I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 298

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Episode 298: Plateau of the Red Moon (2)

Moriya Lenki. Ballack, Camilla and Jaeshin Lee. and Yoosung.

The S-class raiders and the top-class cadets gathered here. Jung Hyun, Kang Joo-hyeop, and Han Ji-an barely caught their breath and looked around.

A landscape that is devastated even to look at. Even just a little while ago, this place was full of Valkyries.

Of course, it is true that the level is not very good compared to the guys Jaehyun was dealing with. It was only an A+ grade.

They were weaker than Lee Jae-shin and those who first pursued Yoo Seong-eun. As expected, they were attacking from all sides, but it must be because even the Valkyries didn’t have the strength to accompany them.

But that doesn’t mean the battle was easy.

In the first place, it is difficult to hunt B-class or higher monsters.

That is public awareness, and awareness is formed as data accumulates.

“Anyway, you’ve done it badly.”

Moriya muttered first. He had just returned from blocking the gate.

Balak nodded.

“We did everything we could. In that case, we will just have to wait.”

“that’s right! Jaehyun and his teammates are much stronger than you think!”

Those were Camilla’s words.

However, Park Seong-jae’s expression, which he met with Yoo Seong-eun a little while ago after work, was dark.

reappearance. They were the two people who had watched him the longest. Of course he couldn’t help but worry.

“Don’t worry too much.”

Even so, Seongjae Park had no choice but to say that. You shouldn’t be shaken here.

He was the one who understood it most clearly.

“i know. That Jaehyun is strong. but… That’s how much he is, and he’s a good kid. If you get hurt or die here… … .”

So did the other kids.

When I first hunted the King of the Dark Elves. All of Jaehyun’s colleagues moved without hesitation at the news that the other cadets were in danger.

It was a situation that could put you in danger.

Even so, I went out and tried to struggle somehow.

to save.

Perhaps, more than he did, they understood the true nature of the name Radar.

The same goes for his own brother.

“oh! I think the signal is connected now! Broadcast again… It plays!”

At the sound of Han Ji-an’s voice, who was touching her smartphone from behind, all the S-class raiders quickly gathered around her.

Some even took out their phones.

And the moment they open the world news and play it, what unfolds in front of them.

Even though it was made of arc metal, it was the floor of the thoroughly destroyed arena and the vanished Valkyrie’s army.

Yoo Sung-eun saw a cadet who collapsed in the middle.

Youjeong Kim.

He was a fan of his and always followed him well.

Beside her, the students are gathering and injecting magic power into someone.

pay. He was a mysterious transfer student and stronger than Jaehyun.

* * *

“ha… With this, the worst hurdle has been passed. For a while, though, you need to get some rest. Because all I did was poor treatment.”

Loki muttered, wiping away the cold sweat. His colleagues quickly flocked to Kim Yoo-jung and poured out worried words.

“… Yu, Yoo Jung-ah!”

“Is that okay?”

Loki nodded and looked at the people gathered around them.

As expected of an adversary, it seems that he has developed his allies to be quite usable. The power of each one of them is still weak, but if they grow well like this… .

If that were the case, in that hellish war with Odin, the result would be different from before.

Loki thought so and smiled.

“All, you… body… .”

That was the moment. Kwon So-yul’s voice reached Loki.

Concerned eyes turned to Loki. His body was breaking down.

No matter how fragmented it is, in fact, his body shouldn’t be consumed in this way.

As he already proved in his battle with Sigrun, each and every one of his fragments already possesses the strength of an army.

100 S-class raiders have a level of combat power that far exceeds. That was one of Loki’s powders.

But Loki made a choice. Of course, there were no regrets.

Hella crossed her arms and said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not dead. You will see it again later.

I am Hella, the guide of the adversary. You don’t know, but I’m old friends with you.”

“Hey, Hella?”

“Hella, don’t you think it’s too much to take away my last line?”

“It’s not all broken yet. Did you say anything?”

At Hela’s words, Loki smiled faintly and looked at the Nine members.

“listen carefully. Guys, as you may have heard earlier, I am Loki. He is the head of the anti-Aesir coalition.

Well, they’re putting everything on me because they’re annoying.”

“Loki… The existence of that myth… .”

As An Ho-yeon muttered, Loki vigorously shook his head.

“okay. That Loki! Trickster Loki. and.

For the first time in my life, I am going to ask someone a favor.”

Loki looked at his broken hand. So, is the allowed time up to this point?



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“Protect the adversary. somehow He must still be fighting to the death in there. Thinking this kid is dead. His mana fluctuates unsteadily. To such an extent that he breaks even right away.

put it back It may be a difficult request, but… Because only you can do that.”

“… Please leave it to me.”

Seo Ina was the first to answer.

The other co-workers were also crying and nodding their heads.

How many difficult battles has Jaehyun been repeating so far?

At first, he had only come this far with the determination to change his insignificant past.

However, when he heard the story of the opponent of the prophecy, that he had to fight the Aesir.

he would have been stumped

When the really tough times hit, he could end it all there.

It’s easy to give up. Everyone here knew.

However, Jaehyun didn’t do that, and whenever they were in crisis, they got help from him.

He already knew how much Jaehyun valued them.

So even when looking into the future. Even when he heard that Jaehyun approached him to use him, he was not shaken.

“okay. That’s a good answer. That’s all I have to say. Then look forward to the day we meet again.”


Loki’s body completely shattered at the end of those words.

As if it never existed in the first place, his body disappeared without a trace.

Jaehyun’s colleagues rose again.

he will be back soon You have to raise him up again.

You must stand by and open the way to reach Odin.

“We have something to do next.”

Those were the words of Kwon So-yul.

That’s how the Nine members’ direction was decided at that moment.

Seek reenactment.

Seeking representation, not the world. that was what they had to do.

* * *


The power of dozens of red chains floating in the air was beyond imagination.

It was different from what I used to use.

“Using magic… Even if you use it again, how come your mana doesn’t decrease!”

Jaehyun said that while watching Sigrun clenching his teeth, still expressionless.

Still, the corpses of countless Valkyries are piled up in layers due to the self-determination order.

And the last corpse to be piled up here belongs to Sigrun.

Jaehyun had already made that decision.


No conversation was necessary.

Jaehyun put pressure on the enemy by displaying movements that were close to swiftness.

Sigrun. No matter how strong she is, it couldn’t be so easy to play an active role against her Yeon Jae-hyun, even her own barrier.

Red Moon Plateau.

Jaehyun was showing an almost invincible figure here.

This was because he was maximizing the power of all of Jaehyun’s skills.


Jaehyun continued to choke himself. Slowly, the side effects of his body start to break him down.

But he still had a calm expression.

“You have everything, what more do you want?”

Jaehyun suddenly asked during the battle. Sigrun felt it was an opportunity.

You need to buy some time. I have to break that guy’s magic.

I’ll fit you in moderation here.

If necessary, for Freya’s sake!

“I just follow Freya-nim’s orders. Odin is the lord of Asgard, but to him I have no allegiance.”

“What Odin wants. Is that worth more than the blood shed here and now?”

Jaehyun’s tone changed to cool. It really felt almost like that of the ruler.

Sigrun raised the corners of his mouth.

“Why are you obsessed with mere humans? adversary. Just a little girl.”

At those words, Jaehyun looked at Sigrun calmly. He felt a terrible futility and started swinging the sword in his hand again.

At that moment, Sigrun finally succeeded in unleashing Jaehyun’s brainwashing from the Valkyries.

More than half of the Valkyries had already died, but many still survived.

“Taking mine. You want to keep yours.”

Jaehyun shot himself again with those words.



The red chain pierced the Valkyries’ swords and pierced their hearts.

Sigrun was desperately trying to block Jaehyun’s movement, and continued to shoot the soul sword.

The chains were slashed with a sword. However, the problem was that there were too many of them.

The moment when Sigrun turned his head. Jaehyun caught up with her.

He held the black wings on Sigrun’s back in his hand.

And then.

“you also.”


Jaehyun grabbed his wings and tore them off.

“Feel the same.”

When Sigrun’s wings were ripped off. The surviving Valkyries began throwing spears and swords at Jaehyun and piercing his body. It was an action to protect Sigrun.

It was like

If his comrades were so precious, if the captain was so precious.

You shouldn’t have taken mine either.

As Jaehyun thought about that, he suddenly realized that the duration of Cold Blood had passed.

Holes began to pierce his body one by one.

However, Jaehyun didn’t care and started slaughtering the Valkyries again.

In front of Sigrun’s eyes. as coldly as if she were to see.

Unshaken by his chain and sword, countless wings crashed to the floor.

Innumerable chains of rain fell from the floor, sky, and subspace.


The thousands of Valkyrie troops were being swept away in an instant.

Sigrun could only look at it.

his own soldier He was also Freya’s soldier.

They were being crushed like mere ants.

Sigrun looked at it and felt something cut off, just like Jaehyun.

That was the moment.

“at there… Stop!”

The reason why Sigrun’s death sword was fired.

However, this time, Jaehyun also lightly blocked it.

Act 2.

The final battle between Sigrun and the antagonist was beginning.

Sigrun looked at Jaehyun and said in a more angry voice than ever.

“Lady Freya… I can’t let you down!”

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