it.10 minutes and 32 seconds.It was a startling shame.

“Did you… really do it?”

said Cyrone, with his thumb raised, with a smile.

“Goal accomplished. Let’s go for it.”

* * *

Alpeas School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 7th Lecture.

The presentation was held at 5 p.m., but an hour ago, people were crowded in front of the lecture hall with people.Rumors spread and spread, and most of the students gathered to attend the presentation of the supernatural psychological science conference.

“Wow! There are so many people.I’ve never heard of the name of a research group before.As expected, stars are different.

I was amazed to see the line of Serie A.She had been promoted to a graduate school after Shironet’s Speed Gun test, so she did not know much about the research group.

Amy looked surprised, too.It was great that Class Five, a research group with only three members, could attract so many people.

“You should have caused a lot of trouble.Anyway, the box office was a success.”

“I didn’t expect Shiro to get along with Ruki.I’m afraid I can’t live or die now.”

As the two lined up, the high-level students stirred up.The seniors of the senior year came to see me.Although it was a Class Three badge on his collar, his eyes were naturally in awe of the report.

“Wow, it’s Amy.Is this kind of sloppy presentation something for seniors to attend?”

“You idiot. Shiro’s lover is Amy.He was always with me when I was in high school.”

“But…… Then what are the seniors over there.

The students’ eyes were focused on one place.Amy and Cherie also looked back and looked surprised.

“Oh? Amy, look over there.”Here comes Cayden, isn’t he?

Cayden, who was in the Class Two, had his hand in his pocket.Around him is Richard the Alchemist.Electric Monster Likan.There were many talented people from Class Two, a holy name for high-end class children such as Sona’s Hershi.


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