I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 416

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Episode 416 Thor (4)

“Adversary. I will take care of this place.”

Smir calmly broke Thor’s field and appeared.

He had a spear in his hand.

An object suitable for the size of a giant. There were also several artifacts specialized for stabbing, which were similar to those used during the Trial of the Giant for the first time.

Jaehyun bit his lip.

“but… Smir. you know You cannot fight Thor with your own strength.”

No matter how strong Smir is, he still hasn’t surpassed even his own father.

Hrungnir. Even the one who was called the King of Giants was defeated by Thor so trivially that Jaehyun had no choice but to stop him.

Didn’t he see that memory himself through Urd’s mirror?

Smir must have witnessed the scene with his own two eyes.

But, why did he come here when he knew it was dangerous?

Even though you know best that you have no hope for yourself.



“Even if I don’t win, I’ll stop him here. I’ll say it again. adversary. you do what you have to do I’m going to fight Thor.”

“If it’s out of vengeance, stop here right now. You must go back now. Otherwise… I really will die here.”

Jaehyun tightened his neck and said that. However, Smir’s attitude was stubborn.

“It is not revenge against my father. i just do what i have to do

someday, when i think i need it. I was ready to give up everything I had. I’ve always thought that way, and that’s just it now.”

“Smir… … .”

“The miscellaneous things are talking for a long time. I dare to put this Thor in front of me.”

Thor laughed bitterly.

“okay. I remember too. You were definitely the blood of the dirty giant king. Hrungnir… That fool was defeated by me in the end.”

“Yes. Father lost to you But what does that matter?”

Smir took a step forward and said. He didn’t look agitated at all. His face seems to have forgotten the trauma of his father and the tragedy of the past.

The moment Jaehyun looked into his determined eyes. She finally had to make a decision.

He won’t listen to anything he says.

The present self must go.

As he said, if there is work to be done.

“Please. Please don’t die.”

“… that’s won It must be a request I cannot grant.”

Saying that, Smir gave a small smile. Thor put his power into Mjolnir.

“Do you think I will let myself go too far!”


However, at that moment, Thor’s attack was blocked. Jaehyun activated his magic and blocked his son-in-law with an ice wall.

It was an iceberg that could not be frozen in an instant. However, it was not difficult for Jaehyun, who reached the extreme of magic.


Without missing the time, Jaehyun succeeded in coming out through the place where Smir had broken. The scenery of the battlefield began to come into his eyes again.

It was not too late to see the Valkyrie unit joining.

“Freya! When did you arrive?!”

“A little while ago. It took time to gather as many troops as possible.”

“then… … .”

“okay. I will be in charge of this place, so you can go ahead.”

Even Freya said so. Jaehyun nodded.


Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel a heavy weight on his shoulders. For a moment he looked at Smir and Freyja and prayed.

Even for his comrades, he repeated endlessly.

‘I hope we can meet all of them alive.’

Jaehyun made up his mind and started running. The target was the warp gate that Thor and Frigg opened the field for the first time. The reason was simple.

If you go through there, you will be able to head straight to Odin’s palace in Asgard.

There was no time to climb Yggdrasil and head to Asgard now. This is where you have to make a choice.

‘In addition, no matter how much Freya joins the battlefield, if the enemy’s army continues to attack the allies, the chances of victory are infinitely low. I have to reach Odin somehow quickly.’

Once you reach it, you will be able to face Odin by joining Loki, who has decided to draw the attention of the enemy from there. He becomes able to bring even the slightest win.

Jaehyun started walking confidently.

At that moment, only the two of Thor and Smir were left.

Smir clicked his tongue as Thor broke through the ice wall and jumped out.

“A rat-like bastard.”

“Aren’t you the one who was imprisoned by that little mouse? Thor.”

“And your father was worse than a rat.”

It was a lowly provocation. Smir held the spear unperturbed.

Thor let out a laugh as if he was full of energy.

“Are you really going to deal with me? Are you saying you would sacrifice yourself like an ugly father for that human being?”

“It is not meant to be sacrificed.”

“Then is it revenge? Did you point your spear at me to avenge your father?”

At that question, Smir shook his head after closing his eyes for a moment.

“No, I just.”

At the same time, a tremendous force began to erupt from his body.



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“It just opens the way for those who need to go forward to go forward. Even if I have to sacrifice myself for it.”

* * *

a few hours ago.

Before the magic of the world is activated.

Upon learning that Hugin had disappeared, Frigg quickly arrived in Asgard through the portal.

She was running through the palace in a cold sweat.

‘We must tell Odin about this. That Freya had betrayed her, and that her adversary had reached almost the same level as Odin… !’

The current situation was not very positive for the Aesir.

The humans of Midgard joined forces with the dwarves, whom they expected would never cooperate again. Elves also joined the anti-Esir, and its power grew.

In addition, Freya, who had the authority to command half of the Valkyries, betrayed them. I don’t know why, but it was true that the situation was serious.


Frigg burst through the door and saw God sitting on his throne. A supreme and pure being with two cold golden eyes. It was Odin.

she shouted quickly.

“Odin! Something big happened… ! Freya, Freya betrayed… … !”

However, Odin nodded as if it were natural.


“… … !”

At that moment, why?

Frigg had no choice but to back away from Odin’s cold sneer.

Why? Why are you feeling afraid?

“Because everyone was watching from the slides. And I all expected that this might happen.

The same goes for how to solve it.”

“To relieve… method?”

Frigg couldn’t understand Odin’s words.

Right now, she thinks the best way is to defeat the army right away, regroup and aim for the next opportunity.

If the battle continues, the side lacking a commander will become dangerous. No matter how you think about it, it was too risky.

I don’t know if there is any other way. Didn’t the plan to overturn the prophecy by gathering the stars of the distant abyss also failed with two pieces stolen?

The adversary is more cunning and stronger than you think.

But why does Odin look so calm?

What the hell is there to do with him?

“The star of the far abyss. I will use it.”

“… But didn’t you tell me before? In order to overturn the prophecy using the stars of the distant abyss, you must collect at least eight of them… … !”

Odin laughed.

“It doesn’t matter how much. As long as you pay the same value, there is no problem.”

equal value?

It was the first time I had heard of it.

Odin has always shared every strategy with him, but this time it was different. And that didn’t bode well for her.

“Frig. Come closer.”

Odin’s overbearing voice. At that, Frigg felt an irresistible fear. At the same time, he felt his own body wiggle towards him, moving at its own pace.

I felt it intuitively.

You must not go to Odin now.

But her body didn’t move the way she wanted.

Continuing to take an uneasy step, Frigg approaches Odin’s side. Shame rose from the body that had lost its self as if it had been stripped naked.

like that.

Standing in front of Odin, Frigg trembled in fear. Odin specifically gave her a chance to sit in her heli descamp.

“Sit down. And see.”

He breathed magic into the chair.

“Is this the picture I drew?”

Odin showed the world.

A devastated world.

And his own existence standing tall there.

However, there was no one around.

No god in Asgard is with Odin.

Also, there are no people in the foreground looking down from the throne.

No, that might be wrong.

they… because they were all dead

“Let me tell you one thing. Frigg. Something of equivalent value to the Star Fragments of the Distant Abyss. Among them, this is the easiest to obtain.”


At that moment, Gungnir, who had been held in Odin’s hand, pierced Frigg’s heart. The point of his spear at his wife shone sharply.


The strongest spear that will surely hit the enemy in any case when thrown.

That it was directed at someone meant one thing was clear.

predestined death.

Frigg felt the wound in his chest with a cold, still hand. I wiped the blood that was vomiting up, and wiped it again, but the blood did not stop.

My whole body was trembling. She couldn’t even breathe in pain.

he was dying

why? Why did Odin sacrifice himself?

For what?

“Only by sacrificing all the worthy beings and insignificant humans will I be able to overturn the prophecy.”

Odin put on a satisfied expression. There was no agitation on that greedy face. Even the guilt of killing his wife.

A feeling that something was lost.

All that remains is something that you will hold in your hands in the future.

Something blurry was everything.

“Odin… You, the owner of Asgard… How could you do this… !”

Frigg shouted and screamed, but the spearhead only sank deeper into it. How the hell did Odin get so corrupted?

I couldn’t believe it.

Frigg remembers Odin from the past.

I remember a man in a ragged robe who was constantly searching for the truth.

Even though he became one-eyed, his passion for learning did not cool down. An eccentric who even hung from Yggdrasil upside down.

remember him

But is the person in front of me right now like him?

Even if it was twisted, the person he thought was the Odin he remembered had already become a monster.

I didn’t realize that sooner.

That was the reason Frigg died here.

“With this, sufficient divine power has been supplemented.”

Odin looked at the large cog wheel behind him, leaving the bleeding Frigg on the throne behind.

It is the crystallization of black magic that Odin devoted his entire life to researching and creating. To put it simply, it was a machine that enabled high-level arithmetic expressions to operate.

An item that allows you to change a prophecy made by using the Star Fragment of the Distant Abyss. With this, you can do everything your will.

The highest point among the lofty peaks. you can climb there.

Of course, it will take quite a while for all the cog wheels to mesh together and for the expression calculation of the machine to finish. It was good.

The adversary in it will not be able to kill itself.

The corners of Odin’s mouth rose very slightly.

“Come on, antagonist. It is the final ordeal. Will you be able to reach me?”


With a sound, the cogs started working.

At the same moment, Jaehyun heard shocking news.

―Until the effect of the [Prophecy] disappears… … 1 hour ahead.

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