Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 69

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[69] At the top (3)

“By the way, it’s Shiro said.What have you been up to lately?What do you do in the city?Do you work in a store?”

“Huh? No, that’s…….”

Shironet decided to tell the truth.I knew my father was silent, but when I asked, I couldn’t deal with them so coldly as to lie.

“In fact, I go to a magic school.”


All the children shouted with their eyes wide open.

It was incredible.Of course, I’ve known since I was a child that Shirone was extraordinary, but I can’t believe that the child of Shirone is entering a magic school.

“Oh, what’s going on.Are you serious.

Shironet was surprised that the children were more surprised than expected.said he, deliberately, in order to calm them down.

“Ha-ha. That’s my luck.I once worked as a librarian for a noble family, and fortunately, I was admitted to the school thanks to your family’s favorable views.”

The children were more absent-minded when they heard the story.

No matter how much he worked as a librarian, no aristocrat could do that for the common people.

It was natural that anyone who did not know how difficult Shirone had gone through to get here would not understand.

“Well, anyway, that’s great.Are you learning magic now?”

“Wow! Magic!Can you use magic?Huh? Try it! Show us!”

The children cried out, “Everyone is different,” and Shirone had to sweat for a long time to calm them down.

“Well… I can’t do it well because my class is still low.And if you use magic outside of school, it’s against the school rules.”

Altor glanced doubtfully at Sirone.To be honest, I couldn’t believe it.Since childhood, Shirone’s fine appearance and character have aroused awe in children.Nevertheless, Altor was able to become a leader because he had the most important force for the common people.

But what about now?

Shirone became a student at a magic school where only the most noble people attended, and he was still only an Altor of the Hwajeon Minchon.

“Why are you here if you’re going to a magic school?”Aren’t you supposed to be studying right now?”

“Oh, that’s… I just came out on vacation.I had a tough exam the other day, so I’m going to take a break.”

I had no choice but to lie this time.If you say you’ve been suspended, your father will hear you.Even if it was a good thing, it was clear that my parents would be disappointed.

Most of the children seemed to believe.Since I’ve never been to school, I thought it was easy to give a vacation.

said Lumina, grasping Shirone’s collar.

“How many days do you take off on vacation?”

“Well, I don’t know. About three days?”

“Really? Are you going home then?”

“Haha, no.The semester is coming to an end soon, so I’ll go home then.I’m sure your parents are busy, too.

“Well, in three days you’ll be here.”The holidays are coming to an end.”

They with the same parents knew better than anyone how busy the living people were.

said Martin.

“Have you decided where to go?”Where are you going to sleep?”

“Well, that’s…I haven’t decided anything yet.”

exclaimed Lumina, smiling.

“Really? Then come with us.You used to sleep a lot.”

Shironet was fascinated by the words.Even if I went back to school, I couldn’t borrow books from the library because I was suspended, and all I could do was lie down in the accommodation and kill time.But I didn’t want to spend the night alone in this place where I didn’t know anyone.

“Will it be okay if I go?”

“What are you talking about?”We still sleep together at my friends’ house every other day.”

I remembered Shirone, too.Familiar with community life, they were friends, brothers, lovers, and family.

“Yes, of course,”I’d like to see you, too, for the first time in a while.”

“Come on! Now that you’ve sold out, let’s go!”Let’s have a big beer!”

Altor walked to the cart with his arms around Shirone’s head.Shironet’s pain was heard by a much stronger force than usual.

“Ouch. It hurts.”

“Hahaha! You’re still so clumsy, can’t you?To be a good wizard, you need physical strength.”

Shironet knew that this behavior was a way to sort out the ranks and regain the authority of the leader.I didn’t feel bad about it.It was Sirone, who lived as a child of a goon who lived all his life and understood their lives.

Altor put Shironet on the cart and burned him.No matter how small it was, it was impossible to lift an adult man without considerable force.When he stared blankly at the thought that his childhood friend had become a monster, Altor stroked Sirone’s head and burst into laughter.

“Good to see you, Siri!”Let’s drink with a crooked nose today!”

* * *

Shirone, who came into Hwajeon Mincheon by cart, was impressed by the scene he hadn’t seen in a long time.Green shoots sprouted in the fields along the ridge, and smoke rose from the chimney of the mountain village along the ridge.The potters found a cart coming along the path and shouted.

“Martin! Are you coming now?”

“Yes, old man!Shirone came with me too!”

“What? You’re sick, aren’t you?”What about Vincent?”

“Uncle Vincent is not here.But, mister, do you know that?Shirone is attending a magic school now!”

“What? You’re eating around?”

“No! I’m not eating. I’m attending a magic school!”

“Hahaha! That’s not true either.”


Martin shut up, and the old man plowed the field again.Altor understood his uncle.How can he believe it when he has lived his whole life cultivating the land when he can’t even believe it now?

Lumina pouted her lips.

“Why don’t you believe me?”Don’t worry, Shirone.I’ll tell you later.”

“Ha-ha. That’s not necessary.”

said Altor.

“You didn’t say anything, did you?”Don’t come forward for nothing, just shut up!

As the leader of the children of slash-and-burners, Altor knew the horror of words.If Sirone is lying, Vincent’s position will be difficult.

“If I lose my business with Uncle Vincent, my family will suffer.’

Altor, who put a cart in a public warehouse, took his children to the only store in Hwajeon Minchon that sells alcohol.All I had was a pillar on the ground and a few tables, but the wife of the herbalist was a side job.


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“Madam, I’m here.”

“Welcome, Althor,”Oh, aren’t you Shirone?”

“How have you been, madam?”

“Yes, indeed,”Vincent said he works in the city, so I guess he met you there.Anyway, I’m glad you’re here.”

The children were accustomed to attaching three tables.Althor, seated at the head of the table, placed an order.

“I’d like a beer for now, and I’ll have the usual side dish.”

Shirone felt a sense of separation.When they used to hang out, they were all children who couldn’t even drink alcohol.But now he sat with his legs crossed like an adult, gulping down beer.Compared to their appearance, the children at the magic school were still children.

“What do you say, Shiro?”Do you drink well?”

“Huh? Oh, no.I haven’t tried it yet.”

“What? Now that I’ve seen you, you’re still a little boy.You don’t even have hair there, do you?(Laughs)

The children burst into laughter at Altor’s joke.But Lumina, a woman, was as serious as she was.

“What do you mean to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time?”But that’s the only way you’ve got a big mouth.

Althor’s face turned slightly red when I gave him a slap on the face while openly siding with Sirone.

“Well… it’s been like that for a long ago.

I’ve known Lumina likes Shirone since I was a child.But not everyone is a child now.The powerful have a wonderful woman.Altor thought that Lumina’s partner should be himself, the next mayor.Still, I was so happy that my unpleasant feelings quickly swept away by my drunkenness.Shirone was also happy to meet his friends after a long time.The beer I drank for the first time was surprisingly good, so the atmosphere of excitement continued.

“Do you know that Hauran used to run at Sirone?”

“Hey, why are you bringing that up all of a sudden.Don’t do it!”

Cyrone, who was drunk, stirred his hand to dry Martin.

“What’s wrong with that? It’s all in the past.Besides, Hauran got married last year, so she’s not even here.”

“Oh, really? That’s a good thing.”

The children burst into laughter at Sirone’s words and struck the table with laughter.As the atmosphere rose, Lumina clung to Shirone with a spirit of drink.

“What kind of girl is Shiro’s ideal type?”

“Huh? Well, I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Alto deliberately spoke to Shirone because there was no way to stop Lumina from making a fool of him.

“Shiro. Are you really going to a magic school?”Then shouldn’t you at least be able to do simple magic?”

“Well, you know, actually, I learned magic late, so I’m behind the other kids.Magic itself is a very difficult discipline.It’s not that I can’t do it at all, but it’s forbidden by the school rules….”

Even if he could do magic, he was definitely a student.Unless you obtain a formal wizard certificate, the use of magic outside of school is strictly prohibited.The exception was when they were threatened with life or when others were exposed to danger.

Of course, I know that most students do not follow the school rules and that there is no way to prevent them realistically, but there is a reason why the school rules were created.

He was Sirone, who broke the limbs of bullies he met in the alley at the age of 12.The other day, Nade’s sudden use of magic at the restaurant could have turned into a big fight if the opponent had come out a little stronger.

Magic is not just force.It was a powerful power that elicited the power of Mother Nature with the human spirit.

The photon output, Shironet’s main specialty, does not have a gram of physical force, but the moment it is introduced, it is known that fear and awe sprout in children’s minds.I didn’t want to make the atmosphere weird by showing magic at a drinking party.

Martin asked, chewing the dried jerky.

“If it’s that hard, can a wizard be bad?”

“Of course, there are much worse people than wizards.”

“Really? If the Wizard doesn’t work, how will you make money?”

“Huh? How……?”

I had never seriously considered the situation when I failed because I had been running towards becoming a wizard.

Making a living by making money was the biggest concern of children of this age, so Cyrone tilted his head when he couldn’t answer.

“Then who will pay for the tuition?”Do the nobles give you that, too.

“Well, I’ve got some support for now.”

The children’s eyes were wide open.

“Wow! Really?How much?Did you save some money?How are you going to get married?Have you dated nobles?”

“No, I’ve never thought about it…….”

“Have you been there?”I mean the store with a lot of girls.The nobles, however, come in and out of course.

“Well… there are people like that, but not necessarily.”….”

Althor’s impression was crushed by the children’s enthusiastic questions and answers.Hasn’t it become as if Shironet was the leader?

The order of Hwajeonminchon was not just set to hit and lay weak children.Without the control of a powerful leader, people become greedy to have a larger share.

For them who are isolated from society, discord means the collapse of a group.The reason for choosing leaders since childhood was also to prepare for the time when they grew up and had to take responsibility for the village.

said Althor in a sour voice.

“Stop it. Why do you have so many questions?”Do you envy the life of Shironet?”

“Of course I envy you.The nobles will pay for it.”


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