I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 389

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Episode 389: Mimi’s Brune (3)

giant of wisdom.

Mimir already knew that an adversary would come looking for him.

Two empty pupils and horns growing from his head. A gigantic figure appears in front of Jaehyun. In fact, he was very ugly.

It was the aftermath of a war in the past. Prior to Ragnarok, Mimir originally sided with Odin, but eventually changed his mind and betrayed him.

Odin, aware of his betrayal, naturally tried to punish him, and the huge scars on his face were caused by that.

It was none other than Odin, who once shared his will, who carved the scar that now stands as a symbol of Mimir.

‘It’s a bit earlier than expected.’

Mimir thought of that and looked at him using the power of his mind’s eye.

‘You’ve already reached level 4 of liberation. Did you pass the test of the vicious Fenrir?’

Jaehyun was now clearly powerful and possessed the highest rank. A person in the position of an overwhelming predator. He was like that now.

Mimir knew too. Now, that he has reached a level comparable to the other Æsir gods in terms of individual ability.

“I am Mimir, the keeper of Mimisbrunn! formally greet you nice to meet you The antagonist of the prophecy.”

Mimir smiled and said hello. A cheerful smile.

In the meantime, there was a sadness that I couldn’t understand.

However, Jaehyun responded without showing off.

“Nice to meet you. This is Min Jae-hyun. There were many stories I wanted to hear.”

“It’s really nice to meet your adversary’s companions. Sit down first.”

At the same time Mimir recommended, a chair appeared in front of the two of them. It was a high-quality wooden chair, but it seemed that it was magically treated so that it could be taken out of the subspace.

Mimir also made a table and placed it in front of him, and before he knew it, he himself sat down on the opposite chair. He brushed his beard and opened his mouth.

“Jaehyun. I am very glad to see you. I already knew that you would come here.

Especially, the way you used that plant that came up to the fountain. It was wonderful!”

Being praised for wisdom by a giant made me feel like I didn’t know what to do, but Jaehyun nodded.

When I first encountered him in the trial of the giant, I was in a position to be tested, so I didn’t even know that such feelings preceded it.

Mimir took a leisurely look at Jaehyun’s face.

“The reason you came to me now is to save Frey and convince Freyja, right?”

Jaehyun nodded his head with a slightly surprised expression, not knowing that he could see through that far.

“That’s right. Maybe one person is in an urgent situation… If there is something you can do, you better try it all.”

The goal of this journey of reproduction. It was to scoop up Mimir’s spring water here.

Mimir’s spring water is described as a product of wisdom in Norse mythology. However, this is not all-powerful, and it is said to visualize fragmented memories or information.

Stories I heard from the half Aesir gods in the past. Jaehyun knew that even that would require an enormous amount of magical knowledge.

Preserve all memories… … Also play it.

No matter how you think about it, it was a power that exceeded standards. Even more so, it wasn’t something that an individual could do.

Jaehyun thought about that and looked closely at Mimir.

It may be disrespectful to the giant who dared to create the system, but he also used magic to gauge his strength.

Then, the same thought ran up his spine.

‘It’s unbelievable power. Even though my body can’t support it, I can hardly take it out.’

Even compared to his current self, it was Mimir with almost the same level of magical power. However, according to Hel’s past, he hardly knows how to use combat magic.

It was just Mimir who had been immersed in magical research and records all his life. Moreover, because of his mild temperament, he is not well suited to combat.

Perhaps, despite his overwhelming power, he prioritized saving the inhabitants of another world over taking care of himself.

“I don’t know if Freyja knows, but now she’s playing into Odin’s hands. Freya has her most important thing in mortgage.”


Jaehyun had a rough idea of ​​what it might be.

His own brother, Frey.

Since he is captured, I wonder if he is trying to rescue him from Odin’s clutches somehow.

I thought that there was a lot of possibility if it was a brother and sister who had a usually mild temperament and had a lot of friendship.

‘Of course Brisingamen… It may be that she is cooperating with Odin for the legendary necklace that is said to be beautiful.

But from what I’ve heard from other gods so far, Freya isn’t that kind of person.’

Didn’t Jaehyun personally experience it in the decisive battle with Sigrun?

Freya was a recognized leader. He was also an excellent tactician.

I thought that she couldn’t be swayed by something like a necklace.

So maybe all that’s left is… It’s probably just Frey.

However, Mimir’s continued words were enough to shatter Jaehyun’s thoughts.

“She is cooperating with Odin because of Brisinggamen.”

At those words, Jaehyun couldn’t help but be dubious.

The one who trusted and followed his subordinates so much. You betrayed the anti-Aesir forces and cooperated with Odin just for the sake of the necklace?

However, Jaehyun did not rush to ask questions to clear up his doubts. he felt it

Mimir’s story isn’t over yet. That he opened it in such a hurry because there was more left.

* * *

When Jaehyun was talking to Mimir. In the temple of Hel, everyone except him is gathering and talking.

This time, everyone except him really gathered.

The head of the Van Æsir throne.

Loki was here.

He never showed up when Jaehyun was in front of him, but this time it was different. He took the rhyme with a serious expression.

“Odin has prepared an army. The war will probably start with the Valkyrie’s air raid.”

“… I haven’t seen you in a while What do you mean by suddenly appearing?”

Helen asked with a puzzled expression. But the people here knew.

No matter how much the person in front is the trickster Loki, in the end he is the head of the anti-Aesir alliance.



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He couldn’t even play a joke in this situation.

Therefore, I will not be able to hear all the stories I am talking about now.

“I told Idunn and Nidhogg beforehand… For a while I went for a walk.”

“… walk?”

Smir sighed as if he was dumbfounded. Although he was originally such a nobleman, it was because he felt that it was especially severe today.

“Oh, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything. I went to the elven forest for a while.”

“The Elven Forest?”

Hella tilted her head as if she didn’t understand what he was saying.

An elven forest… Wasn’t it already destroyed along with the kingdom? Why did Loki go to a place where the life line was completely cut off?

“You don’t know, but there are still survivors there.”

[Survivor… .]

Jormungandr shook his head as if he had no idea.

Fenrir asked with an excited expression.

[how is it? Is he strong?]

He was the only one who respected his father.

Loki smiled.

“of course. She is truly… It is a direct descendant of the king.”

[Direct lineage of the king?]

At those words, everyone looked at him in shock.

Loki nodded.

“okay. It’s a jewel saved by the adversary. A jewel that has been smelted for 10,000 years.”

Loki laughed mischievously.

“how is it. she is… Don’t you think it’s most beautiful?”

* * *


The story about this is so famous in Norse mythology that few people know about it.

A symbol of Freya, and an object that shows her dark side.

Jaehyun was sure.

That there must be another truth hidden there.

‘It is clear that there is a distortion of the myth.’

Norse mythology became reality. No, I originally lived in that world, but some of the events that were rough to reproduce were not able to maintain the other world at all.

This was to open Jaehyun’s eyes, and it was also to make him not believe in anything other than what he saw.

‘Myth in one sense or another by Odin. It was also distorted by the Aesir gods.’

Thialpina, the Golden King, Fafnir, and other greedy people who were known to be on Odin’s side. They all had their own circumstances.

And due to the distortion of the myth, it was portrayed as a being close to evil.

However, in reality, that was not the case, and the one who could be seen as the axis of evil was Odin.

He exploited them for his own comfort and greed, and chose the current distortion of history to cover it up.

Jaehyun was sure this time would be the same.

As he waited without questioning himself, Mimir smiled intriguedly.

“You are prudent. Even though I have a question, I don’t ask why first. Just as I remember.”

At most, he only met once, and he seemed to know everything about himself. But it didn’t bother me at all. Rather, if you know yourself well, the story will speed up.

Jaehyun looked at his face, wondering what he would say.

Mimir was

“okay. It’s as you think. Brisingamen. There is a very ugly truth hidden in this. How could the collaboration between Freyja and Odin be achieved?”

After saying that, Mimir turned around. After that, he took a glass from the space and held it in his hand. A goblet that looks like a golden chalice.

Mimir got up from his seat and used it to pour a cup of Mimisbrunn’s spring water. Then he gazed for a moment at his own ugly face reflected in the fountain beneath his reflection.

Then he repeated the same action one more time, and gave it to Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung. he said with a laugh.

“Come on, drink. My fountain can contain memories. I can’t show it to other gods, but if it’s you, it’s fine.”

Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung looked at each other for a while and then swallowed.

Came here for this. It was a little scary, but Mimir wasn’t an evil giant, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Like that, the two drank the spring water in the glass all at once.


With that, in an instant, their son-in-law went dark.

A thick shadow emerges from the pitch-black darkness.

A whirlwind of daunting magical power raged and brought Jae-hyeon and Kim Yoo-jung to one place.

Suddenly, a child was heard crying.

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