Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 536

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“Three, three?”

The surprise calmed down, but his voice cracked and cracked in the aftermath of a series of coughs. When Moron stuttered and called her name, Senya furrowed her brow and scolded her.

“It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, so why are you so surprised?”

“Uh, how… … .”

I heard about Senya’s current situation from Anis.

Senya has become a bud and has been dormant for a year… … . I heard that the flower bud was to ascend to the realm of magic, and that the wise man of the Ivory Tower, Vishur Raviola, who could be said to be the predecessor of the World Tree, guided Senya to do so, but such things were not so much for Moron. It didn’t matter.

What Moron thought was important was that Senya had become a flower bud, and that one day it would reach the realm of magic and bloom.

“Oh oh.”

Senya’s presence here meant only one thing. Moron opened her eyes wide and shook her shoulders.

That’s right, Senya, which had been in bud for a year, finally bloomed and came out into the world. In other words, she started as a human and reached the realm of magic as she had longed for. Moron could not help but feel her thrill from the depths of her heart.


Moron shouted and spread his arms wide. He tried to hug Senya in order to share this overwhelming emotion and thrill. However, Senya’s body, which had been standing there until the moment before, disappeared as if it had been completely extinguished the moment Moron’s arms wrapped around it.

“Come on? Disgusting.”

Before I knew it, Senya was next to Moron. She slapped her moron on the shoulder and rolled her eyes, but the moron only blinked her eyes in bewilderment. It was because I couldn’t understand how Senya disappeared and appeared just now.


Senya glanced at the blinking Moron once, then stood with her arms crossed and glared toward the arena.

“Again, fighting ignorantly again. I guess I have to die one more time to come to my senses.”

Senya shook her head and grumbled. If it hadn’t been for the duel, I would have joined right away. Senya put aside her nasty annoyance at Eugene for arbitrarily ending the duel, and glared at other things to pay attention to in the arena.

Gavid Lindman. He didn’t think about the rank and power he had achieved. It wasn’t Senya who had to deal with that force and power anyway, and she didn’t have the slightest idea that maybe her turn would come around.

If Senya’s turn comes around, it means that Eugene is defeated and dead. So, of course, Senya didn’t have to think about that.

Noir Jebella lying obliquely in the air. Noir’s face was not visible as he headed towards the arena.

‘X year to go.’

The moment Senya thought so. Noir turned his head round and round. Transcending the distance, Senya and Noir’s eyes met. Even with that, something tried to erode Senya. Senya snorted and removed it. However, Noir did not show his regret, and shook his hand gently with a bewitching smile.

‘Before, it wasn’t an ordinary Gal X and a monster, but now… … .’

Senya clicked her tongue and looked away. I saw the demon king of Yupe. He must have noticed Senya’s arrival too, but he was paying attention to the arena without even a moment’s notice.

I saw the power of confinement wrapped around the arena. Senya thought about her magic and compared the two for a while. Comparing now doesn’t make much sense. Senya made that decision and pouted his lips.

“Would you like to see it here?”

Carmen came from behind.

Her appearance did not change much from a year ago, but Moron couldn’t help but feel a big change in Carmen. A power that cannot be compared to that of Knight March. An immeasurably deeper dig.

“There is a seat, so there is no need to stand here and watch it.”

Senya reached out to Moron and said. But Moron shook his head without holding Senya’s hand.

“I can see it from here too.”

“Is it because of Noor? A few years ago, during the night march, it was okay to leave the mountain for a while.”

“Things have changed since then.”

Moron replied with a wry smile. As Senya said, it was okay to leave the mountain for a while a few years ago. But lately, the appearance of noor has increased to the point where it can’t be. Originally, they appeared suddenly without any sign, but now dozens of them appeared several times a day at the same time.

“are you okay.”

“What is okay?”

“Nour won’t show up for half a day.”

Saying that, Senya stretched out her hand. The space opened and a wand appeared.

‘merry’. The wise man’s love (愛杖) merged with Frost and took on a new look. The moment the white snowflake wand was held in Senya’s hand, the ‘sparkle’ bursting light melted all over Rehein Yar.

“… … ?”

Moron looked around in amazement. He is ignorant of magic, but he could sense that Senya had just done ‘something’. He looked at Reheinyar with bright eyes and quietly exclaimed in admiration.

“The door is closed.”

Senya let go of Mary and reached out to Carmen and Moron.

“In half a day, that ignorant and terrible duel will be over. Eugene When that bastard won. Shouldn’t we be the first to go and pat ourselves on the back for a good job?”

“ha ha ha!”

Moron burst into laughter as he held Senya’s hand.

“Yeah, that’s right. The duel can be seen here, but the thrill of victory can only be felt intensely there. You’re right, Senya. If Hamel wins, I will lift him up and throw him high into the sky.”

“I will shout the name of the brilliant Eugene Lionheart next to Morron.”

Carmen also smiled and took Senya’s hand. Even though that was all, the figures of the three disappeared at the same time. Morron didn’t even feel that he was caught up in magic. That’s how Senya’s magic was fast and complete.

The moment I reached the stands, the smell of blood hit me.

has disappeared. I looked down at the arena.

Just now, Eugene’s leg was cut off. Blood poured out. I moved on without caring. The amputated leg returned and the blood was gone. I swung the Levantein without losing momentum. Interrupted. Gavid’s demonic sword skillfully shed Levantine’s flame, took Yuri’s sword for a while, and then shed it again.

That’s how the sword breaks. It seemed to break. Still, Eugene did not reduce his strength or stop. He coordinated the bending and shedding power. The flame became a spiral and wrapped around Eugene. Spinning around, the ensuing slash aimed at Gavid again.

This cannot be shed. As he judged, Gavid pushed his body forward. It was meaningless to widen the distance, so I chose to receive it as little as possible.

gave up his left arm Immediately after being cut off, his arm was burned to ashes. The flames did not stop, starting from the amputated surface of the forearm and burning up to the top in an instant.

Levantine. Even a light cut from that flame sword burns the body in an instant.

‘is it.’

Before the flames invaded his shoulder, Gavid cut off another arm himself.

‘Isn’t that sword finished yet?’

The realization gave Gavid a terrible feeling. Even the current Levantine, if Eugene wishes, could turn the world into a sea of ​​fire in an instant. However, that sword was not yet finished.

What Eugene wants is not a demonic sword that sets the world on fire. It is the sword that kills the demon king. If that sword is completed, it will emit enough flame to render the immortality of demons and demons meaningless.

Gavid, who gave up his left arm himself, closed the gap. The magic sword is already targeting Eugene. Eugene’s left arm was also slashed. The feeling of cutting through his flesh, cutting through his muscles, cutting through his bones. Eugene’s left arm was severely cut off.

‘It’s not a human fight.’

If the other person was a human, it would have ended right away, but the current Eugene is not a human. You can’t reach your life by cutting it off. Will I die if I cut my throat? Surprisingly, Gavid wasn’t even sure about that.

Even so, the sword cannot be stopped. This duel doesn’t end until one of them dies. The intent to kill for him dwelled on the blade. The sword that cut Agaroth. The sword that killed Agaroth.

I had no choice but to admit it. Gavid Lindman, his sword was beyond Eugene’s imagination from the very beginning. To kill Gavid, you must break that sword. It means to completely surpass Agaroth, who reigned as a war god.

It was a wish. If it is not stronger than Agaroth, neither the demon king of confinement nor the demon king of destruction can be killed.



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Eugene was in awe of Gavid, who forged the sword as much as he did. She was a demon and left the enemy and acknowledged Gavid. How many deaths must he have suffered to reach the same level as me? How many times did he swing his sword.

“You are not alone.”

I admitted it and spit it out. Eugene was desperate as well. The time spent in the city buried in the abyss was terrible and harsh even for Eugene. He meditated for a long time under the ruins and collapsed idols, where not even a corpse existed, no living person.

It rewinded everything about Eugene Lionheart and Hamel Diners, brought back the memories of Agaroth that had been deeply buried, and completed all of them.

That’s how it came to selflessness. He did not differentiate between Eugene, Hamel, and Agaroth. I had, or I had, I put all of them together. Even then it wasn’t enough. I thought more and more was not enough.

I moved in an unfulfilled longing. He swung his sword and created sparks. I poured out everything I had, and thought again with an empty state.

what’s lacking? what should i fill in? I have crossed the limit several times. But now I can’t get over it. I found out naturally.

‘This is my end.’

end point as a human being. Transcendence begins only after passing this end point. At that point, Eugene felt futility and anger.

This shouldn’t be the end of it. Still, there is still something to overcome. There are things to kill. If this is the end, you can never reach it.

when you thought so

Eugene saw the city in ruins. I saw the collapsed statue of Agaroth. that in the wilderness. I thought of Agaroth, who ordered the death of all the gods.

What thoughts did the arrogant god of war, who wanted to run away but did not run away, block the demon king of destruction? What pushed Agaroth’s back?


because the voice was heard.

the voice of believers. voice of faith. The voice of those who do not wish to perish. A voice wishing for today’s peace and tomorrow’s happiness.


An empty ruin. Believers who died in despair and pain.

Agaroth failed. The ruins and collapsed idols were evidence of Agaroth’s defeat and failure.

At that moment, Eugene, as Agaroth, despaired. The war god sacrificed his life to block and hold on to the demon king of destruction. Because he took the time, the sage became the World Tree, and the giants and other gods were able to prepare arrangements for the next one.

However, the world was eventually destroyed. All believers are dead. Promising for the next means giving up and throwing away the present.

‘f*ck it.’

Eugene has no intention of giving up now. He is different from Gavid. Gavid abandoned the grand duke of Helmud, the sword of confinement, the evil eye of prestige, and the glory, and filled his desire and fighting spirit to forge his sword.

But Eugene can’t do that. He, Eugene Lionheart, a hero, should not throw anything away.

I had to hold on to everything and add more.

-Eugene Ryanhart.

Right now, Eugene’s ears are hearing the world’s aspirations. The duel here is being relayed to the world. Everyone on the continent is watching the duel.

A brutal fight in which arms and legs are blown off and intestines are poured out, which a child cannot possibly show. But even a child will be watching this duel.

can’t help but see In this duel, without exaggeration, the fate of the world was at stake. If Eugene is defeated and dies, the demon king of confinement will invade the continent without delay. The lives of countless people living on the continent depended on Eugene.

– to win.

I heard your wishes have to respond Don’t throw it away. It’s embarrassing to say it, but now Eugene wanted to save the world. So she can never be defeated.


I couldn’t spill it.

The magic sword shook. Gavid put strength in his hand and caught the swing of the magic sword. The power to shake existence.

‘is it. Hamel, your sword.’

Along with the magic sword, Gavid’s body was pushed back. In the gap thus created, sparks dwelled. A huge, heavy flame pushed Gavid’s body further back.

‘All human aspirations are there.’

longing for victory. A wish for today’s peace and tomorrow’s happiness. The sword loaded with all those wishes is too heavy. To overcome that sword is to directly decide the future of the continent with Gavid’s hands.

I didn’t care. Gavid will win the duel today. It will end the inferiority complex that has festered for 300 years. He will raise a toast with the leftover sake and invade the continent as the spearhead of the Demon Army. Gavid didn’t know about the fate of the continent. All he longs for is today’s victory.


They both shouted equally. The sword forged by throwing away what they had and the sword forged with desires collided. Although the swords were different, the tenacity was the same.

But something else was lacking.

Despair was lacking. Gavid’s tenacity, desire, inferiority complex, and Eugene’s despair were lacking. know the end of the world Eugene made despair his tenacity. To not end today, to save the world.

It may sound corny and obvious, but the hero is a symbol of hope.

– Hwareuk.

A flame rose in the hand resting on his left hand.

A longing to hear in your ears. prayer for victory. hope for tomorrow. He used all of that as firewood to create a myth. When swords collided and were pushed back. Gavid held the magic sword with both hands. Eugene spilled the myth of his left hand to the Levantine.


Violent flames blazed on the blade of the glass. All the flames of the White Flame Ceremony resonated with the Levantine. The Sanctuary of Prominence superimposed all miracles on Levantein.

That’s how Levantein became a miracle.

hundreds of years of life.

preoccupation with the sword.

The wilderness that has been repeated.

The sword of god-killing beyond the god of war.

It is reached by throwing away what you have and filling it with a new one.

obsession with winning.

Admitted. I have no choice but to admit it. Gavid Lindman is strong. He transcended the demons and even the demon king to become a master of the sword.

But the defeat was simple.

The world’s wishes, hopes, and miracles were stronger than Gavid’s sword.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 535Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 537
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