Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 99

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-or not… … It might rain down a meteor shower. It’s not something I know.

“You don’t have to worry.”

Eugene smiled mischievously and winked one eye at Loberian.

“Didn’t I tell you at the hearing before? Loberian and the Red Magic Tower will not suffer any damage from Senya’s anger.”

“that… … Isn’t that what’s important? Arot is not ready for Senya’s return. You should contact us now… … .”

“I don’t think Senya-sama would like that very much. Wouldn’t it be the way for all of us to avoid anger by just being quiet?”

“I am? What should I do? Eugene, did I help you a lot this time? huh? You have to pay more attention to the white mage tower, not the red mage tower.”

Melchis quickly changed his stance and fawned over Eugene. Eugene continued talking while pushing away the approaching Melchis with mana.

“Anyway, I think it’s better not to inform Arot about Senya-sama’s return. What is that, if I inform you first and then it leaks out… … .”

“… … Well, definitely that’s something to be wary of… … .”

Speaking of the truth, Loberian had no choice but to agree.

“How are you going to do this?”

The corpse of a dragon as big as the royal palace. Actually, size doesn’t matter.

That it was a ‘dragon’, not another creature or monster. That, too, is the corpse of the demonic dragon Raizakia, who has lived for over 1000 years and is considered the best, strongest, and worst.

Sian, who was overwhelmed by the real thing, barely opened his mouth.

“that… … Are you going to hold a funeral after burying it here?”

“Are you crazy? Why are you asking about this precious thing? this is the booty If you bring it to Lionheart, Anicilla-sama will die of joy.”

“what… … ?”

booty? The dragon’s corpse? Xian couldn’t believe it, so he looked at Eugene’s and Rizakia’s corpses alternately.

“They say that a dragon has nothing to throw away, but that’s just an ordinary dragon… … You’ll have to throw away a lot of that. In particular, blood will never be used. fat… … meat? I don’t know if I can eat it if I cook it, or maybe I get sick from eating it for no reason.”

“There is a myth that eating dragon meat gives you immortality.”

Melchis said with his eyes shining.

“Of course it hasn’t been verified. If you eat dragon meat, other dragons will notice it like a ghost and come to kill you. Wouldn’t that be called verification? I came to kill you, you’re dead In the end, it’s a nonsensical superstition. Who would believe such a superstition in this day and age?”

“Then Melchis-sama, why are you so blind to superstition?”

“Superstition? What are you talking about? I don’t believe in superstitions. Everything I do is authentic, verified by myself.”

Melchis was very proud in this matter. Didn’t she actually sign a contract with three spirit kings?

“You won’t be able to eat meat.”

Christina also managed to control her emotions before opening her mouth.

“Like Eugene-sama said, yes. Like blood, the dragon’s flesh is no different from the extreme poison for humans.”

“I think I can use the bones, scales, leather, and teeth.”

“If you purify it, you can use it, but it’s very high and heavy, so I think it will take a lot of time.”

“I have no intention of rushing right now. Just seal it for now, put it inside the cloak and take it.”

I was stunned for a moment after saying that. Inside Eugene’s cloak, not only Mer but also Lymira are there.

Right now, Raimira had just come back to her senses and was listening to Mer talking about the past. Anyway, isn’t it a bit like putting Lyzakia’s corpse next to Lymilia?

‘Come out of the cloak.’

It was inconsequential.

“I’ll return this for now.”

Eugene said as he lifted the rosary from around his neck. At that, Christina’s expression changed.

[Christy… … .]

‘No, Sister. This is something that has already been promised between us. This grace should only be fully enjoyed and enjoyed by me.’

[How cruel this is… … Don’t you feel sorry for me who died?]


An immediate response that did not back down even a single step. Even Anis, who was usually sly, was speechless at that cold-blooded answer.

Christina threw off the hat she was wearing on her head and held up her rich blonde hair with both hands. Then she slowly got down on one knee with Eugene in front of her.


A sweet, moist whisper. It’s nothing special, but Eugene gulped for no reason and looked down.

Blond hair lifted with both hands and passed forward. Christina’s exposed neck was smooth as ivory and glistening with sweat.

“… … uh, uh uh.”

Eugene lowered himself and placed the rosario around Cristina’s neck. At that moment, Eugene’s mouth dried up at the fragrant body odor that approached him.

[Just die.]

Mer, who was holding on to Lymilia, screamed. It was a grateful cry that made her reason clear.

Eugene barely came to his senses and clicked on Rosario’s necklace. Then, as she tried to step back quickly, Christina’s hands grabbed Eugene’s.


Cristina joined Eugene’s and her own hands and joined in prayer.

“I’m glad you came back safely.”

face looking up. Warmth transmitted to the back of the hand. moist eyes.

Eugene couldn’t answer right away and swallowed in a gulp. Cristina smiled at Eugene and released her hand.

‘A response is coming, sister.’

[indeed… … okay. It seems that the two of us clearly conveyed our feelings last time to Hamel.]

‘Yes, I’m sure.’

[That stupid man can’t understand properly without speaking directly. In that respect, we can say that we have an advantage over Senya. Senya, that girl is very shy, so she won’t be able to confess easily to Hamel, who is reunited.]

Anis, who had traveled together for more than ten years, had a perfect understanding of Senya’s personality. A line written at the end of a children’s book he had co-authored was the most daring deviation of Senna’s life.

– Senya, I liked you.

“Then, are you going back to Lionheart with that?”

Xian glanced at Raizakia’s corpse and asked.

The work in the great grove was all over. After conquering Kochilla from Ivatar, there was still a chance to receive half of the loot, but Ivatar would bring it to Lionheart without having to go directly to get it.

“You go back first.”




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Xian asked with a surprised face.

“I’ll stop by Arot for a bit.”

30 days left. Even going straight back from the heart of the great forest here is running out of time, but what if you stop at Lionheart on the way and end up a day or two late?

Yujin’s shoulders trembled as she recalled Senya’s anger.

Senya Merdane

After passing through the trading city of Samar, we reached the border of Kiel. Eugene first broke up with Xian there.

“Tell the head of household and Anicilla-sama well.”

The facts about the war in Samar were not known to Lionheart. However, the scale was large, and Lionheart’s eyes were not dark, so the story of the war in the great forest could have been told by now.

Anicilla might roll her eyes when she found out that the next head of household, her terribly cherished son, had been to such a dangerous battlefield. So Eugene asked her to send her Xian back to Ryan Hart first, and she told him the facts about the ‘spoils of war’ in advance.

“I’m not going back because I got hurt. If you go back with plenty of loot, your mother and the head of the family will be rather happy.”

After Iod went to Arot and Eugene adopted her mother, Anicilla became very soft. But before that, when Xian’s succession was at stake, Anicilla was as polar a mother as Theonis.

Xian remembered the memory clearly, and even now as an adult, whenever he imagined Anicilla getting angry, his body would stiffen. She still did, honestly. She said it with a calm face, but she was nervous inside that she might be angry with Anicilla.

“Don’t be afraid, man. Even the loot from Ivatar alone would exceed Lionheart’s budget for several years, and the old dragon’s corpse could not be bought even if the emperor sold the empire.”

“that… … yes.”

“What else, uh, other than these material things. You got other loot too. You said that you’re going to go up to 5 stars soon? The head of the household and Anicilla-sama will be more pleased with your achievements than anything else.”

“that… … yes?”

Xian’s hardened face was relieved by Eugene’s float. Soon, Xian smiled confidently and nodded his head broadly.

“I only believe in you. I’ll take care of it so that you don’t get a single spark.”

There has been a saying since ancient times that praise makes even a bear dance. Eugene waved his hand at Xian, who walked away with brisk steps, and sent him off.

What didn’t you lie about? It is true that Xian has grown greatly in this war, so even Anicilla wouldn’t be angry if he returned home with plenty of booty.

After leaving Xian. The party rode the warp gate and went straight to Arrot. After that, I naturally parted ways with Loverian and Melchis.

He had promised that he would not inform Arot’s monarch or anyone else about Senya in advance. Eugene saw off the two of them as they returned to their respective towers, and came down to the stream of Arrot with Christina.

“I’ll ask just in case, Hamel.”

It was Anise who opened her lips. She turned to her Eugene as she squeezed one of her lollipops into her Lymir, who held her own hand.

“You are going to meet Senya, are you going the way you are?”

Thanks to the rush of the journey, I was able to arrive a day earlier than the 30 days promised with Senya. Anis looked Eugene up and down and continued.

“No matter what you look like, the girl will smile and like it, but I would rather you, Hamel, dress up a little nicer.”

“What’s wrong with me now? I don’t think it will be enough no matter where you put it.”

“I know that your face is more handsome than in your previous life, but you, Hamel, tend to evaluate yourself too generously. Oh, it was like that in the past life too.”

Anise furrowed her eyebrows and smirked.

“In fact, the most difficult thing in this conversation is myself, who cannot give a satisfactory refutation to your arrogant words. The important thing now is Senya’s mood and evaluation, not mine.”

Anis glanced up and down at Eugene with thinly opened eyes.

… … It was as Eugene said. Although he moved in a hurry for about a month, there was no flaw in Eugene’s appearance. If I had to pick it up, the untidy hair was shaggy?

But even with that kind of messy hair, if you have a handsome face, you can have a wild style without feeling messy. The clothes that I managed every day with magic were a little worn, but they looked vintage without a dirty feeling… … .

“… … Uhm.”

Anise let out a low cough and shook her head.

Just as Eugene looks great in her eyes, it will be in Senya’s eyes, but Anise is better… … I wanted to give more joy to Senya at the reunion after 300 years.

[sister. Strictly speaking, isn’t this the first meeting?]

‘That’s true, but previous meetings between Senya and Hamel were always coincidental, miraculous, sudden, and out of the ordinary. But aren’t we meeting each other after making an appointment with each other?’

[that… … Word… … therefore… … Right now, Eugene-sama and Senya-sama, De, Dede, are on a date… … .]

‘Still, it won’t be as enjoyable as the date we enjoyed. As a result of my research, there is no fireworks festival scheduled for tomorrow.’

[Then I’m glad.]

Cristina let out a hearty sigh of relief.

“First of all, Hamel. Let’s start with how to tidy up your messy hair. It’s pretty good right now, but a little thinning overall would make it so much better.”

Eugene did not have the right to veto. In this respect, Anis was deliberate and thorough. Before coming to this city, she approached Melchis and selected a skillful hair salon in the capital Pentagon.

Originally, it was impossible to enter without making a reservation, but Melchis’s letter of introduction made Eugene sit in a chair at the salon without complicated procedures.

Eugene had never been to a place like this in his entire life. hair care? When she was at her parents’ house, Nina took care of it, and while she was studying in Arot, she cut it roughly by herself.

“There, cut there. Don’t cut there. You have to keep a little rough feeling.”

Anis was no stranger to hairstyles either, but she clung to the hair designer’s side and continued to interfere.

A pro was a pro. The hair designer accepted all of Anise’s requests without showing any displeasure.

After cutting her hair, her eyebrows were trimmed, and her scalp and skin were also taken care of. The essence created through magic and alchemy gave a soft glow to Eugene’s naturally clean skin. Seeing that, Anise involuntarily grabbed her breasts, and Cristina gulped at her saliva.

I left the hair salon. I received a magic comb that allows me to recreate the current style just by brushing my hair once.

The next place I went to was a dressmaker recommended by Melchis. There, Anise and Cristina chewed their fingernails and watched Eugene put on various clothes.

As a result of trying on several clothes, the one that Anis and Christina chose together was a neat tuxedo that fit perfectly.

“In that tuxedo… … The cloak is slightly reduced in volume and reshaped to look like a coat, yes, yes! great. Let’s go like that.”

Do I have to go this far?

Eugene didn’t know what he was doing from the middle, but he didn’t object to Anise’s recommendation. It was because he knew very well that in this case it would be easier both physically and mentally to simply obey.

By the time I finished all the preparations, it was night before I knew it.

“What are you going to do with the present?”

A hotel for accommodation. Anise glanced at Eugene before entering her room.

“What a present.”

“No way, Hamel! Are you going empty-handed?”

“No way, Eugene-sama! Are you going empty-handed? I even gave Anis-sama a necklace as a present!”

“that… … Because it was Anise’s birthday… … .”

“It’s true that it was my birthday then, but tomorrow’s meeting will be just as important and exciting to Senja as it is.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

This time, I felt grateful to Merdo Anis. She glared at Eugene as she stopped eating her ice cream next to Raimi.

“… … How about a bouquet?”

“Think for yourself, Hamel. Just as you thought of my necklace yourself.”

helped enough. Anis thought so and entered her room.

“What do you think of the ice cream gift?”

Raimira, who returned to Eugene’s room with Mer, said.

As Eugene thought, she did not feel depressed or resentful towards Eugene at the death of Rizakia. She had nothing to do with fatherly love, and it was a great shock to her that she was swallowed whole by Lyzakia.

“Ice cream is sweet, cool, and delicious, right? Anyone would be happy to receive a gift full of ice cream.”

“Do you think Senya is a simple kid like you?”

“Saying that, Mer, you also stole and ate more than half of the ice cream the original daughter received.”

“Originally, taking someone else’s food is more delicious.”

There was no need to listen carefully to their conversation. As Eugene sat in her chair, she pondered over the gift for Senya.

The first thing that comes to mind is a bouquet of flowers. I thought it would be a pretty good gift. But isn’t this too simple? next… … Because Senya is a wizard… … cane? Do you have Akasha?


Something came to mind.

* * *

once i got angry

Arot’s mansion. It is a mansion that was built on a site chosen by Senya and reflects Senya’s ideal future.

200 years have passed, so I thought maybe things have changed a bit. But this, even if it changes, hasn’t it changed too much? The peaceful and quiet forest became a noisy plaza, and the river that glistened in the sunlight and the stars shined at night was filled in.

What about the mansion? Fortunately, the building remained intact.

‘What is that statue again?’

Merdein Square named after her. In the middle of it stands a statue of Senya holding a cane. Seeing the statue, Senya trembled.

The finish was superb. However, the fact that countless people came to pray in front of that statue every day made Senya feel embarrassed.

“How much have you sold my name?”

Admission to Merdein Square and Senya’s mansion is very expensive. Even so, every day tourists and Mage Tower Public Recruitment Test takers continue to come and stand in line.

“Do you know that I studied magic in this country to sell myself to fill the treasury?”

Senya clenched her fists and turned her head away.

The center of the capital Pentagon. Abram’s palace built in the middle of the lake. Even if it wasn’t so, I was going to visit sooner or later and discuss the issue of Mer’s treatment, but seeing Arot go home, it seemed that it would not be enough to just talk about it.

… … I couldn’t go get it right away. Senya took a deep breath and turned his head.

A clock tower built nearby. The time was past 11:30.

‘No problem.’

My heart, which had been quickened with anger, was beating fast for another reason. Senya turned around, cupping her burning cheek.

‘The body was also completely reconstructed. clothes too… … You’re wearing new clothes.’

The clothes she wore before being sealed in the World Tree were instantly worn out. So I made new clothes and put them on. Just in case it was strange, as soon as I arrived at Arrot early in the morning, I looked around the city and looked at the clothes of passers-by.

No problem. This is enough to melt well into the present era without feeling like a person from the past. I was already convinced, but why is my heart beating so fast? Senya took several deep breaths and headed towards her mansion.

People swarming inside the mansion. People who couldn’t get inside and stood in line. Employees who guard and manage the mansion.

—-There are too many people. In my heart, I wanted to kick everyone out, but… … Senya let out a deep sigh and shook her head.

‘Still, they are people who came all the way here because they respect me and want to pray to me. Even paying a lot of money.’

Such thoughts made Senya’s heart weak. In the end, Senya didn’t drive the tourists away and entered his mansion without a fuss. Of course he didn’t pay the entrance fee. Her guards and tourists didn’t notice her presence, even though her Senya passed right in front of her nose.

There is still a little time left before the appointment.

Senya looked around the mansion to calm her fluttering and pounding heart. … … All the scenery around the mansion has changed, but the structure and furniture inside the mansion have been preserved as they were 200 years ago.

Things that haven’t changed even though 200 years have passed. After looking around the hall, Senya went to the study in the annex.

There are two study rooms in this mansion. The library of the annex that Senya drew as the future is equipped with a variety of books that can be read lightly. Books related to magic were deliberately excluded from this library.

Thanks to this, there were few tourists in the outbuilding study. It wasn’t quiet because of that, but Senya could tolerate this level of noise.

Senya’s steps stopped in front of the rocking chair in front of the fireplace.

A rarely used fireplace. In particular, the fireplace, which had not been used even once for 200 years after Senya disappeared, was clean without a trace of ashes.

Seeing the scene, Senya laughed lightly. Even the rocking chair in front of the fireplace—no one was sitting on it, judging by how neat and tidy it was.

‘Alarm magic in preservation magic. It’s telling tourists not to sit down.’

There were such magic all over the mansion. Senya giggled and reached her finger toward the fireplace. ㅡWoe! A flame rose in the neat fireplace.


“What, what?”

The tourists made a sound of surprise, and the guards rushed over. They tried to extinguish the fire in the fireplace, but it was impossible to extinguish the flames created by Senya’s magic.

Senya giggled and left the annex that had become noisy.

The place with the most tourists in this mansion is the magic study in the basement of the mansion. Senya had spent most of his life studying magic in that study. Maybe that’s why, he didn’t feel like going that long now.

‘Isn’t it noon yet?’

Why does time pass so slowly? Senya climbed the stairs of her hall, caressing her still pounding chest. The second most crowded place in the mansion next to the underground library was this place. The middle floor of the stairs connecting the hall and the second floor.

Right in front of the portrait of ‘Wise Senya’ hanging on the wall in the middle of the hall.

“You need to be quiet now.”

Senya muttered that and raised her finger. Neither Akasha nor the other wands were present, but it did not matter to Senya. The magic she created was manifested while ignoring all security magic in her mansion.

The people gathered in front of the portrait began to leave one by one. They didn’t even think about why they were doing this, they went down to the hall on the first floor or went up to the second floor. Only then did the portrait in front of it become empty and quiet.

Senya stood in front of him, looking at her portrait.

200 years ago… … portrait. The king of Arot had personally asked for it to be written as a record to be left to future generations. He refused, saying he didn’t like it, so even his disciples came and begged him to do it.

So I reluctantly agreed. She was wearing a robe and sitting on a chair. It wasn’t the portrait he had hoped for, and at the time—no, Senya from 200 years ago didn’t smile at all. The only time she can laugh is when she’s talking to Anise or her other co-workers. She and she were about after making Mer.

The painter who paints the portrait hit me on the head, begging me to smile at least a little. It’s a picture to be left to future generations, but it shouldn’t be left with a cold face like it is now.

Annoyed and annoyed. I can’t smile at all, so if you want to leave me with a smile on your face, I told you to draw it with a smile on your own.

This is the portrait created in that way. A soft smile different from his usual expression. The painter did his best to put ‘charity’ on Senya’s face.

living legend. The archmage to become a myth. goddess of magic. As the modifier that was attached to Senya in that era, future generations can see, look up to, and respect. He drew a portrait of a wise Senya with a benevolent smile.

“It doesn’t suit you.”

Senya smiled as she looked at her portrait. I had the same thought when I saw that portrait 200 years ago.

Senya tried to smile like the face in the portrait, but it didn’t work out. She held her hand toward her portrait, resting her awkwardly raised lips in their original position.

A gust of wind blew.

There were no open windows. But the wind that blew was fresh as if it had come from the forest.

Senya turned her head in surprise at the sudden wind. At that moment, the wind picked up a little more and passed Senya.

The wind blows the hat away. Senya lifted her head, pressing her hand through her fluttering hair. The hat, which had been blown away by the wind, was caught in someone’s hand.

Even at a glance, the hairdo and clothes that were stylish. Senya widened her eyes at the sight.


Yujin waved the hat in her hand and grinned.

Senya Merdane

While the fluttering hair settled down, Senya looked at Eugene’s face without saying anything.

It’s not the first time they’re reunited. Many years ago, Senya had come to Arot, even with thoughts.

Hamel’s legacy. It was thanks to the detection that an old necklace had appeared in this mansion. So, Senya gathered the remaining mana to create a thought body and searched for Arot.

He wandered around the plaza as a thought body unable to move, touch, or speak according to his will.

The magic energy engraved on the necklace was too weak. At that time, Senya had no choice but to have difficulty in searching for the necklace in a large and crowded square.


I couldn’t hear that voice directly with my ears. Senya Just as she herself could not convey her voice to anyone, she could not hear someone else’s voice either. Even so, she felt Senya’s ‘voice’.

A voice last heard 300 years ago. A voice that I thought of and imagined over and over again.

movement of the lips. That was enough. Senya heard a voice saying ‘I found it’ from Eugene and Hamel.

“… … Ahaha… … .”

The second reunion is inside the world tree. A miracle that couldn’t have happened. Anise’s miracle that sealed Senya’s consciousness became an angel. And the faith of the elves, and the miracle of the world tree that Senya has been playing with since she was a child. —-In my dream, I met Hamel again.



We parted with the promise of the following.

Hamel said he would save Senya.

Senya said she would go find Hamel.

In the third reunion, the two fulfilled their promise.

“… … haha… … .”

This is the 4th reunion.

The long-awaited reunion. There were countless times when I thought about what to talk about when we met.

Though he thought about it so much, he couldn’t come up with a single topic to spark a conversation in Senya’s head.

I couldn’t recall. Senya looked at Eugene from a distance.

Like this, being alive, being in the same place with each other. Breathing the same air, seeing the same things, being able to approach each other at any time, being able to touch each other, being able to hear each other’s voices.

The fact that this dreamlike moment was a clear reality made Senya’s hair turn white.

“under… … .”

I don’t want to cry. So Senya made a deliberate laugh. Tears of joy, I didn’t want to show such an obvious and rustic face.

However, the rising emotions were not controlled at will. His pupils kept squinting, the tip of his nose tingled, and the heart in his chest thumped like something was begging him.

“that… … .”

I still don’t want to cry Senya put her hand on her chest and took a deep breath. I gave strength to her swaying eyes as her moist eyes were wet and looked at her Eugene.

“that… … What’s the look?”

Even if it’s different from what I’ve seen in reunions so far, it’s a very different look.

So my heart beats more. Her smooth cheeks, which had no scars, seemed to glow, and her shaggy bangs were tidied up so that her eyes could be seen clearly. A neat tuxedo with no wrinkles and a coat draped over the shoulder… … . Dressing like that made Senya wonder.

“me… … It looks like it was made for me. uhm, you… … Do you have a secretly cute corner?”

“What do you mean?”

Eugene smiled and approached Senya. Eugene felt the excitement in her heart as well.

Eugene wasn’t the only one who put a lot of effort into dressing for today. I thought the outfit I saw last time also suited her well enough, but Senya also had a different outfit.

“me… … I didn’t change clothes for you.”

Eugene is getting closer. Could it be that I can hear my heart beating too fast and loud? Senya was worried and pressed her chest.

“just… … uh… … Well, as for my clothes, it’s been so long that they’ve all worn out… … Yes… … Times have changed a lot between then and now, so wearing clothes that fit the times these days… … .”

“Yes, yes.”

Yujin smiled and stopped walking. He stared at Senya’s face nearby and opened his mouth.

“It suits you well.”

“… … what?”

“It suits you well. why.”

“you… … Are you, are you, are you crazy?”

Senya’s face turned bright red. She winced and backed away, cupping her overheated face with her hands.

What the hell did you just say? well, it suits you? you? to me? say that? That stupid idiot Hamel?

“What is your reaction? People paid attention to what they said.”

“ah… … Aaaah, no, that, what is that? you… … Haven’t you been drinking?”

“Why am I drinking?”

“Because you say things that aren’t like you, that don’t suit you… … !”

“Great. I didn’t say anything out of the ordinary.”

Yujin grumbled and wiggled her hands inside her coat for no reason.

Words that don’t fit and don’t answer. Of course, Eugene knew that too. In both the past life and the present life, Eugene was not the one to say such things.

It’s not that I don’t feel it, but even if I felt it, I didn’t say it. A lot of time has passed, and I know how desperately this meeting was for each other, and I know that I don’t have to grieve anymore. That’s why I made a comment that didn’t suit me, but I was embarrassed that the reaction wasn’t very good.

“… … Great.”

Eugene looked at Senya’s outfit again. And he let out a sigh of relief.

Can I give it to you now? No, a little later. If I gave it away now and hear it, I might die of embarrassment.

“… … that’s right. There is something I want to ask you.”

“What, what is it?”

what do you think of me do you like me In a brief moment, such questions popped up in Senya’s head.

“Last time, after killing Raizakia. What were you trying to tell me before you disappeared?”

However, Eugene asked something completely different from Senya’s list of questions.

It was a hasty expectation, but it hurts to be betrayed… … . Senya opened her lips in a daze and blinked her eyes.


Soon after, Senya regained her senses and screamed out loud. Then, he approached Eugene with great strides.

Eugene flinched at the sudden approach of Senya and tried to step back, but Senya did not let Eugene run away. She thrust her furiously outstretched hand into Eugene’s coat, then grabbed her wiggly left hand and pulled it out of her.


Senya’s eyes lit up with a bloody light. a month ago. The ring on the ring finger of the left hand that I saw before disappearing. While reconstituting and recovering her body in the World Tree, Senya had a lengthy deduction about the ring’s identity.

The conclusion I came to was this.

‘Ah, I must have misunderstood.’

It was also in the middle of disappearing, so I couldn’t see well. It was a forced conclusion, but Senya decided to accept it for now. You can check it again in a month and see for yourself.

The reason why she came to such a conclusion, called ‘wise Senya’, was because she didn’t want to be mentally stressed in a situation where she couldn’t confirm right away and had a month left. In fact, she deliberately turned away, even though she knew she wasn’t wrong.

And now. What she had been ignoring became a clear reality and was engraved in Senya’s eyes.

left ring finger! ring! Senya’s hair slowly rose upward.

“you… … you, you! chaff… … marriage? engagement? what, what is this who is this?!”

I remembered the warning I had heard from Mer.

-There are foxes, no, hungry wolves roaming around Eugene.

I used to shy away from those words, but I didn’t have to do that now. Because Hamel and Eugene were right in front of Senya.

“ah… … Is that Anise?!”

Anise Slewood. With her snake-like side, she could be a hungry wolf.

Senya was well aware of the feelings Anis had for Hamel.

‘A fate that was incomparably pitiful to mine.’

Although she could have escaped her fate, Anis did not escape her fate. She remained pure all her life, and she lived as a saint, an object of religious worship.

The fate that Anise accepted ruled out the happiness she deserved and made even death unable to provide her with peace. Anis accepted her fate even though she knew it all too well. For the sake of the future, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of the future generation, the saintess is needed.

If only Hamel hadn’t died.

If all five of them survived and killed the demon king and saved the world. Anis would not have had to accept such a fate.

a saint? Even if the pope and the whole church rebel against it. Even if Anise herself refuses. Senya would have chosen her future by taking her with her and joining her Hamel.

But it became impossible. Hamel died, but the Demon King could not be killed. ‘We’ are defeated. I had to promise the future.

future now. Anise committed suicide and became an angel. The immoral and bloody ‘miracle’ of the Holy Empire Euras created a ‘saint’ who looked exactly like Anise in the present age, and Anis, who became an angel, dwelled in the saintess of the present age.

—-Segna sincerely hoped for Anis’s salvation. So, if it was Anise, he would understand.


‘Before me?’

That’s not right.

‘It’s great enough to exchange a ring with Anis… … How far did it go?’

Senya’s eyes continued to fluctuate. It’s odd to put things in order like this, but still, anyway! Senya hoped that he would win before Anis.

“… … no way… … .”

perhaps. Senya shook his shoulders as he recalled the other case.

“ah… … The one who resembles Anise, the saint of today… … ?”

I thought that might be the case.

Rather than Anise, who has become an angel, the current saintess who is alive and well is more suspicious. She said that the saintess was influenced by the anise that dwells in her and gave her ring to Hamel… … perhaps… … It is also possible that the saintess herself fell in love with Hamel.

“calm down.”

what else do i say Eugene let out a laugh and shook his head. I was used to this kind of reaction, having experienced it before.

Naturally, Senya couldn’t immediately calm down at Eugene’s words. She glared at Eugene’s face with her dull dying eyes.


“Calm down.”


“Hey, hey. Don’t curse and take a good look. Don’t you know that this isn’t an ordinary ring?”

calm down? look right? Senya gasped for breath and glared at Eugene’s ring.

… … The information that it was a ring on the ring finger of the left hand clouded Senya’s reason, but when he looked straight at it, he could see that it was not an ordinary ring.

“… … eww… … Uhm.”

Senya sighed and brought her face closer to Eugene’s left hand, which she was still holding. Then he opened his eyes wide and looked at the ring on his ring finger.

“… … The ring finger of the left hand… … Combined with a contract, have the meaning of a promise. Each finger has a different meaning, but yes, the ring finger of the left hand has had that meaning since ancient times. Witchcraft and Magic… … uh… … .”

“Yes, yes.”

“Uhm… … Actually, I knew that too well, Hamel, ah, no, Eugene. I knew it. There’s no way you don’t know There’s no way this Senya Merdane, the greatest and wisest mage in the continent’s history, wouldn’t have noticed. I was just, I was just playing a practical joke on you.”

The light returned to the dull, dead eyes. Senya was unaware that her face was flushed red, and she continued.

“This… … Uhm… … It’s a magic ring. Not ordinary magic, but with ancient divine magic… … .”

Senya’s face moved closer and closer to Eugene’s left hand.

big hand… … embossed blood vessels. Calluses as hard as the metal on the inside of the palm. Long, bumpy fingers. The subtle smell of flesh. Such various factors made Senya’s face hotter.

“Okay, nice to see you.”

The distance is too close. If you tilt it slightly, it seems like the back of your hand will rub against your cheek.

Senya came to her senses belatedly and let go of Eugene’s hand. Then he stepped back, cooling his face with his hand fan.

“… … What you looking at?”

Eugene was looking at Senya with a smile on her face. Senya grumbled, pouting her lips at the gaze and her laugh.

“It’s strange to see it like this.”

Eugene raised his finger and pointed at Senya’s back.

A portrait of Senya with a smile drawn by an artist. That benevolent face and the real Senya’s face felt completely different.

“… … joy. Do you like that expression? I’m sorry, but I don’t come out well even though I want to smile like that. At that time, I had the same face as now. The guy who draws portraits is arbitrary… … .”

“I don’t care either way. Rather than a portrait you can’t touch or talk to, I like the real you grumbling tick tock.”

also! Senya opened his mouth and looked at Eugene.

“You, are you doing this on purpose?”

“What am I?”

“You’re saying things that don’t feel like you… … !”

“Well, even if you say it’s good, it’s a mess.”

Eugene grumbled as he tucked Senya’s hat, which he was still holding, into his cloak.

“Why did you put your hat there?”


Senya’s face is hard to see with this large hat on. Actually, it’s her face, she will continue to see it every day, but Eugene wanted to see Senya’s face straight today.

Of course, I didn’t say those thoughts directly out of my mouth. More than that, Eugene himself was not directly conscious of such thoughts.

Eugene coughed and glanced out the window.

“… … Are you going to stay here?”

“What, what… … It’s been a while since I’ve been home, so I’ve only been looking at it. Actually there is no need for more. Nothing has changed inside, so where else can I see?”

“Then, where do you want to go?”

“why… … why do you keep asking me? uh? you? don’t you?”


Eugene sneaked closer to Senya while repeatedly clearing his throat.

“Shall we go out at once?”

“That’s it.”

“Hey, come to me for a bit.”

Eugene put both hands inside the cloak and said. Senya didn’t try to understand Eugene’s actions, and approached Yujin with a blushing face.

“It was a bit cold outside.”

It was a rather thoughtful comment. It wasn’t a strange word. It is always hot in the Great Forest in the south, but now it is early winter in Arrot.

It’s natural, but won’t be teased by Senya. A comment aimed at consideration rather than sense.

Eugene walked around the city early in the morning and put the cloak he had purchased around Senya’s shoulders.

old-fashioned purple. A cape on her shoulders and a cloak with gold patterns at the end of the cape fluttered down and covered Senya’s thighs. I picked it because I thought it would go well with Senya’s purple hair, but she was just as I thought.

“… … .”


it’s crazy?

What is this cloak for?

It’s tacky.

Eugene glanced at her face nervously to see if Senya was acting like that.

But Senya wasn’t even breathing properly, let alone saying anything.



to whom?

to me.

Senya’s thoughts went through a series of flows and came to a standstill.

Senya Merdane


The hem of the cloak that wrapped around her shoulders tickled Senya’s calf. Eugene put up with her embarrassing mood and trimmed her cloak.

Cloak’s feathers. It didn’t have any decorations attached, but it would look pretty if I put a brooch on it.

… … Should I have bought the brooch separately? I had that thought for a moment, but even if I regret it now, it’s not like I get a brooch that doesn’t even exist.

… … Actually there wasn’t any. Even though it was transformed into the form of a coat, the cloak of darkness faithfully performs its original function. There were a lot of things inside Eugene’s coat, and among them were various accessories. These are items put in to use for currency exchange in remote areas where Lionheart’s black card cannot be used.

Among them, there is even an ornate brooch worthy of being attached to the collar of a cloak. However, Eugene felt that putting a brooch on the collar ‘directly’ with her own hands was so embarrassing that she couldn’t stand it.

Other than a brooch, do you have something else to wear? —-The moment I thought about it, I was able to recall it right away. In other words, Eugene already knew the ‘answer’.

Lionheart’s badge.

A symbol worn on a uniform or cape.

‘Are you crazy?’

It was because of the last reason that he did not do it even though he knew the answer he wanted. Attaching the Lionheart’s badge to the collar of Senya’s cloak was an act that could cause a lot of misunderstanding.

‘Say something.’

I managed to get the brooch and badge out of my head.

Eugene raised his collar slightly and glanced at Senya’s face. Senya didn’t say a word even though the raised collar touched her cheek. She looked straight at Eugene with her wide-open eyes, but no voice escaped her half-open lips.

The distance is close. I could feel the fresh scent from the light purple hair that swayed gently. I don’t think it’s the first time I’ve seen Senya’s face up close, maybe it’s been a long time since I’ve had a change of heart… … There were things that I learned all over again.

Something like long eyelashes or clear pupils. The subtle heat of a heated body temperature. Not too deep pink lips.

“… … Uh hmm.”

Yujin shakes her head once, conscious of her dizzy head. Then she gave Senya a light pat on the shoulder, not expressing the emotions she had just felt.

“I don’t know who picked them, but they look good.”

It wasn’t until her body shook slightly that Senya came to her senses. She staggered back as she swallowed her breath heavily. She then snapped her fingers and worked her magic.

Senya looked at herself in the magic mirror she created right next to her. He moved his body around and even turned around in place. In line with Senya’s movements, the hem of his cloak swayed gently.

Perhaps because it was purchased in the capital of Arot, the so-called kingdom of magic, this cloak was also enchanted. It wasn’t a great magic by Senya standards.

The hem of the cloak moves so as not to interfere with the body’s movements, and magic is applied to keep it clean, preserve its shape, and maintain its body temperature. Defense against physical attacks, resistance against magical attacks, various aids to the caster. There is no magic of that kind.

In other words, this cloak is neither a ‘weapon’ nor ‘armor’. The magic of keeping clean, preserving shape, and maintaining body temperature was not at a very high level. Slightly cool in summer and slightly warm in winter. Pursuing only that kind of convenience—-a piece of clothing as it is meant to be.

Rather, that’s why Senya felt a lot of emotions about this cloak. That Hamel, a cloak that can’t be used as a weapon or armor… … Why did you give it as a gift?

“… … pretty.”

Senya murmured while looking at her reflection in the magic mirror. shame and embarrassment. Those feelings were already filled in the moment, making Senya’s face red like a ripe apple. Her head was so hot and her heart was racing that she couldn’t speak.

But now, her words didn’t stutter or stop. Senya smiled brightly as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. A cloak that Hamel and Eugene chose for themselves and presented as a gift. Senya turned around and looked at Eugene.

“how is it? matches well?”

“… … It suits you well.”

“I’m asking just in case, this cloak. did you choose it yourself? Or did someone else pick it up? Like mer or anise.”

“I chose it myself, why.”

“Hehehe, I never thought you would have this kind of sense. I don’t think you ever had that sense in your previous life.”

“What do you know? The only clothes we wore in our previous lives were armor, capes, and robes.”

“I did wear a lot of clothes besides that. There have been several occasions where I have been invited to a party with Vermouth, and even when I had an audience with a prominent high-ranking aristocrat or king, I wore a formal attire.”

“It was clothes we couldn’t choose. Anyway, I had a pretty good sense for choosing clothes in my previous life. so… … hmm… … your clothes too. uh.”

Yujin blurted out her words and laughed. Senja giggled, put the magic mirror away, and glanced out the window.

“As you said, it does look cold outside. I don’t think this cloak is for winter use.”

“Oh, take it off then.”

“no. I will never take it off.”

Senya passed Eugene with a mischievous smile.

“I put on new clothes, so I’m going to go out soon. Oh, let me tell you in advance, Eugene. I’ve lived in Arrot for quite some time, but that was 200 years ago? This country has changed so much from when I lived. So I don’t know much about this country, this city.”

“I don’t know much either. I used to live there for about two years, but at that time I was confined to the Mage Tower and Acreon.”

“But you know more than I do now, right? I mean, it’s a very strange feeling. It’s like time travel… … It’s not something I’m going to say to you.”

“Shall we go get something to eat?”

“Are there any shops you would recommend?”


Eugene said, recalling the restaurant he and Loberian went to a few years ago. It was a restaurant that I went to after talking about it, and the ice scrap, a specialty of the Kingdom of Luhar, I ate there was quite delicious.

“crab? that is? Something like a sea worm with claws and hard shells?”

“Aren’t you too harsh on crabs?”

“There is nothing different. Shrimps and crabs are like worms in the sea. Eugene, do you like bugs?”

“No, it’s not a bug.”

“Anyway, I don’t want to eat.”

Senya glanced at Eugene’s face and said.

In fact, Senya disliked seafood in general, not just crabs and shrimp.

Because I lived in the center of the Great Forest, far away from the sea, from childhood to adulthood. And, it was because of the memory of falling into the sea while dealing with the attacks of marine monsters and warlocks while crossing the sea to Hell Mood after Hamel first joined him.

It was Hamel who saved Senya from being sucked into the whirlpool. Hamel manages to catch Senya, who has lost her sanity, and the two drift along the current, driven mad by magic.

It was a time when each other was immature. The two arrived at a small island far from the boat. Senya came to her senses shortly after, but the injuries from her regurgitated mana prevented her from using her magic right away.


Yujin smiled as she recalled that time. The island they arrived 300 years ago was not an uninhabited island. Inside the island, there were black magicians who served the demon lord. They had sent monsters to kill intruders who had flowed into the shore.

An ugly, bloody, crab-shaped monster with huge claws.

A shrimp-shaped monster with horns as sharp as an awl, twisting its body in the air.

Naturally, Hamel and Senya survived the island without any problems. Hamel annihilated the monsters while protecting Senya, who was temporarily unable to use magic, and even slaughtered the black magicians gathered in the center of the island. And a few hours later, a rescue boat that came to the island returned to the ship.

“you. Are you doing this because of the memories of hiding behind me and trembling?”

“no it’s not?”

“No, what is it? Back then, you said you wouldn’t trust me properly, and you almost got killed by a monster while trying to explore the island on your own.”

To tell the truth, it wasn’t because I didn’t trust Hamel, it was because of several complex shames.

you can’t even fly It was embarrassing that, while teasing him like that, he flew over the sea and shot magic, and then he got hit by a counterattack and crashed.

I was very grateful that Hamel jumped into the sea to save himself, but I was also ashamed of the visual that the wet clothes inevitably created. I was moving to dry my clothes in a hurry, but when I saw the attacking monster, I said ‘Kyaaak!’ It was embarrassing to even scream… … .

“… … Because it is not.”

Putting that aside, Eugene was right about Senya’s dislike of shrimp and crab.

The monsters encountered in a helpless situation where they could not use magic. Crabs and shrimps rolling their eyes, saying that they were bizarrely large, and bubbling with bubbles of blood. Helplessness and fear in the situation.

“… … Anyway, I don’t want to eat crab with you.”

Come to think of it, it was from that island that Senya became strongly conscious of Hamel.

‘What helped you. You jumped into the sea to save me and protected me from being unable to use magic.’

hey stop it Are you okay? Magic? You’re saying you can’t use magic now? I’m sorry, it’s different. no are you okay? What can’t you use magic right now? You’re not alone, you’re with me, what’s the matter?

what? don’t you believe me Ha, that’s ridiculous. Hey, don’t do anything stupid and stick close behind me. okay? Don’t do anything weird, don’t scream frantically if you’re scared, pinch my side.

we are fine No problem.

I promise to protect you.

“… … You are still an idiot, an idiot and an asshole.”

“Why are you swearing all of a sudden?”

“hey! Think carefully. how do you eat crab huh? Grab the leg, tear it off, suck on the other side, and chew on the skin, huh? Do you think I would want to show that in front of you?”

“Well, what did you say? In the Devil’s Land, it’s not crabs, but what is it? You ate all kinds of bugs and monsters. I ate well with my bare hands.”

“That’s the Devil’s Land!”

“And the times have improved a lot now, so you don’t have to eat crabs with your hands. It came out well with magic.”

“If you don’t want to eat, I know you don’t want to eat.”

“I know you’re stubborn because you’re embarrassed.”

“Because I don’t want to eat! Let’s just go out and walk a bit. Did you hear the beggar in your stomach? Are you that hungry? I’m not hungry. I just want to walk and look around with you… … .”

Senya’s voice, which had been spitting out in a fit of rage, stopped abruptly. She pursed her lips, then ran past her Eugene and sprinted down her steps. I’m crazy, what did you just say?

‘Well, I think I can do that now… … .’

I thought about it, but it didn’t work out in practice.

Senya Merdein, her personality was the same. Yujin clicked her tongue as she watched Senya run through the door of her mansion as if she were running away.

“It still sucks.”

That’s why I missed it even more, it was nice to see you, and it was good. Eugene smiled and followed Senya out of her mansion.

“It’s not so tight that you don’t even have time to eat a meal. You or me.”

Yujin turned her back and approached Senya, who was standing, and spoke to her.

“It is different from that. I just, you and… … It’s been a long time since we’ve met ‘alive’ like this… … .”

“Are you in a hurry?”

“I will kill you.”

“Walking with me, walking around, looking at things… … Can we continue in the future… … .”

Yujin shook her head and sighed loudly. Senya flinched at those words and turned to Eugene.

“Did I say anything strange? What are you looking at with such surprised eyes?”

“… … Huh… … .”

“Or what. Is our meeting over today? Now that everyone has returned safely and seen their faces, let’s go on our way together. Is that so?”

“No way!”

Senya shook her head vigorously.

“… … It can’t be. I can’t, and I don’t want to. 300 years, Eugene. It’s been a very long, very long time. Both for you and for me.”

Your face is hot. continue from before. She was fine when she came here.

“… … you… … Reincarnated, I almost died and came back to life. Many things have changed in the long period of 300 years. Among them, your name, Eugene Lionheart. To be honest, I still feel awkward saying your name ‘now’. I feel like they will keep calling me Hamel without even realizing it.”

“It doesn’t matter what you call me. No matter what my name is or how much the world has changed, I am the me you know.”

“Yeah, it is. Still, I want to call you by your current name. Because that’s your name now. Because you are the person I know, I want to confirm the present you as well.”

Senya opened and closed her lips several times.

Her face was red from the moment she met Eugene. The emotions of a long time ago, which he acknowledged but did not accept, are still the same now, 300 years later. Even if his scarred face changed and he became a completely different person. Senya’s feelings did not change.

Senya put a hand on her chest to calm her breathing. A feeling that cannot be denied.

‘Still, I can’t help but feel ashamed.’

Senya was still excited and ashamed of everything about the man in front of her.


Senya called the name with all her emotions.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Senya will say that name over and over again in the future.

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