The Academy’s Weapon Replicator Novel – All Chapters

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Title: The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Description: Etius, a game that no one has cleared. [GAME OVER] The moment all possible strategies failed, “Student Frondier ?” I became an Extra in the game, I became Frondier! [Weaving] •Saves and replicates images of objects. However, it is an illusion. All I have is the ability to replicate objects as virtual images! [Main Quest: Change of Destiny] ? You know the end of humanity’s destruction. Save humanity and change its fate. “Change the fate with this?!” Duplicate everything to carve out my destiny!

Alternate Names: AWR, 아카데미의 무기복제자

Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Harem School Life Shounen Supernatural

Author(s): 서쪽

Status: 560 Chapters (Ongoing)

Original Publisher: Kakaopage, KW Books

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