I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 69

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Episode 69: Flahndier Mansion (6)

“shit… … It’s nasty and disgusting.”

Cold sweat runs down Jaehyun’s body at the terrible scenery in front of him.

The mansion was showing a welcome.

A very warm welcome.

Horrible and base fantasies.

In front of Jaehyun is Min Seongoh. There was a vision in the likeness of his father.

The face of the garbage that killed his mother and eventually tried to kill himself as well.

Jaehyun shuddered and trembled.

It was difficult to hold the strings of the opposite sex when I saw the opponent who was eager to kill.

It shook as if its breath would go out at any moment, and it roared like a candle in the wind.

‘… … no. You have to be patient.’

But somehow he tried to put up with his fluctuating emotions.

that’s welcome Do not be fooled.

Don’t get caught up in anger.

The banal cliché that anger makes you stronger is something you only see in boys’ cartoons.

At this point, when angry or swung around, the motion increases and the pattern is simplified.

So now I have to endure somehow and break the enemy in front of me.


There was an eerie feeling in Jaehyun’s voice when he said that.

There was a golden glare in the left eye.

The unspoken pressure of being able to tear apart all enemies at any moment filled the room.

The father’s vision did not attack first.

It must be because Jae-hyun has never faced his father, Min Seong-oh, directly.

Skills and stats.

There is little information about his father other than that he is an A-Rank Raider.

“Oh, brother. are you okay?”

“okay. I’ll finish it soon, so wait.”

The 4th floor seemed to welcome the target the enemy hated the most.

They spy on other people’s memories and play with them.

This is a hell that eats radar by chewing up dirty and filthy nightmares.

After making a quick decision, Jaehyun lowered his hand and took a step forward.

“Brother Danger… … !”

Seo Ah-hyun’s words could not be finished.

Min Seong-oh, who has become a ghost, does not attack first.

No wonder.

That ghost is a fake made by copying Min Seong-oh’s appearance only.

It also depends on the memory of reenactment.

In other words, what kind of skill did Min Seong-oh use?

how strong

Which attack do you prefer? This means that no information was recorded.

Put it simply.

“It means it breaks so easily.”

Jaehyun lightly shattered his father’s vision with his fist and gave a creepy smile.

This is pretty much a joke.

I knew that themed dungeons were gore and more grotesque than other places.

But to voyeurize other people’s memories and mess them up like this.

“This dungeon must be destroyed properly.”

That was the feeling of reenactment.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you following me?”

“Ah, ah! yes Go now.”

Jaehyun let out a small sigh as he saw the dog walking close to his leg.

He walked down the long hallway and started walking toward the far left room the ghost had pointed out.

The more you reach the end.

Gradually, he begins to feel the magical energy surrounding him.

But he didn’t care at all.

this is all fantasy There is not a single real thing here.

After walking for a while, the two men and a dog stopped in front of Flanders’ room the ghost had spoken of.

“Then let’s go. We must uncover the truth about this mansion.”

“… … .”

Seo Ah-hyun did not answer, and the dog barked loudly twice.

―Enter Flanders’ room.

* * *

“so. Maybe he will clear this dungeon alone and come out?”

“yes. you’re right.”

Song Ji-seok didn’t know how to react to the story that Park Kyung-hoon had told him a while ago.

The time already close to dawn.

This place is still in a nervous situation, not knowing when and what will happen inside the gate.



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But what?

A cadet who is only 17 yet might clear a themed dungeon?

‘But Park Kyung-hoon… … I’m not the type to lie in this situation.’

Originally, Park Kyung-hoon is not the kind of person who would play pranks on a situation like this.

Together. He is paying attention to one cadet.

Was your name Jaehyun Min?

After hearing the story, he said that he was a boy who played a big role in Dungeon Break the other day.

Although Park Kyung-hoon ate his performance, he was actually a cadet who killed goblins alone.

As a raider, it would be even more strange if interest was not stirred.

“… … that I said this You can’t go anywhere and tell me.”

“No, ma’am. Do I look like someone who will steal the rice bowl for my juniors?”

Even Song Ji-seok’s cool answer was stabbed.

During the dungeon break. It was because he had swallowed the performance of two students without doing anything.

But now, Song Ji-seok didn’t care about that at all.

To begin with, he’s not the type to go through these things one by one.

National Radar Association.

Although it has a grandiose name, this place is also full of corruption.

In order for those who are mere ordinary employees to survive, they must know how to turn a blind eye to these things.

“so. How strong is that Min Jae-hyun?”

“Well, I haven’t confirmed it yet, so I don’t know… … .”

Park Kyung-hoon added in a hesitant yet confident tone.

“I know it’s at a level where you can kill 30 goblins alone. without a single wound.”

“that… Definitely a surprise. Goblins are monsters that get stronger the more they gather together… … .”

As Song Ji-seok said, goblins are more dangerous creatures when there are many of them.

It is characterized by being very clever compared to its class, living in a group, and knows how to handle human weapons.

If it was enough to kill 30 such monsters alone.

If that was something that a cadet who was only sixteen at the time had done, it might be worth taking a chance on.

“good. First of all, do your best not to explode the dungeon break. deploy troops. If that cadet named Min Jae-hyeon comes back alive this time, let’s get in touch quickly.”

“yes! All right!”

Park Kyung-hoon felt thrilled that his opinion was accepted.

He bowed his head and went about his business, constantly reminiscing about the day.

The day when goblins poured into the alleys of the downtown area due to the dungeon break.

He received a sudden dispatch order and rushed there with his men.

However, when they arrived, the incident had already ended and the area was covered in blood.

Surprisingly, only a couple of people near the initial gate were injured.

He looked at the two men standing in the alley covered in blood with frightened faces. As if the blood wasn’t gone yet, the two young people.

However, Park Kyung-hoon soon realized.

That the two of them defeated all the goblins in this alley.

he asked.

‘Did you two catch these goblins?’

The answer that came back was even more surprising.

‘no. He caught it all alone. I didn’t do anything.’

The gray-haired boy said so. The black-haired boy was only frowning as he brushed off the blood on his body.

As if something like this was nothing.

Park Kyung-hoon couldn’t help but be shocked.

According to the boy with gray hair, it was Min Jae-hyun who actually killed the demon.

It was said that he had killed almost all the demons by himself.

Even without shedding a single drop of blood.

‘Is that possible?’

I couldn’t help but feel excited even though I knew it was nonsense.

Blood boiled.

It’s also a radar. He is a person who hunts monsters and explores dungeons.

The emotions he felt when he saw such overwhelming talent were shock and excitement.

‘The boy with gray hair came back and checked, and it turned out to be An Ho-yeon.’

Somehow, the face seemed familiar.

The gray-haired boy’s name is Ahn Ho-yeon.

He was a martial arts genius who was talked about on TV every day, and an aspiring raider with a bright future.

If so, Min Jae-hyun, who performed an activity that even Ahn Ho-yeon would like.

Wouldn’t he be a more outstanding, truly overwhelming genius?

Just the presence of Ahn Ho-yeon by his side gave strength to that hypothesis.

‘I thought I might hear your name again someday… … .’

I never dreamed that we would meet again so soon.

Of course, the difficulty of theme dungeons is atrocious compared to other dungeons.

But for some reason, he didn’t have the slightest idea that reappearance would fail.

Rather, how quickly to clear the dungeon.

He was really looking forward to it.

* * *

―Enter Flanders’ room.

With the sound of the system, the two men and a dog arrived at Flanders’ room.

To be honest, the inside was very hectic.

Messy toys and stuffed toys, and black train rails stood out.

‘There was something like that even in this era.’

Thinking so, Jaehyun started looking for a place where the diary might be.

Under the bed, bookshelves, shelves, etc. I was looking for a place to hide something.

at that time. Seo Ah-hyun took a step forward and said.

“brother. Then I’ll look around the desk.”

“no. You find a toy near you. I look around the desk.”

“Ah yes… … .”

Ignoring Seo Ah-hyun’s words, Jae-hyun started searching around the desk.

There were various books stacked there.

Feather pens and magic books that can only be found in medieval fantasy novels.

Items with rune words written on them are all messed up.

Jaehyun moved his gaze to the drawer below it. And finally.

[other items]

Flanders’ Diary

This is the diary of Count Flanders, the owner of Flanders Mansion.

Herein lies the grisly and grotesque secret of Flanders Mansion.

―The restraints that restrained you are broken.

―Restrictions on skill usage will be removed.

‘good. Now, the limitations of <<absolute arithmetic>> have completely disappeared.’

Jaehyun smiled and said without even looking at Seo Ahhyun behind him.

“I found it. I think it’s about time to get out of this mansion?”

“… … Iknow, right.”

Seo Ah-hyun also joined him before he knew it.

Together, the two began reading Flanders’ diary.

Cheer up.

The sound of turning old parchment echoed through the empty room.

[May 7, 1474]

The skin is gradually turning pale. The doctor in the estate came and went to treat me several times, but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

Am I going to die in here, unable to go out like this for the rest of my life?

[May 10, 1474]

I finally received permission to buy a doll that I sang a song I wanted to have.

Also, my mother and father are the best.

Two days later, when he goes back to the next city, he buys the doll for him, and he says he buys pretty clothes as well.

Of course, since I’m weak, I have to play only in the mansion, but I feel good.

[May 12, 1474]

I received word that my mother and father had died after being attacked by an assailant.

My parents passed away while going to the next city to get dolls and clothes for me.

the tears won’t stop

If I hadn’t told her to buy me a doll, would my parents have died?

[May 15, 1474]

Parents’ funerals are all over.

Since I am the only blood relative of the Countess of Flanders, I became the owner of this mansion.

but not happy at all

It is the body of a young girl who is too weak to go outside.

I want to fool around somewhere, but I can’t do that anymore.

My parents are no longer there.

I’m alone.

all the way in the future forever.

[July 4, 1474]

hot summer day. A girl who secretly broke into the mansion and picked the lilies she was growing was caught.

What kind of a child would he be if he dared touch things in the mansion?

[July 5, 1474]

I was able to meet the child who was imprisoned in the dungeon of the mansion.

It was a girl about the same age as me.

He’s not pretty, but he has a charming enough face.

And most of all, it resembles my doll. He is also showing signs of repentance.

I had the servants free her and let her live with me in this mansion.

[July 6, 1474]

The girl was named Sally.

When I came to my senses, I was alone and because of that, I said I had no name.

We played together every day.

I couldn’t go outside, so I had to play inside the mansion, but I was really happy just to have a peer of the same age.

I wish I could repeat this routine every day.

[September 7, 1474]

I had a very terrible dream.

It was a dream in which Alfred died.

My heart beat just can’t stop.

It was scary.

It wasn’t the first time I’d dreamed of someone dying, but this time it was especially so.

Because it was none other than Sally who killed Alfred in the dream.

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