I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 288

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Episode 288: Improvement of Evil (1)

“ah! Cadet Fei, a transfer student! win again. It’s a series of surprises!

In the round of 16, he won against Kang Joo-hyeop, and this time he won a light victory against Jeong-hyeon! What a natural sense!”

“The ability to use magic is unmatched.

If this is enough… Wouldn’t you dare to be compared to cadet Min Jae-hyun… .”

[Anonymous 1: But at this level, isn’t Min Jae-hyun really winning? Do you think your talent is crazy?]

[Anonymous 25: Where did this person come from hiding? Are you a hermit?]

[Anonymous 21: So. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe it. Ahn Ho-yeon showed me that he was bored earlier… Honestly, I think he’s stronger?]

[Anonymous 91: Hahaha I’m excited again. You won’t know unless you check it anyway. Besides, you can’t judge just by fighting that day. In the end, you have to see when you graduate.]

The commentary and the caster’s voice were well transmitted to Jaehyun and his colleagues in the waiting room.

The same was true of the tournament chat window.

The main point of the story is the newcomer to the finals. Most of them were about the powerlessness of transfer students.

In fact, any of Miles’ cadets had already pinned Jaehyun as the winner of this individual ranking match.

Even if he was a freshman, what Jaehyun had accumulated so far was already in a state of awe. It never occurred to him that anyone else could beat him.

In fact, it was.

In the semi-final match against Ahn Ho-yeon, he only suffered a minor injury to his shoulder. It was unbelievable that he was seen against someone who had reached the S rank.

There will be no one who doesn’t know that he didn’t even try his best.

However, a new cadet that can be compared to such a reenactment appears?

That was enough information to get everyone’s attention.

It was fun. It was also an overly heavy story to consume as a mere play.

“pay… was it I mean a transfer student. Wasn’t he the one who came to our cafe on the first day?”

It was Kim Yoo-jung’s question. Jaehyun nodded.

“that’s right. It did.”

“… It just doesn’t feel right. I happened to pass by in the hallway for a while, and it was tough to look at. After Kang Joo-hyeop senior, even Jeong-hyeon senior, everyone suffered.”

“be careful. At least he seemed like a much stronger guy than me.”

Seo In-na and Ahn Ho-yeon also said the same. Kwon So-yul and Lee Jae-sang did not say anything, but seemed to believe in Jae-hyun.

“If you’ve come to the finals, don’t look back. Don’t worry, we will definitely win.”

‘If I don’t do that, all my colleagues might die. It’s a fight you can’t back down from.’

Jaehyun caught his breath.

He was now thinking completely different from his colleagues.

‘Go to the finals. If you’ve come this far, that’s for sure. pay… The transfer student is Aesir’s dog. He came here for me and his comrades. I have to stop it somehow.’

I don’t know why they used the cumbersome method of incorporation.

But anyway, right now I have no other option but to win.


Jaehyun murmured softly, then cooled his head.

I will not be shaken.

That way, in the end, the winner will be you.

way to get here. Wasn’t even that smooth already?

In any situation, Jaehyun was ready to face the enemy.

* * *

“yes. All preparations have been completed. Whenever Gujain attacks, we will cut off brainwashing with wizards with dispel magic.

We have decided to deliver the remains and compensation to the bereaved family of the already dead raider, so don’t be too heartbroken. It’s heartbreaking, but it must have been unavoidable because Gujain was stronger than he thought.

We have to break the chain here somehow.”

Park Seong-jae said so while communicating with Yoo Seong-eun.

Naturally, he was a disgruntled voice.

“… All right. Please be extra careful this time to handle it without casualties as much as possible. I will prepare for him from this side.”

He was now planning to catch up with Goo Jain and kill him.

There were eight casualties in the process. It was quite shocking, but it wasn’t like this hadn’t happened while running the guild.

Right now, the priority was to somehow end the situation properly.

This was to avoid further problems.

Yoo Sung-eun watched Jae-hyun play the game. He intended to wait here pretending to be a guest at the festival, and then step out when the enemy’s movements were detected.

Of course, in the process, I encountered a person I never thought of.

“so. Why are you here?”

“I came to see my son’s school festival, is there something wrong?”

In front of him was Lee Jae-shin.

He is frowning and making a face as if asking for something obvious.

“Anyway, that’s how it happened, so maybe something will happen at the festival. Please help me then.”

“i get it.”

The two of them shook their heads as they chatted.

It was almost the same timing.

But now there was one event that was just as important as the incident.

It was the finals of the individual ranking match at Milles Academy, where Jae-hyun went up. It was because the magical power of Fay, a transfer student who came out against him, was unusual.

‘Something’s strange. I feel uncomfortable.’

Yooseong chewed his lips and thought about that. She silently watched as Jaehyun came out to the arena where the final stage was held.


Jaehyun’s expression was darker than ever.

* * *

Above the angular arena drawn an octagonal circle.



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Jaehyun saw a man walking slowly in front of him.

Enemy caught. It was quite rare even among Raiders who went through a drastic change in appearance after becoming an Awakener.

The playful face of the other person was still saturated with the same deep darkness as when they met in the cafe.

“Are you sure you are the dog of the Aesir?”

Jaehyun asked in a voice that no one else could hear.

Fay just shrugged.


“What happened? Whatever it is, if I win, it’s all over. yes?”

“If you can.”

his flirtatious attitude. Soon after, the commentary and caster’s signal to start the match fell.

“Then, finally, the Milles Academy Ranking match one-on-one! Let that finals begin!”

At the same time as the words fell, Jaehyun immediately raised his mana and shot it at Faye.

―Active skill «Frozen Earth Lv 5» is activated.

Quadd Deuk!

The ice shards that expand the range attack while extending their magical power like branches.

However, Fei parried Jaehyun’s attack very lightly.



The S-class magic that reached Lv 5 with one gesture was destroyed.

Pieces of ice flew, and hailstones fell from the sky like rain. From there, it was a good start.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

I already knew that the enemy was strong.

But this much?

At least, it is higher than the sum of three or five S-class raiders.

After making a conclusion, Jaehyun quickly deployed the next magic. He didn’t forget to make Needhogg’s fangs and put them in his hand.

‘Originally, priestly weapons cannot be brought in… My case is different. Because this is just a weapon created with my skills.’

There is no skill level limit for this ranking match. Even if Jaehyun made and used a weapon, it meant that it was not a violation of the rules at all.

“I-what is that?! Aren’t they the fangs of an S-class Nidhogg?”

“But it looks a little different… Is it fake?”

There was no time to pay attention to the noise of people.

Everyone can die here. Jaehyun understood this well.

―Active skill «Chain of Lightning Lv 5» is activated.



Chains break without a hitch.

The magic of reappearance only collapsed this time. It was strange.

An intense sense of incongruity began to rise from the depths of my heart.

It was a sixth sense close to instinct.

Just in time, Artifact also responded.

―The effect of the artifact 《Crest of Sense Amplification》 is displayed!

―The user’s sixth sense becomes extremely sensitive!

―The gap with the designated target is very extreme.

―Get out of here immediately!

―Get out of here immediately!

Jaehyun bit his lip and looked up.

‘The fact that the artifact and the system reacted like this… It is also not easy to see. I can’t tell how strong he is.’

A little while ago, in fact, Jaehyun tried to gauge his power once through his insight.

But this was futile.

The man called Fei in front of me. transfer student.

It meant that his level was similar to or higher than his own.

“In Midgard, even beings with rank wouldn’t be able to use more than 30% of their strength.”

“Of course it is. But I’m a bit of a special case. however.”

At that moment, Faye’s mood suddenly reversed.

“Are you the type to talk a lot when fighting?”



Jaehyun was hit by Fei’s fist, who had quickly closed the distance, and rolled the ground several times.

The destructive power was at an unbelievable level.

Is this really human strength?

Jae-Hyun was rolled almost to the brink of being rags in a series of attacks. It’s the first time I’ve seen this much crowd since the Nidhogg War.

I can’t help but admit it now.

‘The man in front of me is stronger than me.’

Jae-hyeon realized that there was no other way and started to draw out the proper style.

―Unlock the user’s divinity!

Deity corresponding to the second stage. It was the power that would soon open the third stage.

I will take it out and kill the enemy at once.

That was Jaehyun’s plan.

However, one problem arose.

“Can I do just that? Otherwise.”

The moment he hears an incomprehensible word, a message appears in front of Jaehyun’s eyes.

―The opponent unlocks the Divinity!

―The degree of release of the opponent’s divinity is 3 levels.

―An overly dangerous foe!

Faye smiled as she brought out a divine power that was more overwhelming than her own.

“Shall we just take one step ahead?”

* * *

“iced coffee! Hey, what the hell is this? I understand that the transfer students are doing great, but… This is beyond the norm.

Even if cadet Min Jae-hyeon loses a lot of physical strength in a series of battles… That’s a level that doesn’t make sense.”

“That’s right. It’s not enough to completely destroy the S-class skills, it’s like driving cadet Min Jae-hyun to that extent.

Cadet Fay… His skill seems to be one level higher in my eyes.”

“Not only that. That level of destructive power is a scene that can only be understood as both are already far above S-class. If emergency medical staff are not put in right away, there is a risk that a dangerous situation will be expected… .”

Commentary and Caster’s story was no longer heard.

The chat also went crazy over what was going on. With the voices of people cheering for Jaehyun and Fei, the Colosseum was filled with excitement.

Jaehyun looked ahead. I’ve been out of breath

“ha… ha… .”

Jaehyun raised his head, letting out a deep breath.

‘You won’t be able to defeat him by force. It’s more important than anything else to stay calm and find a way to counterattack.’

he thought

enemy in front. Fei would be the one who stood on the side of the Aesir under the circumstances.

and stronger than you

Then, how should I overcome the situation and move on?

It took longer than expected to figure it out.

“You have to think of one thing.”

At that moment, Fei’s face, who had been talking to her, changed for a very short time to a blurry noise. Jaehyun did not miss that moment.

“That look… Bruen?”

Next was the appearance of a huge dragon. Naturally, it was a familiar face to Jaehyun.

one who watches

what? Why did Fay show them?

“Ah, this seems out of sync… Well, don’t worry about that anyway. I want you to answer my question.”

Jaehyun nodded his head in an incomprehensible situation.

If he could buy time with the conversation now, he might be able to think of a strategy.

It is not too late to think about why Brune and the watcher are right in front of his eyes, even after this battle is over.

“Why do you only believe in yourself?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I always ask why you try to do everything by yourself. Isn’t that too harsh?”

Jaehyun bit his lip.

He struggled to open his mouth.

“Because I don’t want to lose something precious.”

“How long are you going to keep your valuables in the treasure chest and take care of them? Like a glass bead? Wipe and look at it every day. … Do you really think it’s right to do that?”

“What do you want to say?”

It was when Jaehyun asked.

“I am… ”

The moment Faye was about to speak again.



A scream erupted with the sound of an explosion.

where is the sound coming from?

The moment Jaehyun thought about that. Along with the voices heard, an emergency evacuation order began to be given to the stadium that was filled with people.

“Ah, let me tell you. Ranked match seems to have to stop here for a while. It is said that an unknown, gigantic magical power was sensed here, in the sky over Milles Academy… .”

Fei in front of me murmured softly.

“Are you finally here?”

When the two of them felt a sense of incongruity while fighting and looked up at the sky. Black, winged, unknown beings were looking down at them.

Jaehyun had never seen them before, but he knew what they were.

“… Valkyrie.”

and at the center of it. A woman wearing more luxurious armor than the others raised her sword and pointed it at Jaehyun.

“I am Sigrun. One of the leaders of the Valkyries.”

She put strength into the sword she was holding.

“I will take Freya’s command and destroy you, the opponent of the prophecy, here.”

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